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Presentación Tecnología Enterprise al costo de Open Source - Mayo 2009

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My Sql Presentation

  1. 1. MySQL and Sun: The Platform for the Web Economy Pablo Lambert Software Architect Sun Microsystems
  2. 2. Agenda • New opportunities • About MySQL • MySQL products • Sun and MySQL • Our suggestions 22
  3. 3. Today's Business Challenges • Increase business agility > Implementing and deploying Web services quickly and cost-effectively • Reduce cost > Realizing cost savings and lowering TCO • Scale > Being able to handle the high volume of traffic, transactions, and data • Reliability > Solid, reliable platform to run applications, solid vendor standing behind it 3
  4. 4. Global Economy Is in Trouble Can MySQL and open source help? 4
  5. 5. Gartner on Enterprise Database Adoption 66% are deploying MySQL or are planning to 5
  6. 6. MySQL — An Open-Source Icon • MySQL is... > The “M” in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) > The industry's most popular and one of the fastest-growing open-source databases > Ubiquitous across Windows, Linux, Solaris™, and Mac OSs > Pervasive across HP, Dell, IBM, Sun, and Fujitsu > Deployed by the most important companies on Earth! World's most popular open-source database 6
  7. 7. About MySQL • 11 million active installations • 60,000+ downloads each day • 40–50% revenue growth year over year • 90% lower TCO than proprietary database offerings • Customers across every major operating system, hardware vendor, geography, industry, and application type Leadership, innovation, market acceptance 7
  8. 8. How MySQL Reduces TCO • Low cost of acquisition > 80–90% of proprietary database features at 10–15% of the cost > Excels on low-cost hardware • Low cost of operations > Provides core functionality without unnecessary complexity > Existing staff can move easily to MySQL, with standardized RDBMS SQL and functions • Reduced cost of downtime TCO Breakdown of Database Software > Extreme reliability leads to reduced downtime Source: IDC 8
  9. 9. MySQL's Industry-Leading Customers Web/Web 2.0 OEMs/ISVs On demand, SaaS, hosting Telecommunications Enterprise 2.0 Open-source is powering the Web 9
  10. 10. MySQL Product Overview • MySQL Community Server MySQL • MySQL Enterprise Server Server • MySQL Embedded Server • MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition • MySQL Query Browser • MySQL Administrator MySQL • MySQL Migration Toolkit GUI Tools • MySQL Visual Studio Plugin • MySQL Workbench (new!) • JDBC MySQL • ODBC Drivers • .NET • PHP 10
  11. 11. MySQL Architecture MySQL Server 11
  12. 12. MySQL and High Availability Clustering & Geographical Redundancy MySQL Clustering Cluster Technologies MySQL + DRBD Replication MySQL + SAN Technologies Well-Managed MySQL Replication Unmanaged Small ISPs & Telco Data Banking Business Mainstream Military Centers Medical Business Defense 9 9. 9 9 9 % 35 days 4 days 8 hours 50 mins 5 mins 12
  13. 13. MySQL Replication 13
  14. 14. Scale Out with MySQL Proxy 14
  15. 15. MySQL, Heartbeat & DRBD Cluster IP Management Active Passive DRBD DRBD Server Server Synchronous Block Replication 15
  16. 16. Shared disk clusters • Sun Cluster • Linux HeartBeat/HA • Veritas Cluster Server • Microsoft Cluster Server • Active/Pasive • High Availability • Automatic FailOver • Data on SAN 16
  17. 17. MySQL Cluster — Architecture Clients Application nodes (NDB API, MySQL Server, OpenDS, openldap) Management node Data nodes NDB storage engine 17
  18. 18. Data distribution on 2 nodes 18
  19. 19. MySQL Enterprise Solution Enterprise software and services delivered in an annual subscription • The most up-to-date MySQL Enterprise software • Monthly rapid updates Database • Quarterly service packs • Hot-fix program • Subscription: • Indemnification • MySQL Enterprise • Virtual database assistant • License (OEM): • Global monitoring of all servers Monitoring • Embedded Server • Web-based central console • Support • Built-in advisors, expert advice • MySQL Cluster • Problem query detection/analysis Carrier-Grade • Online self-help MySQL Knowledge Base Support • Training • 24/7 problem resolution with priority escalation • Consultative help • Consulting • High-Availability and Scale-Out • NRE
