SWIMing in a Standards Soup


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SWIMing in a Standards Soup

  1. 1. SWIMing in a Weather and AeronauticalInformation Standards SoupIan PainterATM LeadSnowflake Software
  2. 2. About Snowflake• Self-financed, profitable private company• Based in Southampton, UK• Established in 2001• Member of OGC since 2002• Active in ATM since 2008• Develop data exchange solutions within 4 markets:
  3. 3. The principles of data exchange1. What are you going to give me?3. Is it any good?5. How will you give it to me?
  4. 4. The principles of data exchange (applied to beer)• What are going to give me? Beer• Is it any good? Tsingtao Beer, my favorite• How will you give it to me?
  5. 5. Data StandardsService Standards Quality Standards
  6. 6. Data Standards Integers, strings, date, times, XML identifiers, validation, schema Features, Points, lines, GML polygons, arcs coordinate systems, AIXM WXXM FIXM Temporality, METAR, TAF, Flight, Equipment, navaids, AIRMET, SIGMET … aircraft … airportheliport, vertical structures, routes, procedures …
  7. 7. Service StandardsWP8 – Information ArchitectureWP14 – SWIM Technical Architecture• Data / Net Centric – Data is domain specific and not application specific• Interface driven – Interfaces are well defined, normative and vendor agnostic• Loose coupling – Applications and decoupled from data sources
  8. 8. Product Centric AIS Applications coupled to Airspace/ datastores e-AIP NOTAM Briefing Charting Met Flight Procedur Man e Design Datastores vendor and application specific Data extensively Integration between duplicated applications is often across bespoke and custom applications engineered
  9. 9. OGC Interoperability Programs• Rapid prototyping exercises• Goal to test and develop standards• Multi vendor• Address the ATM use-cases – Weather – Aeronautical
  10. 10. OGC Interoperability Programs 2009 Engineering Reports and Demo http://www.opengeospatial.org/pub/www/ows6 2010 Engineering Reports and Demo http://www.opengeospatial.org/pub/www/ows7 2011 Engineering Reports and Demo http://www.opengeospatial.org/pub/www/saa 2011 Engineering Reports and Demo http://www.opengeospatial.org/pub/www/ows8 © 2011 Open Geospatial Consortium
  11. 11. Addressing the Server Side ATM Use-Cases• Access to AIXM and WXXM via web services• Support for temporal query and AIXM temporality• Suitability of ISO standards for future ATM – Web Feature Services – Metadata• Proof of the FAA SWIM platform• Security and the single authoritative source• Compression and encryption• ADQ implementation – Data integrity via AIXM Business Rule enforcement – Data audit through feature and dataset level metadata
  12. 12. OWS AIM Architecture Aviation Decision Support Notify Client Event Dispatch EFB Service Client client Subscribe Register Push events getFeature getFeature Post request response update WFS WFS-T Event Publisher 2.0 2.0 WS-Notification Agent Pusher Polls for updates Output Queu Events Feature e Table Trigger Table Oracle 11g FTP Directory
  13. 13. So how is it all put together …• Baseline & Delta data delivered using: – GO Publisher WFS - OGC Web Feature Service (WFS 2.0)• Updates using – GO Publisher WFS – Transactional WFS 2.0• Data queries using: – Filter Encoding Specification (FES 2.0)• Temporal queries using – Temporal Operators from (FES 2.0)• Digital NOTAM delivered using: – GO Publisher Agent – Batch GML publication engine• Data delivered: – AIXM5.1, WXXM 1.1.1 – GML 3.2.1
  14. 14. Update, Publish - GO Publisher WFS
  15. 15. The same but different OWS 6-AIM, OWS 7-AIM, OWS 8-AIM
  16. 16. Benefits of Open Standards• Realise the goals of SWIM: – Interoperability through standards – Decoupled and vendor agnostic – Data / Net centric• Reduce implementation time – No need to re-invent the wheel• Implementation flexibility – Best of breed COTS solutions without vendor lock-in• Follow proven best practice – INSPIRE, OneGeology, SEIS• Proven, mature and stable – Developed by OGC, ratified by ISO
  17. 17. Ian PainterSnowflake Softwareian.painter@snowflakesoftware.comhttp://www.snowflakesoftware.com Come see us on Stand D519a to pick up a white paper