Title i mathematics 100611
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  • 1. Title I Mathematics
  • 2. WELCOME!!
    • Please have a seat.
    • Work on your Math Warm Up for today (Thursday), please. If you need a pencil, there are some on the front table. Please return these at the end of class!
    • If you finish early, you may silent read.
  • 3. Agenda for today
    • Math Warm Ups
    • Introduction
    • Forms
    • Refocus
    • Brain Bucks
    • Multiplication Tables
    • Accelerated Math
    • Silent Reading Time
  • 4. Introduction
    • Miss Nehmer
    • I’m from Saginaw.
    • SVSU graduate
    • Raleigh, NC
    • Master’s Program
    • The good and the bad
    • Bad- strict!
    • Good- no homework here; fun; here for YOU
  • 5. Forms!
    • Please turn in letter (signed) and Parent compact (signed) as soon as possible!
  • 6. Refocus Forms
    • 1 st - Warning
    • 2 nd - Refocus
    • 3 rd - Refocus and call home
    • 4 th -Refocus and office referral
  • 7. Brain Bucks
    • Keep in the envelope (in the folder; in the room)
    • $1.00 for good things (sometimes more)
    • $$$ to spend!
  • 8. Multiplication Test
    • This is simple facts (don’t turn it over yet!)
    • Please write your name on the back of the paper.
    • I am timing you with my stopwatch, but only because I want to see how long it takes you.
    • Your goal is to get them correct!
  • 9. Accelerated Math
    • You can earn Brain Bucks for Accelerated Math, but I expect you to show me your scores!!
    • Accelerated Math helps me find ways to serve you. That is what this class is all about: YOU!
  • 10. Silent Reading Time
    • May borrow one of my books or bring your own
    • My books need to stay here
    • Comfort is important! Sit where you want (no block doors, no under tables, not behind my desk).