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Electronics projects

  1. 1. Electronics ProjectsAlarm and Security: 1. Drinking Water Alarm 2. Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios 3. Luggage Security System 4. Power Buzzer 5. Infrared Proximity Detector Alarm 6. General-Purpose Alarm 7. Simple Darkness Activated Alarm 8. Model Railway Short-Circuit Beeper 9. Gated Alarm 10. Laser Alarm 11. Low-Cost Low-Intensity Alarm 12. Speed Alarm For Cars 13. Remote Alarm For Smoke Detector 14. Simple 6-Input Alarm 15. Night Alert 16. Simple Knock Alarm With Piezo Sensor 17. Smoke Alarm Battery Life Extender 18. Mains Supply Failure Alarm 19. Bell Alarm 20. Water Alarm Circuit Diagram 21. Midnight Security Light 22. Low Cost Burglar Alarm For Boats 23. Water Level Alert 24. Two-Tone Siren Using One IC 25. Fridge Door Alarm 26. Broken Charger Connection Alarm 27. Fire Alarm Using Thermistor 28. Safety Guard 29. Powerful Security Siren 30. Mini AlarmAmplifiers:1. Super Simple 3 Watt Audio Power Amplifier2. Modular Headphone Amplifier3. High Power Headphone Amplifier Using BD139-40
  2. 2. 4. Dual Power Amplifier Using TDA7293 MOSFET IC5. Low Cost 2x20 Watt Stereo Amplifier by TDA20056. AF Amplifier With Digital Volume Control Based On TDA85517. 11W Stereo/22W Mono Power Amp Using TDA1519C8. 5.3W Amplifier With Surround System8. Balanced Microphone Amplifier9. Headphone Amplifier Using Discrete Components10. 22W Stereo Amplifier Using TDA155411. Compact DJ Station12. 10W Audio Amplifier With Bass-Boost13. Guitar Amplifier14. Mini Guitar/Bass Amplifier14. Playback Amplifier For Cassette Deck16. 1W BTL Audio Amplifier17. Very Simple Bench Amplifier18. Boomer Audio Power Amplifier Using LM490619. Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier20. 60 Watt Guitar Amplifier21. 60 Watt Bass Amplifier22. Mini Portable Guitar Amplifier23. 22 Watt Car Subwoofer Amplifier24. Hybrid Headphone Amplifier25. USB Powered Audio Power Amplifier26. DC-Coupled Audio Amplifier27. Simple Hybrid Audio Amplifier28. Compact High-Performance 12V 20W Stereo Amplifier29. 36 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Using TDA1562Q30. Studio Series Stereo Headphone Amplifier31. 45 Watt Class-B Audio Power Amplifier32. 60 Watt Audio Power Amplifier33. 18W + 18W Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier (TDA2030)34. A Low Power Wireless Audio Power Amplifier35. 8 Watt Audio Power Amplifier36. A High Quality Headphone Amplifier37. 30 Watt Audio Power Amplifier38. Pure Class-A Headphone Amplifier39. Stereo Headphone Amplifier40. 7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier41. Portable Headphone Amplifier42. 25 Watt Audio Amplifier
  3. 3. 43. 5 Watt Class-A Audio Amplifier44. 18watt Audio Amplifier45. Headphone Amplifier46. 2Watt Audio Amplifier47. Portable 9v Headphone Amplifier48. Speech AmplifierAudio and Music:1. Optimized Semiconductor Noise Source2. Symmetric Noise Source3. US-Style Siren4. Multi-Sound For Guitars5. General Purpose Oscillator6. Oscillation Monitor7. Pan Pot8. Mini Audio Signal Generator9. Sounds From The Old West10. Guitar Control11. Cheapskates Headset Adapter12. Dual Input-Combining Stereo Line Amplifier13. Steam Whistle14. Audio Level Threshold Control15. Multi-Melody Generator With Instrumental Effect16. IR Music Transmitter and Receiver17. Multi-tone Siren18. Sound Source Locator Uses PreChamp19. Audible Flasher Warning20. Surf Simulator Circuit Diagram21.When The Siren Sounds - A Useful Circuit22.Simple White Noise Generator23.Balanced-Unbalanced Converter For Audio Work24.Automatic Loudness Control25.Cuckoo Sound Generator26.Cricket Chirping Generator27.Bells Ring Generator28.Melody Generator29.4 Channel Portable Audio Mixer30.Music Generator Schematic Using UM6631.Laptop Audio-Out Splitter
