Best snowboarding resorts across the world!
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Best snowboarding resorts across the world!



A good snowboard resort is not only about the lushness of nature and the abundant snow covered mountains it is surrounded with. There are things like snowfall, nightlife, lodging, food etcetera and ...

A good snowboard resort is not only about the lushness of nature and the abundant snow covered mountains it is surrounded with. There are things like snowfall, nightlife, lodging, food etcetera and then the resort should also rank well into pipes, parks, off-piste and other varied run selection.



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Best snowboarding resorts across the world! Best snowboarding resorts across the world! Document Transcript

  • Best Snowboarding Resorts across the World! Contrary to old times, snowboarding is not considered as a tough game at all now. It is one of the frolicking adventures that are done on the hills of ice. A good snowboard resort is not only about the lushness of nature and the abundant snow covered mountains it is surrounded with. There are things like snowfall, nightlife, lodging, food et cetera and then the resort should also rank well into pipes, parks, off-piste and other varied run selection. With all this in consideration, we have made out the list of top five Snowboarding resorts, where you get your most pleasant snow mountain riding experience. 1. Aspen / Snowmass, Colorado Large snow clad mountains, sprawling parks and crazy, fun filled party town- Snowmass has got it all. In case of freeriding, the resort gives you a seamless terrain. It’s the least crowded of all the mega resorts in Colorado. If it dumps, you can hike The Wall going deep into tree glades and if it is not dumping, you can have a nice ride onto groomers. In case you came here for parks, Lowdown Park’s beginner and intermediate level jumps and jibs are there just for you. Stay in Viceroy Hotel and pay at discount. Visit Bucci’s for sushi and try out their local favourite, Zane’s. 2. Mammoth Mountain, CA From the gigantic bowls, epic wind lips to the smooth tree glades, the 3500 acres of terrain in Mammoth is all in one. Apart from an expansive park and pipe setup, you get here Stomping Grounds Terrain Park. Visit the slope side Yodler bar or The Village; Clock tower Cellar Pub and The Westin Bar are all set to take you onto a revelling time. Later you can have free transit back to hotel. 3. Buttermilk, CO Buttermilk is little light and free ride terrain but yet it is a great place to ride. In case of park and pipe, the resort ranks good. The Main Park and S3 are facilitated with numerous creative and attractive stuffs, for example, the giant steel drums and old lift towers. To afford more laps, Eagle hill and Upper Tiehack lifts are planted for at least 7 minutes ride time. Visit the happy hour at Eric’s and the ‘West of the West’ bowls. 4. Whistler / Blackcomb, Canada It is a complete package of fun, comfort stay and mind-blowing adventure. Take fun in riding the burn trees off Crystal Chair; there are more to try out like Highest Level Park and the straight line Shale Slope. For food, taste delectable dishes at Satchi Sushi, and have drinks at the back bas in Garf’s. 5. June Mountain, CA The affable staff and the caring crew at June is perhaps the reason that makes June among top five snowboarding resorts. The lift lines are a cause of main attractions. June is just at a distance of 20 miles north of Mammoth.
  • Snowboard Buying Guide – how to choose the snowboard that suits you? Purchasing a snowboard is not an easy business. In the market, there are more than a hundred snowboard companies with different brands. Also there are different types of snowboards exhibiting different snowboarding style and purpose. Thus, as a snowboarder you should be informed and well educated regarding the types of boarding equipment’s so that you can confidently buy a snowboard. First of all, you must be aware of your riding ability. You are a beginner if you are doing it the first time. Even if you have snowboarded one to three times, still you will be counted as beginner. And you are totally a newbie if you haven’t been to the game, but are just too eager to play out this snow adventure. On the other hand, if you have boarded three to five times, can catch some air with no falls, then you can be seen on intermediate level. Lastly, if you know what you are up to and are aware of all rules of the game, you are the advanced snowboarder then. There are varied riding styles which are adopted while snowboarding with the type of terrains and the snow condition in which the boarders do the snowboarding. What particular type of snowboard you should ride? Here is you will get the answer:All-Mountain This snowboarding equipment is designed to work in all snow condition and terrain. Groomers, park runs, powder or anything that comes on way- these boards can swift through easily. A greater number of snowboarders choose this board for its greater versatility. You can have it even if you are just getting started and are unsure of your riding style; you can enjoy carving, catch some air or some try out other riding aspect. Freestyle Freestyle or park snowboards are a bit shorter in length and the terrain for them are parks, rails, trash cans, tree trunks, wall rides, riding switch and more. This board features true twin shape and typically it saves as the best choice for a beginner. All-mountain freestyle is the more versatile aspect of this snowboard as it blends the adaptability of all-mountain with that of the playfulness of freestyle snowboard. Free ride This is suited for the rider who is most of the time riding off groomed runs and racing through varied terrain. This features a stiffer flex, directional shape and longer size than a freestyle snowboards. Its well shaped aspect is specially designed to ride in one direction. Powder This snowboard features a wider nose and a tapering narrower tail. There are also binding inserts that are set back; this is to help the snowboarder to ride along the tip of board through deep terrain.
  • Split boards Designed especially for backcountry rider, this board splits into two equal separate halves to facilitate riding onto uphill. As you reach the top, the special binding in these boards help you to reconnect the two halves to ride downhill. Even if you are not aware of your riding style, by the shape and the designated terrain for which the above mentioned snowboards are built, you can wisely choose the snowboard equipment.
