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Projects list

  1. 1. PROJECT LISTARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, FUZZY LOGIC POWER ELECTRONICSBASED EMBEDDED PROJECTS • Intelligent Power Factor Correction With Multiple• Speed Control Of DC / Induction Motor Using PID / Fuzzy Capacitors BanksController • Intellectual Power Analyzer & Phase Changer• Fuzzy Logic Control Of Stepper Motor • Hand Held Intelligent Multi Parameter Monitoring System• Fuzzy Logic Controller Design DC Motor Speed Control – Das With LCDSystem Display• Elevator Control System Using Fuzzy Logic • Smart Multi Functional Power Meter With LCD Display• Integrated Rule Based Control Of Robot Using Fuzzy • Digital Energy Meter & Voice Annunciation WithSystem & Neural Proximity Card – ContactNetworks Less• Intelligent Fuzzy Control Guided Vehicle For Collision • Intelligent Power Sharing Of Transformers With AutoIntelligent ProtectionApplication Of Fuzzy Logic In Automated Train Speed • Prepaid Digital Energy Meter Billing & Cost IndicatorControl System With Voice• AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relief Operations Annunciation• AI Based Intelli-robot For Materials Handling • Multiple Starter With Overload & High, Low Voltage• AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations Protection• Instrumentation With Artificial Intelligence • Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation & Cost Indicator• Frequency Jammer For Remote Controlled Bomb Blasting • Industrial Power Management SystemSystem • Smart Power Monitoring For Efficient Energy Management• Fuzzy Logic Based Collision Prevention For Vehicle • Distribution & Sub Station Automation With SCADA• Microcontroller Based Speed Control Of A Vehicle • Automatic Phase Changer Cum Change Over & Load Breaker • Microcontroller Based SCADA For Substation By WAP • Microcontroller Controlled Power Supply For Testing Application • Power Line Monitoring SystemSCADA & PLC BASED EMBEDDED PROJECTS GPS BASED PROJECTSINSTRUMENTATION • Global Positioning System• Electrical Station Variables Reader/Controller With True • GPS Based Active Fleet Management - Automated VehicleGraph And SCADA Tracking• Microcontroller Based SCADA For Substation By WAP • GPS Based Highway Monitoring & Control• Multi Channel Voltage Scanner – SCADA • GPS Based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision• Multi Parameter Measurement System – SCADA Mitigation• Plc Based Bottle Filling Station With Conveyors • GPS Enabled PC Based Geographic Information System• Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump (GIS) andWith Heart Beat Routing/Scheduling SystemRate • GPS Based Vehicle Parameter Monitoring With Intelligent• Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump Data AnalysisWith Respiratory • Global Positioning System with AIEMBEDDED PROJECTS BIOMETRICS BLUETOOTH ENABLED SECURITY SYSTEM &• Biometric finger print identification based security system. ACCESS CONTROL• Biometric finger print identification based access control PROJECTSsystem. �Wireless Code Modulation For Secure Communication 1• Biometric finger print identification based time recorder Using Encryption & Pagewith Wigand output Decryption
  2. 2. system. �Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Network Synchronization• Biometric finger print identification based bank locker �Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring & A Cardiacsecurity system. Pacemaker Simulation –• Monitoring of time and attendance with fingerprint bio- Mobile Messengermetric solution. �Wireless AI Based Intelli-Robo For Materials Handling• Fingerprint identification based security system for bank �Wireless AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relieflocker. Operation• High level authentication for power plant using voice �Wireless Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detectionrecognition System• IVRS based home automation with immediate voice �Wireless AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialtyfeedback Operations• Electronic voting system with automatic image comparing �Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Accesssystem Control System• Home automation for disable persons using his personal �Smart / Proximity Based Employee Id Cards & Accessvoice tag Control System• Wireless heart beat monitoring system with WAP �Smart Card / Proximity Based Bio Medical Health Card Design �Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources Management System �Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management System �Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System For Public Transport System �μC To μC Communication – Microcontroller To Microcontroller Communication System With