  20. 20. Added Value for the Enterprise • Comprehensive offering of production support, monitoring tools, and MySQL database software • Optimal performance, reliability, security, and uptime MySQL Load Balancer Query analysis Enterprise manager Best-practices rules 24/7 support Monitoring Hot fixes Open-source server MySQL with pluggable APIs Service packs Knowledge Base 20
  21. 21. MySQL Community Server vs. MySQL Enterprise Server MySQL Enterprise Server release schedule • Rapid/quarterly source/binary maintenance releases Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 MySQL Enterprise Server H1 H2 MySQL Community Server MySQL Community Server release schedule • Quarterly source, semiannual binary releases 21
  22. 22. MySQL Deployment Architecture — Scale-Out Clients HTTP Web/App load balancer servers writes MySQL Replication reads reads Application reads are scaled by adding more read slaves 22
  23. 23. What's New with MySQL 5.1? New features and tools to boost performance and simplify data management: • Table and index partitioning > Reduce query response times with five forms of data partitioning. • Row-based and hybrid replication > Achieve and maintain the safest and most efficient replication scheme for your application. • MySQL Event Scheduler > Schedule and automate common recurring SQL-based tasks. 23
  24. 24. MySQL Enterprise Monitor • Single, consolidated view into entire MySQL environment • Auto-discovery of MySQL servers, replication topologies • Customizable rules-based monitoring and alerts • Identifies problems before they occur • Reduces risk of downtime • Makes it easier to scale out A virtual MySQL DBA assistant! without requiring more DBAs 24
  25. 25. Enterprise Monitor Architecture Customer datacenter Individual servers Service agent written in C with agent and supports all MySQL Enterprise platforms • Configuration • Advisor scheduling Service Service manager written in • Alerts/notifications manager • Visual monitoring Java Servlets exposed as • Query analysis Web services. Supports Collects MySQL- and Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, OS-specific metrics, query content/stats and Microsoft Windows operating systems Master-slave replication Enterprise dashboard Enterprise dashboard, Web-based, written in JSP • Advisor monitoring • Event-based alerts • Advice/corrective actions Repository holds historical performance data for Holds historical MySQL analysis and OS data, query statistics Repository Firewall 25
  26. 26. MySQL Enterprise Advisors, Rules, and Alerts Administration Security Upgrade Custom • Monitors and advises • Monitors and • Monitors and advises • Built by DBA to on optimal advises on bugs that affect current enforce organization- configuration and unplanned security installation specific best practices. variable settings changes • Provides update path • Create new or tailor • Ensures recoverability • Uncovers security to correcting MySQL Advisors to fit loopholes MRU/QSP needs Replication Memory Schema Performance usage • Monitors and advises • Monitors and advises • Monitors and advises on master/slave • Monitors for optimal on unplanned schema on optimal performance latency issues use of memory/cache change variable settings • Makes suggestions • Advises on memory • Uncovers security • Identifies performance for improving tuning for better loopholes bottlenecks replication design performance • 125+ rules (16 new), 20+ (5 new) graphs find problems/tuning opportunities you cannot • Save you time writing, testing, versioning, and deploying custom scripts 26
  27. 27. What's New with MySQL Enterprise? Boost performance up to 3x with MySQL Query Analyzer • MySQL Query Analyzer > Trace, monitor, and analyze query activity to pinpoint poorly performing code. > Make fixes to get application running at peak performance quickly and easily. > Customers using MySQL Query Analyzer have experienced 3x performance improvement in days, not weeks. 27