  • How to choose snowboard gloves that suits you? Gloves and mittens are the accessories of utmost importance for skiing next to the snowboard. It may seem too easy to choose the right kind of snowboarding gloves but there are certain distinctions that you should be aware of to make an excellent choice. There are a lot of things you should consider before you head towards buying the best snowboard gloves that rightly fit you. Glove Warmth If you are snowboarding in warmer conditions, then you will need gloves that are not too warm but have a good level of waterproofing. On the other side, if you are snowboarding in colder conditions, then you will need to have warmer gloves. But the need of amount of warmth varies individually. Glove warmth is determined by the type of shell material and the amount of insulation. Also how much waterproof the membrane is, also defines the level of warmth. Shell Material Most snowboarding gloves have a body of synthetic fabric, like nylon. Usually the top and high quality brands use waterproof and breathable fabric and a coating of ePTFE. This includes a thin film of ePTFE between outer fabric and insulation layer. Leather is also other commonly used material for gloves. Leather is often found to be more durable and pliable than synthetic shell material. Membrane The level of waterproofing and breathability of a glove depends upon the type of membrane used in it. There are four types commonly used for this purpose. GORE-TEX®- This brings the excellent waterproof and breathability for snowboarding gloves. Hipora®- Gloves with this fabric membrane are waterproof and breathable. It also comes with polyurethane coating which gives it a quality of stretchable. Polyurethane- This provides a laminated membrane of PU to the gloves and the mittens. GORE WINDSTOPPER®- This fabric is made with ePTFE membrane which makes it breathable, waterproof and windproof. Just fewer layers of this fabric make the gloves light and ideal for cold and dry climate. Insulation Properly insulated gloves are proven to give perfect warmth along with good amount of breathability. These are different types of insulation in gloves: Down- This is best for dry conditions and serves an excellent choice for very cold conditions. It is made up of down plumules and feathers; this blocks the air and keeps the hands insulated. Primaloft®- It is patent synthetic microfiber insulation material which keeps the hands warmth along with keeping them dry.
  • Thinsulate™- It is made of ultrathin microfibers, and with less bulk it provides excellent insulation. Lining It is an extra layer into the gloves that is provided to give a comfortable feel by increasing warmth and comfort. Fleece and wool are two types of lining material. Cuff Length Selecting the length is basically a personal choice. Short cuff lengths ends at at the base of wrist, and thus it provides greater mobility in the wrist area. Whereas, long cuff length extends past the sleeve of the jacket and it stops the snow from creeping inside. Other important features that add comfort are: zippered pockets, wrist loops, nose wipe, padding and mini squeeze.
  • Top five UK Snowboard Brands that come with Durability, Versatility and Performance It’s surprising to see that in a country where there is little snow and mountain to see, there thrives an active snowboard industry. There are a lot of big brands in this country who are famous for their A1 ski equipment’s and who are followed by a number of passionate followers. If you walk into any snowboard shop to buy a snowboard UK brand, you will be stormed by multitude of technology, colourful board graphics and loud advertising that create hurdle in deciding which the best snowboard brand is. Generally, a top snowboard brand will possess a large assortment of snowboards suiting all riding styles, and varied terrains, and the snow conditions. We bring to you list of top snowboard UK brands; this will help you to choose the best board for yourself. Lib Technologies/Lib Tech Sequin, WA based, Lip Tech is undeniably the top most brands on this date. Lip Tech has introduced innovative snowboarding technology for the last 22 years. World has not forgotten the revolutionary Skate Banana which blended Magne-Traction with the new Banana technology. Lib Tech snowboards are manufactured in USA in limited runs. Since it is one of best snowboard brands, so it produces a full line of freestyle and all-mountain free ride snowboards. Burton Snowboards It is the big number of snowboards Burton produces, which makes this Vermont based brand so popular. It is one brand which produces snowboards across all demographics. Burton manufactures freestyle and all-mountain snowboards for women, men and youth of all level- beginners, intermediate and the expert. Recently, it has expanded into new zone that is building this equipment for young children. Never Summer Industries Unlike other brands, Never Summer snowboards are handcrafted with a fine degree of precision. Each single deck of this brand is manufactured under inspection and only after a final inspection, is shipped. Their equipment’s come with three years of warranty. Never summer snowboards are light in weight with top notch quality. GNU Snowboards GNU manufactures decks for hard core freestyle rider whether it is all-mountain or park. GNU uses Magne-Traction, Banana Technology (BTX) and new C2 Power Banana Technology in all its line up. GNU Park Pickle is number one deck of this line up. It has deeper heel side side cut which allows an effortless smooth heel side twist and turns.
  • Jones Snowboards Jones Snowboards is the youngest new snowboard brand; it uses in its decks the top technologies developed by other top snowboard brands. The mountain Twin with its rockered tip or tail is manufactured by Nidecker; it has wood core and Magne-Traction for precision grip control. Rocker is used for powder and Magne-Traction is used for pockets in backcountry ice. But both are the snowboards are featured with strength and stability but are notably light in hands. So, as you go to buy your type snowboard, don’t pay heed to the advertising hype, or the seller talk. Just go straight to your fav brand and pick your style.