  4. 4. 32.Three Channel Audio Mixer33.Digital Volume Control34.Stereo to Mono Converter Based on FET34.Three Channel Audio SplitterAutomotive Electronics:Brake Light Signal ModuleCar Battery SaverCar Boot Lamp Warning (ICM7556)Lambda Probe Readout For Carburetor TuningLights On!Rear Light After Glow (For Bicycles)Car Interior Lights DelayPark-Aid ModificationPark-AidPush-Bike LightSpeed-Limit AlertHeadlight ReminderAutomatic Headlight ReminderAFX Slot Car Lap CounterPetrol Gas Switch For A PajeroCar Reversing Horn With FlasherBicycle Speedometer With Hub DynamoRear Fog Lamp For Vintage CarsCentral Locking InterfaceAutomatic Windshield Washer ControlSimple Headlight RemindersLED Bike LightFog Lamp SwitchFog Lamp SensorFlashing-LED Battery-Status IndicatorMotor Bike Headlight ControllerCar-Bulb FlasherBattery and Chargers:Battery JuicerLi-Ion Battery ChargerLead Acid Battery Charger #1
  5. 5. Lead Acid Battery Charger #2Deluxe Charge Rate Limiter for Small Capacity NiCad BatteriesElectric Window/Fence ChargerVersatile Micro-power Battery ProtectorBattery Equality Monitor12 Volt Battery GuardianBattery SaverPC-Powered Battery ChargerA 12V Car Charger For ASUS Eee NotebookSimple Battery Discharger Using Discrete ComponentsBattery Charger Display Using LT1639Battery Switch With Low-Dropout RegulatorMotorcycle Battery MonitorNiCd Battery ChargerFloat Charger For NiMH CellsSimple Battery IsolatorSimple NiCd Battery ChargerNiMH Charger For Up To Six CellsNicad Charger Uses Voltage Cut-OutBattery Desulphation Progress MonitorStorage Battery ExerciserSwitch-less NiCd-NiMH Battery ChargerSolar-Powered High Efficiency Battery ChargerLow-Voltage Cutout For 12V SLA BatteriesBike Battery ChargerSimple Battery Charger - Charges Upto 12 NiCD CellsSolar Battery Protector Prevents excessive DischargeLow Cost Battery Condition Indicator12V Lead Acid Battery DesulphatorHigh-Current Battery DischargerSolar Panel Based Charger And Small LED LampBattery Charger RegulatorLow-Power Car/Bike USB ChargerLithium-Polymer Peak ChargerIn-Car Charger And Switcher For SLA BatteryMobile Phone Travel ChargerNiCd Battery Charger With Reverse Polarity ProtectionNiMh and NiCd Battery ChargerUSB Powered Mobile Phone Battery Charger12 Volt Car Battery Charger
  6. 6. A Friendly Charger for Mobile PhonesLow Cost Universal Battery ChargerMobile Cell phone Battery ChargerMobile Phone and iPod Battery ChargerMobile Phone Battery ChargerDry Cell Battery Charger Using LM741Boosters:Step-Up Booster Powers Eight White LEDsInput Impedance Booster IIInput Impedance Booster10,000x With One TransistorLow-Power Voltage Doubler (Booster)Pump it up: Mp3 BoosterAmpere or Current Booster CircuitBass Booster CircuitAudio BoosterClock and Timers:Flip-Flop Timer Using 4017Three Hour TimerIsolated 1-Hz ClockEgg TimerAlarm Clock With Day SelectorThrifty 2Hz ClockExperimental Pendulum ClockAn Accurate Reaction TimerSwitch Timer For Bathroom LightUp/Down Timer For A Power AntennaPendulum-Controlled ClockMultipurpose Flip-Flop Timer555 Timer With Variable On/Off TimesBuilding A Synchronous ClockLong Delay TimerJogging TimerAmplifier TimerOne second Audible ClockCar Headlights Timer
