21 Things a Girl Doesn't Realize
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21 Things a Girl Doesn't Realize

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The slide is inspired by Sneha Mehta's hugely popular book "21 Things Every Girl Should Know"

The slide is inspired by Sneha Mehta's hugely popular book "21 Things Every Girl Should Know"

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  • 1. 21 Things a Girl Don’t Realize
  • 2. How Important is Being Beautiful
  • 3. True, pretty things are automatically assumed intelligent and in possession of better social skills.
  • 4. But you really can’t do much about being beautiful. Beauty is inborn. Either you are born with it or not. Deepika Padukone Her sister Anisha Padukone
  • 5. Don’t loose hope. Work on being attractive. Attractive means being prim and proper. Taking care of your self and your body, so that the glow appears on your skin. Look what an average looking girl can turn into.
  • 6. A happy and chirpy girl has a certain charm about herself that no beautiful but sad woman can beat.
  • 7. Beautiful women may not necessarily be happy women.
  • 8. Happy women become beautiful women.
  • 9. Oprah is dark. Oprah is fat. Yet, she is the most influential woman on earth. She has profusely added to the beauty of the entire world. Hasn’t she?
  • 10. If you don’t have ‘the looks’, you don’t necessarily need to be an actress. You can become a filmmaker instead, and have those pretty girls running behind you!
  • 11. Can Beauty Hook a Man
  • 12. Princess Diana was one of the most beautiful women of her times. Yet, she had a troubled marriage.
  • 13. Hillary Clinton is stunning. Yet, Bill Clinton cheated on her.
  • 14. Beauty can hook a man but it cannot make a man STAY. All in all, beauty is overestimated. Highly overestimated. Don’t give it more importance than it deserves.
  • 15. Who is The Right Man
  • 16. If you are dumb and foolish, your partner better be dumb and foolish. You can’t be happy with an intelligent man for he will always intimidate you.
  • 17. A Right Man is someone who vibrates at your frequency. If you are a thief, he better be a thief. A cop’s presence will irritate you.
  • 18. I mean, if you like people who speak less, can you bear Navjot Singh Siddhu?
  • 19. Do you Believe in Blind Love
  • 20. Love at first sight, or blind love is cheap desperation, not love. Or how else do you define love based on the very first visual stimulation.
  • 21. You may fall in love blindly, but you will become very clear sighted to your man’s flaws into a year of the relationship.
  • 22. Think of the amount of research you do while getting into a college or a company, even though you know that you are not going to stay with them for forever.
  • 23. So why do you pay such little attention to your man’s background. You are going to spend your entire life with him! And a break up or a divorce isn’t a joke!
  • 24. Had a Relationship? Broke Up? Now What? Women tend to take up failure in relationships a as “personal” failure. Look at Jiah Khan. A failed relationship is as much his fault as it is yours.
  • 25. Whatever, booze is not the answer. Getting dressed up, applying the pitch red lipstick and going to a pub to show how ‘strong’ you are is silly. You need to mourn.
  • 26. Mourn your heart full. Cry. Sulk. Express your anger. Curse him. Cuss at him. Scream at him. Be in bed continuously for as long as you wish to be. After a month or so, you will be so bored of being bored, that you’ll automatically get over your pain. Simple.
  • 27. Does God Hate Girls in Periods How can God – the one who loves everybody in every condition, not love a woman in her periods – the very being He Himself created?
  • 28. If your dharma doesn’t allow you to visit temples during periods, so be it. But dirty is what you are not. Periods make you a woman. They give you THE POWER to create a new life. It’s an asset, not a liability. Respect them. Cherish them.
  • 29. Is it Essential to Remain a Virgin until you Marry
  • 30. To suggest that your virginity belongs to your future husband or that it 'belongs' to anyone but you, yourself is just another way of keeping you down.
  • 31. When you get into a relationship, EMOTIONAL VIRGINITY is essential. You should be over and off your ex. And that is enough to fall in love. All over again. With the same innocence.
  • 32. Marriage Mania – About the Spicy Spouse
  • 33. There is nothing called an arranged marriage or a love marriage. There are only two kinds of marriages: a successful marriage and an unsuccessful marriage.