  28. 28. MySQL Query Analyzer — New! Clients HTTP Web/App MySQL MySQL Server load balancer servers Query Analyzer • App connects to agent via (proxy/agent) port 4040 • Agent connects to MySQL server • Agent optionally collects query data • Agent reports MySQL, OS, Queries in query metrics back to monitor Results Queries in • Query diagnostics • MySQL and OS Results monitoring MySQL Enterprise Monitor 28
  29. 29. MySQL Replication Monitor • Makes it easier to scale out with MySQL • Auto-detects and groups master/slave relationships • Saves DBA time collecting master/slave status info from command line 29
  30. 30. MySQL and Data Warehousing • Growing use for data warehousing and business intelligence > Third-most-used database for data warehousing — IDC > Third-most-common application in MySQL market 30
  31. 31. Data Warehouse Market $4.2B Data Warehousing [10% CAGR] • Overall market > $11.3B in hardware and software > 25 TB spending > 63% of the spending is at 6–25 TB the high end > 87% of the customers are in the low end (< 6 TB) < 6 TB • Mass market > $4.2B in hardware and software spending, growing at 10% CAGR > $300M in MySQL hardware and software spending, growing at 2009 Total Data Warehousing Market 30% CAGR 31
  32. 32. At-a-Glance Data Volume Decision Grid Data Volume Size Solution 0–1 TB MySQL Enterprise Server 500 GB–3 TB w/ appliance desire Kickfire appliance Infobright + MySQL Enterprise 1–30 TB Server >30 TB Greenplum 32
  33. 33. Data Warehouse Partners Apps Operational Source ETL Data Metadata Data data store systems process warehouse repository mart Reporting and Analytics Tools ETL Replication Development and admin Database Platforms Storage (SAN/NAS) Operating system Hardware 33
  34. 34. Wikipedia • Application > Wikipedia is one of the top 10 most trafficked Web sites in the world, hosting over 7 million articles in 200 languages. • Key business benefit > MySQL has enabled Wikipedia’s number of annual visitors to grow by 50,000 to over 154 million. • Why MySQL? > Performance. > Scalable database solution to support exponential growth. T “ he notion persists within many traditional enterprises that once you reach a certain level of application importance, it is necessary to transition to big, expensive boxes running big, expensive databases. However, free-thinking members of their IT staffs are beginning to ask the question: W ‘ hat can we learn from Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia on how to scale for high growth? ’” 34 — Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst, Red Monk
  35. 35. LinkedIn • Application > LinkedIn is an online network of more than 24 million professionals from more than 150 industries worldwide • Key business benefits > Increased query performance by 54% > Reduced database footprint by 39% > Achieved easily scalable and manageable solution that supports future growth • Why MySQL? > Better performance to users > Scalable, manageable database solution to support future growth “By using Sun products and Sun Professional Services for our solution, we can scale horizontally, and we can scale vertically. And we don't have to change one line of our software code to run dual-core, quad-core, or sixteen-core machines — or any other hardware that Sun provides.” — Jean-Luc Vaillant, Chief Technology Officer, LinkedIn 35
  36. 36. Alcatel-Lucent • Application > Alcatel-Lucent’s next-generation subscriber database applications. • Key business benefit > The subscriber database at the heart of the application needed more flexibility to deliver higher performance, scalability, and reliability at a lower cost. • Why MySQL? > Performance. > Lower costs. “MySQL Cluster won the performance tests hands down, and met our needs perfectly.” — Alain Chastagner, Systems Manager, Alcatel-Lucent 36 36
  37. 37. MySQL Enterprise Subscription Choices Platinum $4,999/Server Gold Gold + $2,999/Server Silver + ● Higher SLA than Gold ● Ensures performance Value to customer Gold and Platinum and availability should be minimum—  24/7 support ● Guards against these provide 24/7 unplanned schema support. Silver  Monitors and optimizes change memory usage $1,999/Server  Replication monitor ● Optimizes/tunes ● Custom queries Basic +  Ensures proper ● Database design replication configuration ● Custom code  Rapid problem Basic  Busines-hours phone resolution support $599/server  Monitors all servers  Hot-fix builds  Proactive notifications  Two incidents via email  Expert advice support  Optimizes MySQL  Enterprise server configuration settings  Ensures uptime/reliability  Ensures recoverability  Regular service packs  Tightens security  Self-help support  Extends support 37
