SAP Migrations made easy


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- Introduction Realtech and SUSE
- SAP OS/DB migration procedure, Realtech expertise
- customer example: Nalco
- overview SLES for SAP

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SAP Migrations made easy

  1. 1. Driving Value With IT REALTECH Consulting USA REALTECH Premium SAP Consulting SUSE Alex Butler Dirk Oppenkowski Consulting Sales Manager SAP Partner Executive
  2. 2. About REALTECH        More than 320 employees* More than 320 employees* Worldwide presence Worldwide presence More than €39 million in More than revenues* €39 million in revenues* Over 2500 Customers      SAP experts since its foundation in SAP 1994experts since its foundation in 1994 Headquarters: Walldorf, Germany Headquarters: Walldorf; Germany U.S. Headquarters: Malvern PA * as of December 31, 2012 REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  3. 3. REALTECH Migration History  REALTECH has the largest global team of SAP certified migration consultants  REALTECH performed the first production migration worldwide in early 1998  REALTECH has completed over 900 migration projects worldwide  REALTECH is a founding member and the only consulting company in SAP’s Linux Lab  Migrations to and from all SAP supported platforms  Proven track record with a 100% Success Rate  REALTECH is certified for SAP HANA REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  4. 4. We understand your industry Manufacturing IT services Healthcare Media Utilities Automotive Consumer products Finance Logistics Retail REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  5. 5. REALTECH Core Competency: Technology  REALTECH is recommended SAP migration partner of SUSE®  Performing secure  SAP Migrations  Technical Upgrades  Unicode conversions  Premium SAP Basis managed services  Unrivaled experience gained in more than 900 successful projects.  Improving the performance of SAP landscapes.  Size & Architect the environment accurately  Virtualizing SAP environments (VMware, XEN, etc.) to get the most value out of an infrastructure and achieve most cost efficiencies. REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  6. 6. REALTECH Migration Customer Examples • Agrium (Calgary, AB) • Nalco (Chicago, IL) • Champion Technologies (Houston, TX) • National Research Council (Ottawa, Ontario) • Deere-Hitachi (Kernersville, NC) • NorskeCanada (Vancouver, BC) • FMC (Philadelphia, PA) • Marathon Cheese (Marathon, WI) • Freeport McMoran Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) • Pilgrim’s Pride (Pittsburg, TX) • Glatfelter (York, PA) • Remington Arms (Madison, NC) • Littelfuse (Chicago, IL) • Suncor Energy, Inc. (Calgary, AB) • Momentive (Hexion, Columbus, OH) • Sloan Valve Corporation (Chicago, IL) • Justin Industries (Fort Worth, TX) • TransAlta (Calgary, Canada) • Kimball International (Jasper, IN) • Tate & Lyle (Decatur, IL) • Lockheed Martin MFC (Dallas, TX) • Hess Oil (Houston, TX) • Safety Kleen (Ft. Worth TX) • Valero (San Antonio, TX) REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  7. 7. What Customers Think About REALTECH Stefan Zahrer, IT project manager, Munich Re: “In REALTECH, we have found a migration partner with proven technical expertise. Thanks to REALTECH's support, Munich Re can now count on a reliable and costeffective server infrastructure for mission-critical, high performance SAP systems. “ Paul T. Barry, VP Global Infrastructure and Operations, Nalco: “Special thanks to my team headed by REALTECH … whose tireless work and professionalism continue to amaze me. “ Luke Lau, Director of IT Planning, AGRIUM: “I really can't praise REALTECH enough. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable, and helped us deal effectively with all the challenges of the migration. Their project management was excellent – ensuring we could go live with the new systems on time and on budget.“ REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  8. 8. NALCO project: Challenges  Limited time for regression testing  Resource capacity on the new SUSE Linux infrastructure  Management of Database custom tablespace over migration  Storage I/O contingency (Source and target database on same disks)  Limited downtime requirement REALTECH Solution  Increased support on the Linux team  Integrated custom table spaces in the SAP Data Dictionary  Redistributed storage  Several migration runs for migration process optimization REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  9. 9. NALCO project - scope SAP ERP 6 ehp4 SAP ERP 6 ehp4 SAP CRM 5.0 SAP CRM 5.0 OS DB Migration SAP BI 7 SAP BI 7 SCM - Live Cache SCM - Live Cache PI 7 PI 7 Solution Manager Re - Install Solution Manager HW: HP BL460/620/680 O.S. : Suse SLES 11 Database: Oracle 10.2 HW: IBM P595 O.S. : AIX 5.3 Database: Oracle 10.2 REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  10. 10. NALCO project – Success & Results  REALTECH built and migrated all of the DEV & QA SAP systems ahead of the regression testing  “Big Bang” migration approach chosen (All the SAP Components migrated in the same downtime)  Low impact by reducing the scope to migrate environment “as-is”  Overall SAP Infrastructure costs reduced- $$$  Capacity increased to more than 100% from past Infrastructure  Reduced database size by 10-30% (db reorg only)  Response time from >1 sec down to 800 ms.  