  • 34. A successful marriage requires the selection of a compatible partner. It requires consistent expression of love. I mean, fairy tales do exist, only if you know how to be a fairy forever.
  • 35. Is Sex just for Making Babies
  • 36. Lord Shankar, with his consort Parvati, was always in a celestial dance of procreation. Our God itself, the creator of the universe is the embodiment of ‘Kama’ - the sexual lust.
  • 37. The power that created a penis with several thousand nerve endings and clitoris with twice as many nerve endings was AWARE of its pleasure giving senses.
  • 38. After all, humans don't get horny just as they wish to make a baby. Humans get horny because sex provides emotional and mental stimulation which makes them feel relaxed. Enjoy! Without any guilt.
  • 39. Why do Women get Upset
  • 40. • Sex sirens ooze sexual power. Career women ooze financial power. • A woman, who has nothing to do, gets her feeling of
  • 41. • An upset woman's life is a collection of small little things. And it's hard to feel important by doing small little things. • Getting upset consistently at small issues is a cry for recognition. It is an attempt to feel powerful by the most powerless women.
  • 42. Get a life if you find yourself here. Make yourself busy. Dance classes. Hobby Classes. Cooking classes. Boyfriend. Anything. Just make sure you have something to do.
  • 43. What do Women Want
  • 44. • Girls no longer need a mate. A hunter or a protector. We now have sperm clinics, food stores and police officers. But because of our conditioned upbringing, we still expect men to provide us – everything!
  • 45. Which is why women are giving men fewer chances to feel MANLY.
  • 46. Boost your man’s ego by giving him the space to solve his problems. Imagine if Basanti had taken it on herself to kill Gabbar in Sholay? How would Jai and Veeru feel about it?
  • 47. Can a Girl Do Any Job
  • 48. There are a few jobs that actually require a penis or a vagina. The only job a woman can't do is that of a sperm donor.
  • 49. Who is a Working Woman The term 'working woman' is misleading. Since when did women stop working? If working women go to the office, do non-working women lounge on the sofa all day long?
  • 50. Whether a woman has a career or not, there is one career a woman has to always stick to. And that career is: Being a woman.
  • 51. Does Beauty Power Sell at Work Beautiful women have always been there, beautiful receptionists or beautiful teachers? Though, did they ever rise above beautiful secretaries ?
  • 52. If beauty could be used as a lift to reach the top, all the air hostesses would be heiress of the Multinational Companies, rather than picking left over plates.
  • 53. Beauty may help get some initial attention. But wouldn't beautiful women still need to be clever enough to ‘hold’ high positions. After all, no female CEO has been able to get a contract or a tender passed by biting her lips seductively
  • 54. Is Casting Couch a Comfortable Couch
  • 55. • A Miss Mini Skirt knows what an interviewer means when he says, 'Meet me at 9 p.m. for dinner’. • If she chooses to go, it’s her call. If a man is ready to exploit her, she comes forward to be exploited. Girls are equally to be blamed.
  • 56. Are Women Holy Little Cows A woman who is assaulted by her husband is one in many. A woman who has been subjugated and tormented by her mother-in-law is everywhere around you!
  • 57. • Women make half of the world. Women are ‘equally’ to be blamed for all the evil in the world. • Good men are scanty because we as mothers failed as mothers. We couldn’t even teach sexual decency to our sons.
  • 58. • Terrorists, abusers, thieves, gangsters and hooligans are not born to aliens. They are born to women. It is we, who ‘equally’ flopped in our roles as mothers.
  • 59. There is Still Hope This world has already been divided into continents, countries, religions, races and culture. Don’t divide it further in the name of Mahila Mandals and Feminism.
  • 60. Don’t try to be like men. Men and women are different from each other. And different means different. It doesn’t mean any better or worse. It means different.
  • 61. Be yourself. Love yourself. That’s enough to heal the world around you.
  • 62. Read “ 21 Things every Girl Should Know” to know more
  • 63. By Sneha Mehta, the author of 21 Things Every Girl Should Know Reach her at mehtasneha001@gmail.com Twitter handle :@mehta_sneha