LCD Display �Wireless Temperature Monitor & Controller Based On Vhf Transmission �Wireless Motor Speed Controller Using RF Module �Electrical Parameters In Industries Is Monitoring Through Pc Using Wireless Data TransferCOMMUNICATION SYSTEM MECHANICAL, MODEL BASED & MECHATRONICS• RF based wireless Encryption & Decryption method – EMBEDDED PROJECTS • Smart Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation • GPS Based Intelligent Guided Vehicle With Collision Mitigation • Automatic Electrolyte Battery Filling Using Conveyer SystemSECURITY & ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM ADVANCED ROBOTICS SOLUTIONS• Intelligent Industrial Security Surveillance System With • Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Neural NetworksAuto Dialer • Wireless AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty• Smart Networked Home – Connected Devices With Auto OperationsDesign • Wireless AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For ReliefMethodology For Modeling A Microcontroller With The OperationsTele-load Switch • Wireless AI Based Intelli-robot For Materials HandlingApplication • Integrated Rule Based Control Of Robot Using Fuzzy 2• Code Modulation Based Encryption & Decryption For System & Neural PageSecured Wireless Networks
  3. 3. Communication • AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relief Operations• Automatic Railway Gate Signaling Simulator & Controller • AI Based Intelli-robot For Materials Handling• Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Access • AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty OperationsControl System • Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detection System• Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management • Microcontroller Controlled Robot Arm For Paint SprayingSystem • Production Monitoring Robot• Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System • Two Axis Robot With Artificial IntelligenceFor Public • Three Axis Robot With Artificial IntelligenceTransport System • Four Axis Robot With Artificial Intelligence• Smart / Proximity Based Employee Id Cards & Access • Five Axis Robot With Artificial IntelligenceControl • Wireless Industrial Security Robot• Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources • Alive Human Detector Robot With Counter Using WirelessManagement System Pc Interfacing• Smart Networked Home – Connected Devices With Auto • Microcontroller Based Surveillance Robot For A MilitaryDialer Application• Wireless Bluetooth Enabled Network Synchronizer • PC Controlled Wireless Robot Using RF Mod Detect Fire,• Wireless Code Modulation For Secure Communication Temperature And HumanUsing Encryption & ule With Feedback Sensor ToDecryption• Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring & A CardiacPacemaker Simulation –Mobile Messenger• Smart Card / Proximity Based Vehicle Identification &Access ControlSystem ROBOTICS GSM / GPRS BASED PROJECTS 1.SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE LINK AUTOMATIC VEHICLE1. MARS ROVER WITH REAL MOVEMENT AND LIVE REPORTING SYSTEM INTEGRATION USING GPS, SMS & WIRELESS AND VIDEO IMAGE ON THE COMPUTER CONTROL AREA NETWORK SYSTEM FOR REAL TIME AND WIRELESS CONTROL OF THE ROVER-USING APPLICATION SYSTEM. COMPUTER. 2. SMS SERVICES FOR EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEMS2. INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENT LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT (COMPLETE SYSTEM DESIGN USING EXISTING GSM WITH AUTO GO-DOWN DETECTION, AUTO NETWORK FOR EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEMS LIKE OBSTACLES DETECTION, WIRELESS VEHICLE STATUS FLOOD, FIRE, EXPLOSIVES ETC…) DATA TRANSFER TO SERVER AND MANY MORE 3. DESIGN OF WIRELESS EMBEDDED SYSTEMS FOR FEATURES. TRACKING STOLEN VEHICLES.3. ROBOTIC ARM CONTROL THROUGH INTERNET/LAN 4. GSM BASED SYSTEM DESIGN FOR INDUSTRIAL FOR PATIENT OPERATION WITH ONE OPERATING AUTOMATION. TOOL. 5. REMOTE BILLING OF ENERGY METER USING GSM MODEM4. LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT WITH INTELLIGENCE. WITH AUTO METER READING, TAMPER DETECTION AND5. COMPLETE SYSTEM DESIGN FOR INDUSTRIAL COMPLETE SET OF THE ENERGY METER DATA TRANSFER AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR USING THE GSM MODEM. TRANSPORTATION IN PRODUCTION. (SYSTEM 6. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SMS BASED NOTICE DESIGNED USING RF, RFID CARD, SENSORS & PC BOARD USING 8 BIT MICRO CONTROLLER (GSM MODEM INTERFACE) WITH SMS)6. EMBEDDED SYSTEM FOR ROBOTS USING WIRELESS 7. AUTOMATED WATER SUPPLY FOR SHIPS IN HARBOR (RF) DC MOTOR CONTROL CIRCUIT AND VIDEO USING GSM, THERMAL PRINTER, PROXIMITY CARD AND CAMERA. ELECTRONIC WATER VALVES7. SPY ROBOT. 8. CORPORATE SECURITY SYSTEM BASED ON GSM. 38. VOICE RECOGNIZED ROBOT WITH FIRE SENSOR 9. DATA ACCESS TECHNIQUE FOR LOCATION BASED Page INDICATION. SERVICES (IMPLEMENTING OF LOCATION POSITIONING