  7. 7. A Tan TimerA Very Useful Timed BeeperA Bedside Lamp TimerComputer Related:CD-Rom Drive as Digital-Audio CD PlayerSerial To Parallel ConverterAutomatic Mains DisconnectCase ModdingProcessor Fan ControlIrDA InterfaceHome Network for ADSLHow To Connect Two Computers Using ModemsMonitor Life ExtenderDigital Isolation up to 100MbitsSpeaker-Headphone Switch For ComputersComputer Off SwitchHard Disk SwitchUSB FuseUSB Power Socket With IndicatorUSB Switch For PrintersLaptop ProtectorUSB Operated Home AppliancesUSB Printer Share SwitchUSB Power Injector For External Hard DrivesFilters and Oscillators:Baud Rate GeneratorComparator Based Crystal OscillatorHQ Notch Filter Without Close-Tolerance ComponentsSimple Function GeneratorVery Low Power 32kHz OscillatorVoice Bandwidth FilterHealth and Hobby:ECG Amplifier By TLC274Railway Points Sequencer
  8. 8. Pulse Rate MonitorPills ReminderQuick Counter For Young ChildrenLED Noughts And CrossesLED Chaser Provides Three Game FunctionsLow-Cost Dual Digital DiceSoldering Iron Tip PreserverGym Agility: A Simple Strategy GameHeart Rate MonitorCall Acknowledged !Model Railway Turnout ControlTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)Tablet Reminder Uses Watch Module123 Game - All MCU-freeDicing With LEDsCranial Electrotherapy StimulatorPulse Generator And Signal TracerWhistle ResponderSleeping AidDigital Step-Km CounterHome and Garden:Remote-Controlled Fan RegulatorLaser-Guided Door OpenerAutomatic Room Power ControlWater Level Indicator Using 7-Segment DisplayRainwater Storage GaugeCat and Dog RepellerInexpensive Remote Watering SystemYou Have Mail!Whistling KettleDoorbell CascadeGentle BreezeAutomatic Range Hood12V Fan Directly on 220V ACEnvironmentally-friendly Mosquito RepellerDoorbell MemoryFridge-Door Open AlarmAutomatic Water Tank Filler
  9. 9. Digital Remote ThermometerPlant Watering WatcherSalt TasterFridge Door Alarm Schematic 2nd VersionRoom Noise DetectorWater Level AlertHeating System ThermostatIndicators:Fastest Finger First IndicatorDigital Main Voltage IndicatorMains/Fuse Failure IndicatorModem Off IndicatorLED Bar Off IndicatorSupply Voltage IndicatorFuse MonitorAudio Clipping IndicatorBattery-Charging Indicator For Mains AdaptorTelephone In-Use IndicatorBattery Self Discharge IndicatorTwo-LED Voltage IndicatorBlinker IndicatorYes-No Indicator Has Zero Standby CurrentLow Battery Indicator IILow Battery Indicator IMaximum Minimum Voltage IndicatorClipping Indicator For Audio AmplifiersMains IndicatorEarth Fault IndicatorBlown Fuse IndicatorBattery Indicator For The Caravan110 and 220V AC LED Voltage IndicatorWater Level IndicatorDC or AC Voltage IndicatorBattery Voltage IndicatorPeak IndicatorAudio Indicator Using LM741IR (Infra-Red):
