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Facilities plan2

  1. 1. School Motto & Mission: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow The mission of Worth County Primary School is to provide students with a solid educational foundation that will ensure a successful journey towards graduation and productive citizenship. Worth County Primary School 1304 N. Isabella Street Sylvester, GA 31791 229-776-8660
  2. 2. Outside View of School Outside entrance to media center.
  3. 3. WCPS Vision  Our vision for Worth County Primary School is to assist students in the development of their full potential through differentiated instruction that is challenging and motivating.  To achieve this vision we will make curricular and instructional decisions that are data driven, standards-based, and provide the necessary scaffolding for student achievement.  We will dedicate ourselves to the success of our students by being life-long learners and outstanding educators through the use of professional development and research based practices.  As a result, our students will be offered a quality standards- based curriculum with appropriate instructional technology to prepare them for their life-long educational journey.
  4. 4. WCPS Beliefs  Students learn best when they are actively engaged through quality time on task.  Each student is a unique learner and should be provided differentiated instruction.  Students learn best in a safe, orderly, and well-disciplined environment.  Prompt and regular attendance by students, teachers, and staff leads to improved performance.  Teachers, parents, and the community share the responsibility in preparing students to learn, grow, and function as productive citizens.
  5. 5. WCPS School Map  The media center is located at the front entrance of the school.  It is centrally located to all classrooms and is directly across from the main office. Media Center Front Office
  6. 6. WCPS Media Center Goals  To provide materials and learning experiences that contribute to lifelong learning and support a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, student needs, abilities, and interests.  To provide students and teachers with physical and intellectual access to the variety of informational resources and materials necessary to support the achievement of curricular and instructional goals.  To assist students in the development of attitudes and skills which enable them to become independent, life-long learners.  To maintain a program that functions as the information center of the school with a climate conducive to self-exploration, experimentation and self-fulfillment
  7. 7. WCPS Media Center Profile  Opened in 1995  Serves approximately 950 students, PreK-2nd  Serves 70+ faculty members  One full-time media clerk  One full-time media specialist Media Specialist Shayla Norman Media Clerk  Annie Toomer
  8. 8. Media Center Location  The media center is located on the left as you walk in the front of the building.  It is centrally located and is easily accessible to all classrooms. Media Center entrance. View from front of school View from Corridor
  9. 9. Current Facilities Floor Plan Buy SmartDraw!- purchased copies print this document without a watermark . Visit www.smartdraw.com or call 1-800-768-3729. The current floor plan includes media specialist’s office, teacher work room, storage closet, break room w/restroom, media clerk’s office/teacher resource room, storybook corner, reference room & attendance keepers office
  10. 10. Circulation Desk  The circulation desk is located in the front of the media center beside the media specialist office.  The media specialist office has one window to view the circulation desk and most of the media center. Media specialist office behind circulation desk
  11. 11. View from Circulation Desk  The view of the media center from the circulation desk is very open. There is a mirror in the back corner to make it easier for the media specialist and clerk to monitor students in the media center. Mirror for observing browsers
  12. 12. Media Specialist’s Office  The media specialist office is located directly behind the circulation desk  There is one window so that the MS can keep an eye on the circulation desk at all times.
  13. 13. Storage Room w/ Restroom  This storage room is located directly behind the circulation desk and next door to the media specialist office.  At this time this room is used more as a break room (notice microwave).  A restroom is located in the corner of this room.  An entrance door to the storage closet is in this room.
  14. 14. Storage Closet This storage closet behind the media specialist’s office houses many daily necessities for media operation but should be more organized Left Side Right Side
  15. 15. Teacher Resource Room  The teacher resource room houses many, many resources teachers may need to help them with particular students.  Has computer software, music CD’s and computer games.  Serves as media clerk’s office  Houses the only color copier in the school.
  16. 16. Teacher Workroom  The teacher workroom is located in the front of the media center to the left as you walk in the main entrance.  The workroom houses the laminating machine, paper cutter and comb binding machine.  It also has our “closed Circuit” equipment used for the morning announcements.
  17. 17. Storybook Corner  The storybook corner is located in the very back of the media center.  There is a Dewey Decimal rug on the floor.  Walls are bare and not very inviting to students and faculty.  There is enough room to seat 2-3 classes at once.
  18. 18. Reading Carousel  The reading carousel is located in the very front of the media center.  It tends to be an eye sore because it blocks the view of the entire media center as you walk in. (The media entrance door is directly behind the carousel in this picture)  The carousel seats 6 students but very rarely gets used.
  19. 19. Reading Loft  The Reading Loft is located on the wall between the Storybook Corner and the Emergency Exit doors. Teachers may send up to four children at a time to read in top of the loft due to space and safety. Student’s may also purchase extra loft time with AR points.
  20. 20. Reference Room  The reference room is located in the back of the media center next door to the Attendance Keeper’s office.  It houses all reference materials and listening center books & tapes.
  21. 21. Attendance Keeper’s Office  The office in the back of the media center is the office of WCPS’s Attendance Keeper.  This office use to be used by the media center as an AR store but was needed this year for other reasons.  There is a door going into the MC & into the main hall of the school.
  22. 22. The STACKS!  All AR books are color coded and shelved together.  The non-fiction section is very overcrowded yet many bookshelves are empty in the fiction section.
  23. 23. Positive Survey Results…  The physical layout flows well, it's set up in a friendly way, and works well for children with disabilities.  Reading Loft is comfortable for students to sit and read.  Large area in the Storybook Corner for story time.  Students can easily check in and out books on their own.  Media center offers laminating services to teachers.  Media center staff portrays good attitudes and they are very welcoming to students and staff.