  38. 38. Enterprise Monitor by Subscription Level Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise MySQL Enterprise Monitor Basic Silver Gold Platinum Enterprise dashboard ✓ ✓ ✓ Notifications and alerts ✓ ✓ ✓ Custom advisors ✓ ✓ ✓ Administration advisor ✓ ✓ ✓ Upgrade advisor ✓ ✓ ✓ Security advisor ✓ ✓ ✓ Replication advisor ✓ ✓ Replication monitor ✓ ✓ Query Analyzer ✓ ✓ Memory-usage advisor ✓ ✓ Schema advisor ✓ Performance advisor ✓ 38
  39. 39. MySQL Unlimited • Fixed annual subscription MySQL > Unlimited servers Enterprise > Unlimited CPUs Unlimited > Unlimited cores • Simplify > No counting > No compliance issues • Pricing > No proprietary DBMS license fees > Price starts at $40K/year 39
  40. 40. MySQL Enterprise Unlimited Pricing Price per year Employees Gold Platinum 1–999 $40,000 $100,000 1,000–4,999 $250,000 $625,000 5,000+ $500,000 $1,250,000 40
  41. 41. MySQL Enterprise Support Services • Self-help support service – Online MySQL Knowledge Base • Problem-resolution service – Seasoned support team – 24/7 email/phone access • Consultative support services – Remote troubleshooting service – Configuration and tuning services – Customer code review services 41
  42. 42. Enterprise Strategy Considerations • Deploy MySQL for new applications and major rewrites • Target use cases > Web-facing applications of any scale > Medium to small OLTP applications > Business intelligence/data warehousing > Distributed applications • Use MySQL to drive down proprietary vendor ELAs • Annual MySQL Enterprise Unlimited subscription > No per-CPU or per-server fees 42
  43. 43. Sun Systems for MySQL x86 Performance Get maximal MySQL performance on any OS, industry-standard technology • Increase performance up to 50% • Up to 7.5x performance by design: more memory, faster I/O, SSDs • Demanding MySQL deployments on Linux, Windows, or Solaris OSs • Up to 53x less cost, 13x better price/performance over proprietary stack • Leverage latest technologies for performance, cost advantages • Try risk-, cost-, and hassle-free — get up to ___% off to convert Try and Buy Simply no reason to have performance envy 43
  44. 44. Sun Systems for MySQL Virtualization Reduce environmental costs — virtualize and scale for maximal eco-efficiency • 10x proven price/performance, 3x more throughput, 83% less power • Fast, free, open hypervisor, low-cost storage arrays • Breakthrough throughput, eco-efficiency, and reliability • Consolidate in up to 128 virtual MySQL servers in 1U/blade format • Scale MySQL with TomCat, Apache, Lighttpd, SugarCRM, Drupal, others Sun SPARC Enterprise Sun Blade • Try risk-, cost-, and hassle-free — get T5220 server T6320 server module up to 40% off to convert Try and Buy Scaling sky-high for MySQL Virtualization 44
  45. 45. Sun Systems for MySQL Backup Easily and simply protect critical Data for business continuity • Continuous enterprise data protection specifically for MySQL • 2x system performance for the money • Uses Solaris ZFS snapshots for hot backup of MySQL schema and data • Enables recovery to any point in time • Single console eases management of Sun Storage J4200 array Sun Fire X4540 storage server multiple MySQL servers • Enterprise support from Sun • Unique 60-day trial of ZRM — up to 20% off system through Try and Buy Easy, affordable data protection for MySQL 45
  46. 46. Positioned for Growth • Open source throughout • Easily accessible • Global mission-critical support and services • Solutions for both Web and traditional enterprises • Highly scalable, highly reliable • Proven market acceptance • Innovation focused on driving customer value Sun is the leading provider of platforms for the Web economy 46
  47. 47. MySQL and Sun: The Platform for the Web Economy Sun Microsystems
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