  4. 4. 9. HI-TECH ROVER WITH FIRE SENSOR. TECHNOLOGY, QUERY PROCESSING & SECURITY)10. COMPLETE SYSTEM DESIGN FOR INDUSTRIAL 10. CONTROLLING MACHINES USING GSM MOBILE SMS AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR SERVICES. TRANSPORTATION IN PRODUCTION. 11. REMOTE NOTICE BOARD USING GSM WITH SMS.11. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATED ROBOT. 12. REMOTE BILLING OF ENERGY METER/WATER METER12. JCB. USING GSM MODEM.13. VOICE RECOGNIZED ROBOT WITH FIRE SENSOR 13. BTS BUS TRACKING SYSTEM. INDICATION. 14. SPEED DETECTION OF A VEHICLE BASED ON GPS.14. PICK AND PLACE ROBOT. 15. GSM BASED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM.15. REMOTE CONTROLLING ROVER WITH FIRE SENSOR. 16. AUTOMATED CAR PARKING SYSTEM USING GSM.16. FIRE SENSING ROBOT. 17. SHOPPING MALL AUTO PARKING SYSTEM USING GSM17. CRANE SYSTEM. TECHNOLOGY.18. ROBOTIC ARM WITH FOUR DEGREES OF FREEDOM 18. HOME AUTOMATION AND SECURITY USING GSMBUILDING A SMART HOME ENVIRONMENT FOR SERVICE MODEM WITH SMS.ROBOTS BASED ON RFID AND SENSOR NETWORKS 19. GPS MAP USING REAL GPS RECEIVER WITH LICENSE. 20. VEHICLE POSITION TRACKING USING GPS AND GSM RECEIVER WITH LICENSE. 21. UNMANNED AUTOMATED CAR PARKING FOR PARKING AREA USING SMART CARD AND GSM MODEM WITH PRINTER. 22. WIRELESS CAR ACCESS AND TRACKING SYSTEM. 23. POWER MANAGEMENT MESSENGER SYSTEM USING GSM TECHNOLOGY. 24. DEVELOPMENT OF SMS BASED INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION USING MICRO-CONTROLLER. 25. TRACKING OF STOLEN VEHICLES USING GSM AND GPS. 26. HEART RATE MONITORING SYSTEM USING GSM TECHNOLOGY. 27. REAL TIME ECG (ELECTRO-CARDIOGRAM) MACHINE USING GSM TECHNOLOGY. 28. UNIVERSAL VEHICLE POSITION TRACKING USING GPS AND GSM RECEIVER. 29. SMOKE DETECTION AND AUTO INTIMATION USING GSM. 30. GSM AND RF BASED FIRE AND INTRUDER DETECTION SYSTEM FROM HIGHLY SECURED AREAS.Embedded projects list based on 8-bit 25. Wireless Camera with Remote Control Car.microcontroller 26. Automation of Coffee Plantation Using RF Card with1. Intelligent Residential Security Alarm and Remote Digital Weighing Scale Control System Based On Single Chip Computer 27. Real Billing Machine for Hotels with Printer.2. Low-Cost and High Sensitive Microcontroller Based Data 28. Prepaid energy meter using gsm Acquisition System for Renewable Energy Sources 29. Wireless Energy Meter Reading Using Infra Red Signal.3. An On-line Monitoring System of Temperature of 30. Real ECG Instrument Using Microcontroller and Data Conductors and Fittings Based on GSM SMS and Zigbee Transfer of ECG, Through GSM Doctor’s Cell phone .4. Efficient Cost-Based Tracking of Scheduled Vehicle 31. Smart Card Reader and Writer with Attendance Journeys Access. 32. DTMF Based Remote Control through AC Mains.5. Application Fields of RFID in Health Safety and 33. Intelligent Ambulance for Hospital Gates. Environment Management 34. Intelligent Ambulance for City Traffic Police. 4Low Cost Smartcard ticketing system 35. Digital Weighing Scale Using Micro controller. Page 13. Short message services applications in the GSM 36. Tracking Police Man Using RF Proximity Card. network.
  5. 5. 14. Design & development of security based voting system for government. 37. Wireless camera with remote control car for security 15. Embedded system design of robotic ARM for patient vigilance and totally controlled through the computer. operation through LAN/Internet. 38. Smart Card Based Automated Parking System. 16. Automation system design for metro city using RF 39. Remote Control through Website. card. 40. Vehicle anti-collision using ultrasonic signals. 17. Real RADAR using the ultrasonic integrated receiver 41. Device Communication Using UART (8051) Protocol. and front-end computer software. 42. I2C protocol Implementation with RTC. 18. Finger print ATM for farmers using real finger print chip and ATM note drawer. 43. Ultrasonic distance meter 19. Fingerprint based auto ration depot for fARMers with 44. Real PCO billing machine with printer. real crop vending machine. 45. Implementation & design of hardware and software 20. Metro train real implementation of automated rail for industrial energy meter. management system. 21. Web based vehicle remote control using GSM/GPRS i.e..very advanced system for development using micro controller and GPRS technology. 22. RFID based Watchman/Policeman tracker on duty for campus or police station. 23. Wireless Based (RF) Industrial Automation System. 24. Hi-Tech Car with Remote Camera for the Police. Fully Automatic Railway Gate Control System using RFID.Real ECG Machine with Data Transmission through gsm 5 Page