Reduced number of ERP application Servers from 11 to 3 REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  11. 11. Reasons Customers Choose Linux       UNIX flavor Runs on x86 standard servers Safest CPU architecture for coming decade No tight vendor coupling Widely spread knowledge x64 CPU architecture is the most cost-efficient available REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  12. 12. REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  13. 13. SAP on Linux Migrations - Why REALTECH  SAP OS/DB migrations are highly complex and require experts  REALTECH Certified Migration Consultants  Required by SAP  Results from a proven partner like REALTECH are:  Shorter project duration  Risk Mitigation  Minimal downtime and less impact to the business  Lower total costs for the project REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  14. 14. REALTECH & SAP - A valuable partnership ...  Schedule a call or meeting with SUSE, REALTECH, and Customer  REALTECH contact: Alex Butler • Send email to: or go to • Alex’s phone number: (610) 356-4401 x1011  >>>Download the (Intel/SUSE/RT) Unix to Linux trend Whitepaper here:  REALTECH Inc. Consulting
  15. 15. SAP and SUSE by the numbers 16,800 70% #1 #1 #1 SAP customers are using Linux to run the database and/or application server of these are running their workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise SUSE Linux Enterprise is SAP's development platform for UNIX and Linux SUSE Linux Enterprise is the recommended and supported OS of choice for SAP HANA First Linux distributor to certify HA extension for integration with SAP Netweaver
  16. 16. SAP and SUSE 13+ years of technology and engineering collaboration • Front runner technologies ‒ ‒ 1st validated open source HA ‒ • 1st Amazon EC2 OS for SAP 1st validated virtualization Strategic OS for: ‒ ‒ SAP BWA ‒ • SAP HANA SAP Business ByDesign Integrated Enterprise Support
  17. 17. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP The only operating system optimized for SAP Applications • Built in HA components to enable you to protect Mission Critical Applications • Extended Update Cycle (18 months) to fit your needs • Enables High Performance of Large Workloads • Integrated Priority Support from both SUSE and SAP • Enables Fast and Easy Deployment with Installation Wizard
  18. 18. SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension Achieves SAP-Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver • Press release by SUSE (link) • Technical collaboration with SAP Linux Lab • High Availability included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications • SAP Connector available only in SUSE for SAP product
  19. 19. High Availability Solutions for SAP Validated best practices with partners at SAP Linux Lab Simple Stack DRBD Data Sync Enqueue Replication HA in Virtual Environments
  20. 20. Page Cache Limit Feature Solution Overview Tells kernel that once page cache is filled to configured limit, application memory is more important and should not be paged out No memory paged out if memory footprint of the workload plus the configured page cache limit does not exceed the amount of physical RAM SAP Note 1557506: Linux paging improvement
  21. 21. Extended Service Pack Overlap Support General Support Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Extended Support Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 GA SP1 ESPOS SP2 ESPOS SP3 ESPOS SP4 6 month 18 month 18 month upgrade window 18 month extended lifecycle ESPOS Year 9 Year 10
  22. 22. SAP-Notes  Relevant SAP Notes* # 171356 - SAP Software on Linux: Essentials # 1310037 - SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11: Installationsguide # 1056161 - SUSE Priority Support for SAP Applications # 1557506 - Linux paging improvements # 1122387 - Linux: SAP Support in virtualized Environments VMware Knowledge base • 1034165 Disabling simultaneous write protection provided by VMFS using the multi-writer flag * SAP S-User Id required
  23. 23. SLES for SAP Applications 11 SP2 Enhancements • Support for Kernel 2.6 compatibility environment ‒ ‒ SAP Applications require uname output of 2.6.x uname26 and PAM module providing compatibility environment ‒ SAP Notes 1629558 and 1310037 “SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2’s new Linux kernel version 3.0 offers many new features and enhancements that will help SAP customers utilize the newest technology improvements with their SAP infrastructures, together with SUSE, we're developing easy installation and migration paths for existing SAP installations, such as SAP NetWeaver, to support Linux kernel 3.0 so our customers can confidently run SAP solutions on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2." (Helge Deller, head of SAP LinuxLab at SAP).
  24. 24. More Information SUSE Websites • • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications • SUSE and SAP Alliance • SUSE Linux Enterprise and SAP HANA SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications • Overview and Features • Video Introduction • Solutions Guide • Success Stories • Whitepapers • Best Practice Guides (High Availability) • FAQ • Technical Information • Evaluation Download