  24. 24. Negative Survey Results…  There are no listening stations for the students to sit and listen to books in the media center.  Not enough space to seat a whole class to have whole group lessons.  No place for students to sit and read while in the media center / no comfortable seating.  Storybook Corner’s bare walls are boring to visitors and browsers.  AR books should be intermingled with the other books so that they can learn to find their way around the library rather than just through AR books.
  25. 25. Facility Change Suggestions  Listening stations should be added.  Additional tables should be added to allow adequate seating for an entire class.  Comfortable furniture should be added to create a more inviting environment for students to “snuggle up” with a good book.  Carousel should be removed to make space for the new tables and chairs.  Small reading tables should be placed at the end of a few stacks to allow students a place to “preview” their books before checking out.
  26. 26. Listening Stations Listening stations will be placed across the wall in the storybook corner for students to sit and listen to their favorite stories while visiting the media center.  Problem: There are no listening stations for the students to sit and listen to books in the media center.  Solution: Children’s Listening Stations - Daisy Station  www.demco.com  Price: $1,774.99 each
  27. 27. Tables and Chairs Five sets of tables and chairs will be purchased to provide enough space to seat an entire class for instructional purposes. Students may also use these tables for research with visiting the media center.  Problem: Not enough space to seat a whole class for whole group lessons.  Solution: 48" Round Table Set with Addison Chairs, Medium Cherry/Oak  www.demco.com  Price: $1,294.99 each  Each set comes with 1 table & 4 chairs
  28. 28. Reading Tables Reading tables will be purchased and placed at the end of the stacks so that students will have a place to relax and read in the media center.  Problem: Students need a place to sit and read in the media center.  Solution: Texwood™ 78"W Children's Reading Table  www.highsmith.com  Price: $1,165.00 each
  29. 29. Comfortable Furniture Comfortable furniture will be placed near the storybook corner to provide a place for students to “snuggle up” with a good book.  Problem: No comfortable seating available in the media center  Solution: Kidovation Children’s Furniture – chair, ottoman & loveseat  www.demco.com  Price: $309.99 - chair $154.99 - ottoman $354.99 - loveseat
  30. 30. Improved Facilities Floor Plan Buy SmartDraw!- purchased copies print this document without a watermark . Visit www.smartdraw.com or call 1-800-768-3729. Reading Carousel is removed to make additional room for tables and chairs. Four listening centers were placed in the storybook corner for students to access during the day. 5 tables are added to allow the media specialist to seat a full class. Comfortable seating is placed near the storybook corner for places for students to read.
  31. 31. Current Media Policies Media Center Orientation  Media Center orientation is provided for each homeroom during the first "specials" rotation two weeks of the school year to discuss checkout procedures, media center rules, location of materials and care of books. Each class MUST attend orientation before students are allowed to check out books. Hours of Operation  The WCPS media center operates on a flexible schedule and is open daily from 7:15 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on regular school days and teacher planning days. Students and faculty have access to all media services, materials, and equipment. Students may come to the media center at any time during the day except from 11:45 – 12:45 due to the MS’s lunch and lunch duty, to return books, use reference materials, or use computer look up stations. Students may check out books from 8:30 until 2:45 8:00 – 3:10. Red= suggestion for change/addition
  32. 32. Current Media Policies Checkout Procedures  1st grade students may check out only one book at a time, 2nd graders may check out two books; this book must be returned before another one can be checked out. Each student is assigned a patron number (check out number) on the automated system.  In order to check out a book, the student should bring their bookmark and scan their book. No due date is given; however, a reminder will be sent through the student's teacher when a book has been out for over two weeks.  When books are returned they should be dropped into the slot at the end of the circulation desk checked in at the “check in” station. Materials other than books should be returned directly to one of the media center staff.  Shelf markers are provided for students to use when choosing a book. Students are asked to browse carefully and replace any book that is not chosen in the same position on the shelf from which it was pulled. Red= suggestion for change/addition
  33. 33. Current Media Policies Browsers  Teachers may send up to five three unaccompanied students to the media center at one time. These browsers are asked to come after the first 15 minutes of the instructional block of time so that they will not interfere with the checkout time of the scheduled "specials" group. Each browser must wear a browser tag with his or her teacher's name on it.  Browsers may stay in the media center for no more than 30 minutes. Students may read in the reading loft, in the rocking chairs or on beanbag chairs (there are no beanbag chairs). They may use reference materials, read magazines, access the Internet (with teacher's permission and appropriate instruction), or simply look for a book to check out. Red= suggestion for change/addition
  34. 34. Current Media Policies Damaged/Lost Materials  Media center materials lost or damaged by a student, or while checked out to a student must be paid for. The cost of the lost book is the original price. Damage is assessed by the media specialist and books found to be unusable because of damage must be replaced. The original purchase price will be charged for this. Damaged books in unusable condition are taken off the database and discarded. They do not become the property of the student.  Check out privileges of students with lost or damaged materials are suspended until the item has been returned or paid for; however the student may still visit the media center and use materials in the media center as usual. Students will be placed on a payment plan if they cannot afford to pay the entire fee at one time. Replacement of a missing or damaged barcode will cost the student $1. Red= suggestion for change/addition
  35. 35. Worth County Primary School Media Center Facility Plan Shayla Norman FRIT 7132 Dr. Green Fall 2010