  10. 10. Simple Remote Control TesterSimple Infrared Remote Control ExtenderInfra-Red Sensor/MonitorInfra-red Light Barrier Using 555RC5 RepeaterLight Gate With Counter Using 555 And 4033IR–S/PDIF TransmitterIR–S/PDIF ReceiverIR Remote Control ReceiverInfra-red ReceiverSimple Infrared Control ExtenderDirection Sensitive Light BarrierInfrared Remote Receiver Has Four OutputsRC (Remote Control) SwitchInfrared Remote ExtenderInfrared Fire-Cracker IgniterLong-Range IR TransmitterOn-off Infrared Remote ControlTV MuterIR (Infrared) DetectorBeam-break Detector For Camera Shutter or Flash ControlRemote Operated Home AppliancesWireless On-Off SwitchActive High Pass Filter Using LM741Inverters and Converters:500W Low Cost 12V to 220V InverterUPS For Cordless TelephonesDiscrete Voltage InverterVoltage Inverter Using Switch-Mode Regulator4-Bit Analogue to Digital Converter12V Fluorescent Lamp InverterCheap 12V to 220V InverterInverter For Soldering Iron100W InverterLights and LEDs:
  11. 11. White LED Lamp12 Volt DC Fluorescent Lamp DriverFine Control Super Bright LED PulserBar-Mode Lights SequencerLED–LDR BlinkerMagic LightsPicnic LampHigh-Intensity, Energy-Efficient LED LightSoft Start For Torch - Increases The Life Of Torch BulbsTwo-Position Dimmer220V AC Powered Blinking LEDEL Lamp Driver Using HV832MGVehicle Interior Lighting With Switch-Off DelayLED FlasherReflector For PedestriansMains Powered White LED LampLuxury Car Interior LightMulti-Color LEDAutomatic Light Dimmer6-Channel Running LightLED Lighting For Consumer Unit CupboardLight From Flat BatteriesFlickering Light II30mA LED DimmerBackup LampDimmer With A MOS-FET1W LED DriverUV Torch LightLED Light PenIrregular FlasherBluish FlasherNovel White LED Torch12V Halogen DimmerAutomotive LED Timing LightEconomical Desk Lamp For CampingEl-Cheapo Fluoro BallastExit Sign With Battery ProtectionStroboscope Uses White LEDsCourtesy Light Extender
  12. 12. Model Theatre Lighting DimmerUsing AC for LED Christmas LightsLED Lighting For Dual-Filament LampsConstant Current LED DriveAutomatic White-LED Garden LightInteractive Toy Traffic LightsTraffic Lights For Model Cars Or Model RailwaysNeon Flasher Runs From 3V SupplyLED Torch Uses Blocking OscillatorGrand Prix Starting LightsHalogen Lamp Dimmer With Soft StartThrifty LED ProtectorDriver For 20 LEDsMulticolor HD LEDAutomatic Light Controller Using 7806LED Phototherapy UnitUsing LED As A Light SensorSlave Flash TriggerUltra Bright LED LampPortable Lamp FlasherOne Of Nine Sequencer12V DimmerFully Automatic Emergency LightSolar Lamp Using PR4403Slave Flash TriggerPut That Light OutHigh-intensity LED Warning FlasherSmooth FlasherThe Itsy-Bitsy USB LampMidnight Security Light Circuit SchematicIC Controlled Emergency Light With ChargerElectronic Candle Blow OutFlashing-LED Battery-Status IndicatorFading LEDsDancing LEDsBicycle Back Safety LightAutomatic Low-Power Emergency LightTwo Flashing LEDsMains Operated LEDAC 220 Volts Flashing Lamps
  13. 13. Brightness Controller For Small Lamps and LEDsLED or Lamp Pulsar CircuitLED or Lamp FlasherEmergency Light and AlarmTwo-LED Pilot LightFlashing EyesDark Activated LED or Lamp FlasherBattery Powered Night LampCourtesy LightDark Activated Terrace LampMCU – Microcontroller:PIC Controlled Relay DriverLCD Module in 4-bit ModeAVR DongleUSB-Powered PIC ProgrammerProgramming The Propeller ICContrast Control for LCDsSimple Universal PIC ProgrammerIntelligent Presence SimulatorThe Gentle TouchMultitasking PinsDCF77 PreamplifierMicrophone:Electronic Ear for Lego RCX ModuleLow-Noise Microphone Amplifier (OP270E)Compressor For Electret MicrophoneSpeech EroderRoom RecorderSpy EarClap Sensitive On-Off RelayHearing AidA Low Cost Hearing AidAmplified EarMotor Control:
