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Snow Beta Event

Snow Beta Event



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Snow Beta Event Pt Snow Beta Event Pt Presentation Transcript

  • 베타오픈론칭행사 2009. 12. 3. 5pm
  • 와함께하는 해외대학 기관
  • Thank you for your interest in Open Yale Courses. You are free to reuse and repurpose the materials from Open Yale Courses provide you follow the terms of the creative commons license. Best of luck in your endeavors.                      
  • There is no problem with you using YouTube embed codes to include any Stanford videos on your website. Director of Web Communications, Stanford University                
  • Thank you for your interest in sharing UCTV programming with your students and professors. We would be happy to have our online content on your site as long as it remains a non-profit, non-commercial entity (as we are). I appreciate you letting us know when the site is launched. I wish you the best with your endeavor and we look forward to reaching more people in Korea. Communications Manager University of California Television (UCTV)                                             
  • So long as your use of the content conforms to our terms of use, we have no concerns and encourage the project. Best of luck with your project. External Relations Director | MIT OpenCourseWare President | OpenCourseWare Consortium                            
  • Your project sounds wonderful. I look forward to hearing how your project progresses.            
  • Congratulations! We are excited to have you join a passionate community of people across the dedicated to the mission of ‘idea worth spreading.’ At TED, we believe in the power of great ideas to transform our world. TED Conferences Licensing Director                           
  •  그시작
  • Credits - Image / Steve Carson ,
  • from
  •               왜그럴까      
  •     by Samdogs ,
  •       by Danard Vincente ,
  •       by Dunechaser , set-72057594068446573/
  •              쉽게찾을수있고  다른사람들과의견을나눌수있고  스스로학습     
  •    by roboppy,
  • 지식공유오픈플랫폼                            
  • Open Knowledge Share Dreams 나누는지식커가는희망
  • NEW TRENDS IN INTERNET Jinsoo Kim CEO of YES24.COM Fmr Rep. Director of Yahoo! Korea Ph.D. in Cognitive Science
  •  • Scalability: Globalization • Synchrony: Real Time • Expandability: Open platform • Mobility: Ubiquitous computing • Targeting: Personalization
  •  Professor Material Selection Utilization and Evaluation Plan Knowledge Application Student Schedule Management Self Learning and Active Interaction Creative Problem Solving
  • 더블덱    짱가 오픈과공유의퍼포먼스
  • 어떻게하나요 
  • 에참여하는방법                   에자원활동가로써나의지식을공유하 과희망을펼친다
  • TEDxSookmyung 이제우리들이시작합니다
  • 활동계획                       
  • SNOW 테크나눔  숙명 리더십그룹
  • ITs U SNOW 활동목표 사이트개선활동 및테크놀로지관련지식동영상번역작업 및테크놀로지관련지식동영상검색및업로드
  • SNOW 한글번역나눔 숙명통역봉사단
  • 현재 까지                       
  • SIV 활동목표 영문지식동영상한글번역                
  • SIV 활동목표 한국어지식동영상을타언어번역                        
  • SNOW 지식나눔 디자인스터디
  • SNOWvice 활동목표 디자인및   관련지식동영상스터디및 공유 영어스터디를겸한지식동영상번역진행 나눔과연계한저소득청소년대상디자인 교육봉사
  • 는 여러분이주인공입니다 
  •          " ! , 12, , 24 ",20 , 96, 30 74 ... .. . 10 ? . 20 MIT " . . ? 60 60 . ?". . . . ..( ) . . : John Maeda on the simple life,
  •     by Erica_Marshall ,
  •     by Kevin Eddy ,