Innovation Part 2
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Innovation Part 2



Innovation Part 2

Innovation Part 2



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Innovation Part 2 Innovation Part 2 Presentation Transcript

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  • Contents1 Tale to Heights2 What is Biomass Gasification?3 Importance, Composition and Application4 LPG versus CNG5 Pros and Cons mba@sngce
  • The tale to heights mba@sngce
  • The tale to heights mba@sngce
  • The tale to heights mba@sngce
  • The tale to heights mba@sngce
  • The tale to heights mba@sngce
  • The tale to heights mba@sngce
  • What is Biomass Gasification?Basic Process Chemistry− Conversion of solid fuels into combustible gas mixture called producer gas (CO + H2 + CH4)− Involves partial combustion of biomass− Four distinct process in the gasifier viz. • Drying • Pyrolysis • Combustion • Reduction mba@sngce
  • Gasification –Basic Process Chemistry Schematic
  • Importance of Bio-mass Provides Energy that is Green, Clean, Sustainable & Convenientat costs that enable all to use it mba@sngce
  • Producer Gas - Composition Particulars Rice Husk Woody Biomass CO 15-20% 15-20% H2 10-15% 15-20% CH4 Upto 4% Upto 3% N2 45-55% 45-50% CO2 8-12% 8-12%Gas C.V. (kcal/Nm3) Above 1050 Above 1100 Gas generated in 2 2.5Nm3/kg of biomass mba@sngce
  • Applications Power Generation Thermal Applicationso Irrigation Pumping o Hot Air Generatorso Village Electrification o Dryerso Captive Power (Industries) o Boilerso Grid-fed Power from energy o Thermic Fluid Heaters Plantations on Wastelands o Ovenso Simultaneous Charcoal and o Furnaces & Kilns Power Production mba@sngce
  • LPG versus CNG mba@sngce
  • CNG LPG− Cost Effective − High cost− Renewable − Nonrenewable− Free of danger − Dangerous to use− Uses natural wastes − Uses organic products− Eco-friendly − Not eco friendly− Waste management − Waste accumulation mba@sngce
  • Advantages of Bio-Mass Carbon emission is normal as compared to the Earth’s Carbon cycle Environment friendly Clean, Efficient and Economical Uses raw materials like manure, food wastes etc Do not create waste Good source of energy mba@sngce
  • Disadvantages of Bio-Mass The only negative aspect is the wasteplant is too smelly. So in a tight and congestedplace it is not too good. mba@sngce
  • LOGO mba@sngce