  14. 14. Electronic Motor StarterPWM Dimmer/Motor Speed ControllerStepper Motor GeneratorBipolar Stepper Motor ControlRolling Shutter Motor ControlFan Controller Using Just Two ComponentsReservoir Pump ControllerSolar Hot Water Panel Differential Pump ControllerStepper Motor GeneratorLuminescent GeneratorMotor Turn Stall DetectorTwo Basic Motor Speed ControllersCheap Pump ControllerEfficient Fan Speed ControllerLight-Controlled Pond PumpJunk-box Fan Speed ControllerPump Controller For Solar Hot Water SystemStepper Motor ControllerDC Motor Speed ControllerDiscrete PWM Generator12V Speed Controller/DimmerPower (Mains):Non-Contact Power MonitorContact-less AC Mains Voltage DetectorSupply Voltage MonitorElectrical Isolation For I2C BusSimple Electrification UnitMains PulserPower Flip-Flop Using A TriacMains Voltage MonitorMains ManagerMains Slave Switcher IIMains Slave SwitcherMains Frequency MonitorSmart Trailing SocketFuse SaverMini High-Voltage Generator
  15. 15. Power Supply:Dual Polarity Unregulated PSU For High-End Audio AmpsHigh Voltage Converter: 90V From 1.5VVery Low Dropout Adjustable Breadboard Power Supply3V Supply SplitterTransformer-less Power SupplyDiscrete Voltage RegulatorSimple Pre-RegulatorDual Power Supply For AmplifiersSwitching Voltage RegulatorLow Power 12V Transformer-less Power SupplyHigh Input Voltage Linear RegulatorATX Power Switch SubstituteCompact Switching Step-Down Converter By MAX639DC/DC Converter From +1.5V To +34VDual Polarity 5 Volt Converter Using LM26859V DC Adapter With Battery Backup3 Volts Car Adapter Using LT1074CTAdjustable 3 Ampere Regulator78xx Voltage Regulators12V Glow Plug ConverterDC Control for TriacsDMM Fuse ProtectorOver-voltage ProtectionFloating 9V Supply For DVM ModulesRS232 Voltage Regulator555 DC/DC ConverterLow-Power Voltage ReferenceSwitch-Mode Power SupplyLow-Drop 5V RegulatorThrifty Voltage RegulatorUltra Low-Power 5V RegulatorSoft Start For Switching Power SupplyAlarm Power SupplyFast Electronic FuseLogic PSU With Over-Voltage ProtectionPolarity ReverserLead-Acid-Battery Regulator For Solar Panel Systems
  16. 16. Fast Voltage-Driven Current SourceVariable PSUReset from Multiple Power SuppliesVoltage Regulator CalculationReverse Polarity Protector7.2V Battery Replacement Power Supply For CamcordersPower Supply For USB Devices5V Power Supply For On-Train Radio CameraNegative Auxiliary VoltageStable Filament SupplyVoltage Levels Control RelaysTriple Power SupplySMPSU With A RelayInductor-less 3-5 Volts ConverterBuck-Boost Voltage ConverterAdjustable Zener Diode3.3 V or 5 V Direct from the Mains100V RegulatorsFully Adjustable Power SupplyBattery Replacement Power SupplySwitch-mode Constant Current SourceUltra Low Drop Linear Voltage RegulatorShort Circuit Protection For Balanced Supply RailsLow-Cost Dual Power SupplyHigh Current Low-Dropout Voltage RegulatorCheap Switch-Mode DC-DC Converter8V DC Power Supply With Over-Voltage ProtectionLow-Loss Step Down ConverterHigh-Voltage Regulator With Short Circuit ProtectionAlternative Halogen Power SupplyQuad Power Supply For Hybrid AmplifierPower MOS-FET Bridge RectifierTransformer-less 5 Volt Power SupplyAdjustable Current Limit For Dual Power SupplyStep-Down Converter ControlleStabilized Power Supply With Short-Circuit IndicationProtection For Voltage RegulatorsSolar Cell Voltage RegulatorLow Voltage Step-Down Converter48V Phantom (Microphone) Power Supply
