Migrating SAP from UNIX to SUSE Linux


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Trends in SAP Data Centers
Business Case of migrating SAP from UNIX to SUSE Linux
SAP and SUSE Relationship

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Migrating SAP from UNIX to SUSE Linux

  1. 1. Migrating SAP solutions fromUNIX to SUSE Linux EnterpriseWhen its Business Critical, make the smart choiceJoanne HarrisMarketing Directorjharris@suse.com
  2. 2. SAP installations on Linux steadily increasing each year (SCN) • Most SAP UNIX migration goes to Linux • Most SAP solutions on Linux are on SUSE Source: The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data-Centers, RealTech Consulting, Oct 20122
  3. 3. Why are customers moving away from RISC? Cost Reduction Demand for Performance IT Budget Squeeze New projects Increasing project costs User growth Support, maintenance costs Regulatory requirements Business Challenges Platform Strategy Server utilization Standards based architecture Space / Consolidation Broadest solution portfolio Power & Cooling New platform for innovation HW, OS, SW refresh3
  4. 4. Triggers for a SAP migration • Lower TCO / Budget Constraints – License and Maintenance – Administrative Efficiency – HW Standardization / Alignment Initiative • Hardware / Technology Refresh • New SAP workloads (i.e. HANA) • SAP Upgrades • Supportability issues with the Legacy UNIX/DB combination • Virtualization of SAP landscapes • Cloud Integration/Migration4
  5. 5. UNIX to SUSE Linux Enterprise Typical benefits can include: 80% TCO Savings 99.999% Availability 60% Performance Improvement Opportunity to realign funds to create Competitive Advantage5
  6. 6. SAP Migration Example Source: The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data- Centers, RealTech Consulting, Oct 20126
  7. 7. Migrating to SUSE 80%7
  8. 8. When it’s business critical, make the smart move… #1 The leading platform for SAP solutions on Linux #1 The recommended and supported OS of choice for SAP HANA #1 SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications is the only Enterprise Linux optimized for all SAP solutions #1 The Linux and UNIX development platform for SAP solutions #1 First Linux distributor to certify HA extension for integration with SAP NetWeaver8
  9. 9. SAP and SUSE 13+ years of technology and engineering collaboration • Front runner technologies ‒ 1st Amazon EC2 OS for SAP ‒ 1st validated open source HA ‒ 1st validated virtualization • Strategic OS for: ‒ SAP HANA ‒ SAP BWA ‒ SAP Business ByDesign • Integrated Enterprise Support9
  10. 10. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server The leading Platform for SAP Solutions on Linux10
  11. 11. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP The only operating system optimized for SAP Applications• Built in HA components to enable you to protect Mission Critical Applications• Extended Update Cycle (18 months) to fit your needs• Enables High Performance of Large Workloads• Integrated Priority Support from both SUSE and SAP• Enables Fast and Easy Deployment with Installation Wizard 11
  12. 12. High Availability with SUSE® Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension • Service availability 24X7 • Shared and Scaled data- 24/7 AVAILABILITY • • access Virtualization Agnostic Disaster tolerance Goal: 100% UPTIME! • Scale network service • User friendly tools • Free Resource Agents12
  13. 13. High Availability Solutions for SAP Validated best practices with partners at SAP Linux Lab The First Linux distributor to certify HA extension for integration with SAP NetWeaver Simple Stack Enqueue Replication DRBD Data Sync HA in Virtual Environments13
  14. 14. Go Beyond with SUSE
  15. 15. SAP HANA: In-Memory Appliance SUSE Linux Enterprise is the recommended and supported Operating System of choice for SAP HANA Major SAP customers that have deployed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 pre- SAP HANA, a real-time platform for loaded by all SAP HANA hardware vendors analytics and applications More on why SAP selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for use with SAP HANA15
  16. 16. Comprehensive Portfolio16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. Software Deployment Simplified with SUSE Studio • Standardized software delivery • Cloud-ready images in minutes • Virtual applications at a push of a button • Reduced development costs • Accelerated time-to- market18
  19. 19. SAP Solution Migration toSUSE Linux Success(see also Success Stories on SUSE.com)
  20. 20. CIR Food Watch Video CIR Food is a leading Italian food catering group which provides services to over 1,000 small, medium and large companies across all industries in the public and private sectors. • Massive increase in data Moved SAP solution from 70% Savings from UNIX to SUSE Linux migrating to SUSE Linux volumes driven by Enterprise Server for SAP business expansion over CIR Foods can now the years generate reports in SUSE Linux Enterprise seconds, not 20 minutes Server for SAP Applications • Existing UNIX based allows CIR Food to Enabled new analysis that system struggled to leverage SAP enables them to proactively perform analysis BusinessObjects Predictive adjust resources and Analysis and perform operations • Processes were slow and analysis in two main areas: Savings were reinvested generated inaccurate business forecasting and into purchasing SAP HANA reports budget planning20
  21. 21. Geberit Read Full Case Study Geberit, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of sanitary products with 16 production facilities in Europe, China and the USA, and sells its products in 41 countries worldwide sales of CHF 2.1 billion in 2011. Geberit relies on SAP applications for many of its business processes, including sales, materials management, and invoicing. • To standardize its IT server HP-UX Migration to Migration completed in landscape to reduce the cost SUSE Linux Enterprise less than 12 months and complexity of IT Server for SAP operations Applications Hardware and software licensing cost reduction • To increase the flexibility of Virtualized servers around 50% its SAP ERP solution by running on VMware SAP ERP Performance migrating from Intel Itanium- Intel Xeon processors improvements of 22% based servers to blade servers based on Intel Xeon processors Read Full Case Study • To ensure High Availability21
  22. 22. Burton Snowboards Read Full Case Study As a dynamic global enterprise, Burton operates 24/7 and requires the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the marketplace. The IT department, in particular, needs to provide consistent uptime and to be able to adapt to changing business needs. • HP-UX platform for SAP SAP BI, CRM, ERP, Portal 80% less server-related required costs - expensive hardware SUSE Linux Enterprise - time-consuming Server 99.999% uptime administration - frequent downtimes Dell INTEL servers Reduced power consumption by 30% • SAP and Oracle upgrade SUSE Linux build-in prompted platform evaluation automation tools Reduced administrative time and costs by 40% • UNIX replacement was cost prohibitive22
  23. 23. When it’s Business Critical Make the smart choice www.suse.com/smart
  24. 24. More Information SUSE Websites • www.suse.com/smart • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications • SUSE and SAP Alliance • SUSE Linux Enterprise and SAP HANA SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications • Overview and Features • Video Introduction • Solutions Guide • Success Stories • Whitepapers • Best Practice Guides (High Availability) • FAQ • Technical Information • Evaluation Download24
  25. 25. Corporate Headquarters +49 911 740 53 0 (Worldwide) Join us on: Maxfeldstrasse 5 www.suse.com www.opensuse.org 90409 Nuremberg Germany25
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