  17. 17. 12V Regulated Inverter Supply9 Volt 2 Ampere DC Power Supply3-30V 3A Adjustable Regulated DC Power SupplyAdjustable 1.3-22V Regulated Power Supply5V Regulated Power Supply1.5 - 35 Volt DC Regulated Power SupplyAmpere or Current BoosterDiscrete Virtual GroundStabilized Regulated Power SupplDual-rail Variable DC Power SupplyDual Opamp Buffered Power SupplyVariable Dc Power SupplyPulse and FrequencyPulse Generator1kH Synthetic InductorFrequency Doubler1.2GHz VCO With Linear ModulationPulse Frequency ModulatorCMOS Crystal Frequency MultiplierOptical Pulse GeneratorLong-Interval Pulse GeneratorRF (Radio):Wire Tracer (Transmitter)Wire Tracer (Receiver)Low Power FM TransmitterSimple RF Detector For 2MOne Transistor Radio10 to 1000 MHz Oscillator0-44dB RF AttenuatorDiode Radio For Low Impedance HeadphonesLongwire Match For SW ReceiversFM Wireless MicrophoneActive Short-Wave AntennaAntenna Tuning Unit (ATU) For 27-MHz CB RadiosSine Wave To TTL ConverterDRM Down-Converter For 455kHz IF ReceiversTuned Radio Frequency (TRF) Receiver
  18. 18. SSB Add-On For AM ReceiversSingle-Chip VHF RF PreampShortwave MonitorAntenna Input & Audio Lineout Adaptor For Portable RadiosRadio Controlled Electronic FlashSimple AM Radio ReceiverActive AntennaOpamp VHF FM TransmitterSimple AM TransmitterSimple Short-Wave TransmitterMedium-Power FM TransmitterThunderstorm PredictorQuality Stereo Wireless Microphone or Audio LinkRelay:Solar RelayReducing Relay Power ConsumptionAudio Amplifier Output Relay DelayPushbutton Relay SelectorRelay Coil Energy SaverHandy Time Delay With Relay OutputMomentary Switch Teamed With Latching RelayWater Pump Relay ControllerSensors and Detectors:Automatic Heat DetectorTiny Dew SensorTwo-Wire Temperature Sensor Using LM35Sensitive Overload SensorIsolated Fuse Fail IndicatorSpike Detector For OscilloscopesAutomatic Air HumidifierCelsius ThermometerTwo-Wire Temperature SensorInfra-Red Proximity DetectorInfra-Red Level DetectorSimple Moisture DetectorTemporarily Silencing A Smoke Detector
  19. 19. Simple Audio Peak DetectorPseudo Track Occupancy DetectorAcoustic SensorCar Battery Failure DetectorSuper Light SensorSimple BFO Metal LocatorBody Charge DetectorMobile Bug DetectorTemperature-Controlled Soldering IronInvisible Broken Wire DetectorLow Supply Rail DetectionSimple Short-Circuit DetectionSimple One-Wire Touch DetectorSimple Capacitive Touch SensorTemperature-Controlled SwitchCapacitive SensorEnergy Leak DetectorLive Line Detector-IndicatorSpeakers and Subwoofers:Crowbar Speaker ProtectionCrossover For SubwooferLoudspeaker Protector Monitors CurrentSwitches:IR On/Off Switch Using MicrocontrollerSmart Foot SwitchTime SwitchHeat Sensitive SwitchClap SwitchAutomatic Switch For Voltage ConvertersAuto Power OffOn And Off ButtonClap-Controlled SwitchPush Off Push OnMaster/Slave SwitchLow-Voltage Remote Mains SwitchSpeaker-Headphone Switch For Computers
  20. 20. Petrol Gas Switch For A PajeroRC (Remote Control) SwitchMains Slave Switcher IIComputer Off SwitchMains Slave Switcher IElectronic Touch SwitchHard Disk SwitchTemperature Sensitive Switch For Solar CollectorRemote Control Mains SwitchOn Off Touch Switch220V AC Lamp Toggle SwitchTelephone and Intercom:Low-Cost Transistorized IntercomDTMF Receiver IC MT8870 TesterCordless Phone Backup2-Line Intercom-Cum-Telephone Line ChangeoverWatch-Dog For TelephonesTelephone Ringer Using Timer ICsTelephone Call Voice ChangerTelephone Line IndicatorTelephone Free IndicatorElectronic Telephone RingerAviation IntercomFull-duplex IntercomTelephone RingerProtection For Telephone LineTest and Measurement:Transistor TesterMeasuring InductorsHigh Side Current MeasurementsCheap And Cheerful Transistor TesterCable AnalyzerThyristor TesterLiquid-Crystal Display (LCD) TesterInfra-red Remote Control Tester IThree-State Continuity Tester
  21. 21. Infra-red Remote Control Tester IIConnection Tester12/24/48 V D.C. TesterImproved Vibrating Battery Tester4-20mA Current Loop TesterServo Tester Using A 4538Meter Adaptor With Symmetrical InputEl Cheapo Cable TesterFour-Channel Oscilloscope AdaptorPipe DescalerCurve Tracer AdaptorCable Tester Uses Quad LatchFrequency Multiplier For LF MeasurementsCapacitor Leakage Adaptor For DMMInternal Resistance Tester For BatteriesSafe Oscillator For Watch CrystalsSimple Cat.5 Network TesterCheap AC Current MeasurementComputer Data Cable TesterBattery Tester For Deaf and Blind PersonsHyper-Simple Battery Capacity TesterHarmonic Generator With Single OpampIR Remote Control TesterLow Ohms Adaptor For DMM Based On An LM317 RegulatorSwitchable Output Crystal OscillatorSimple Logic ProbeMinimalist OscilloscopeA Very Simple LED TesterCar and Motorcycle BatteryContinuity TesterLED TesterBattery TesterQuick On-Board Junction TesterComponents Voltage TesterSelf-Powered Fast Battery TesterCircuit Board Checker220vAC Operated Remote TesterInfrared Remote Tester IIITone Control and Preamplifier:
  22. 22. Electric Guitar PreamplifierUltra-Simple Microphone PreamplifierModular Phono PreamplifierSimple MD Cartridge PreamplifierRIAA Phono PreamplifieBalanced Microphone PreamplifierPreamplifier For SoundcardTen-Band EqualizerTreble Tone ControlAccurate Bass Tone ControlPassive RIAA PreamplifierMultimedia RIAA PreamplifierParaphase Tone ControllerPreamp Stage For Ceramic Phono Cartridge Or Violin PickupsA Balanced Output Board For The Stereo DACModular Preamplifier Switching CenterModular PreamplifierPortable Microphone PreamplifierPhono PreamplifierStereo Preamplifier With Bass BoostVideo:VGA to BNC Adapter (Converter)Video-Out CouplingRGB To Color Difference Converter3-Input Video MUX Cable Driver Using LT1399Video AmplifierVideo Tracer For Trouble-ShootingNTSC-PAL TV Signal IdentifierVideo IsolatorVU Meters:Simple VoltmeterLED Volt MeterLinear RF Power MeterESR & Low Resistance Test MeterTV Relative Signal Strength Meter
  23. 23. Electronic Torricelli BarometerAudio Power MeterSave Your Ears - A Noise MeterMiscellaneous:Dimmer Control Voltage Polarity ChangerRMS to DC ConverterFlip-Flop Using CMOS NAND GatesElectronic DieOpamp With HysteresisPWM ModulatorCat And Dog RepellentReset SequencerDiscrete RobotZero Gain Mod For Non-Inverting OpampSimple Under-Voltage Cut-OutSimple Combination LockLogic Probe With SoundRelative Field Strength Meter For A DMMSimple 9-Way Cable IdentifierDual Relay Driver Board{Ref: http://www.extremecircuits.net/p/complete-list-of-electronics-projects.html}