Tailioring Civic Engagement_


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Tailioring Civic Engagement_

  1. 1. Tailoring Civic EngagementMethods to Serve a Changing World: A Hands-On Workshop Thursday, September 20, 2012 SNEAPA session C4, 1:45- 3:15pm
  2. 2. Who We Are Ruth Fitzgerald, AICP Jill Barrett, MSW Emily Torres-Cullinane, Manisha Bewtra, AICPFitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. Metropolitan Area Metropolitan Area Hartford, CT Hartford, CT Planning Council, Boston, Planning Council, Boston, MA MA Daphne Politis, AICP Bill Schwartz, AICP Jim Purdy, AICP Francisco Gomes, AICP, Community Circle the Collaborative, Inc. the Collaborative, Inc. ASLA Lexington, MA Boston, MA Boston, MA Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. Hartford, CT
  3. 3. Agenda• Why Bother?• Tailoring Tips• Small Group Activity• Wrap Up• Evaluate Us!
  4. 4. Why bother?
  5. 5. Tailoring tips
  6. 6. Break it down…Purpose: What are you trying to achieve?Level of engagement: How much do you need?Constraints: What are your resources?Stakeholders: Who will be affected?Messaging: How will you communicate?Setting the stage: How will you involve them?Tools and methods: Inform, engage, & activate!
  7. 7. Purpose: What are you trying to achieve?
  8. 8. Level of engagement: How much do you need?
  9. 9. Constraints: What are your resources?
  10. 10. Stakeholders: Who will be affected?
  11. 11. Project partners
  12. 12. Usual suspects
  13. 13. Champions
  14. 14. Ambassadors
  15. 15. Go Beyond
  16. 16. Messaging: How will you communicate?
  17. 17. Setting the Stage: How will you involve them?
  18. 18. Be inclusive
  19. 19. Make it fun
  20. 20. Reach out in many ways
  21. 21. Tools and Methods: Inform, engage, activate!
  22. 22. Website and email list
  23. 23. Phone tree
  24. 24. Press coverage
  25. 25. Social media
  26. 26. Online survey
  27. 27. Storytelling
  28. 28. Role playing
  29. 29. Hands-on activities
  30. 30. Instant polling
  31. 31. Tailor, Tailor, Tailor
  32. 32. In summary…• Tailor your tools• Embrace technology• Be creative, have fun, try something new!• Inform, Engage, Activate!
  33. 33. Now it’s your turn!
  34. 34. Small Group Activity (30 minutes)• Go to the table with your assigned letter• Discuss four scenarios (different conditions for each) • Getting ready for the big vote • The new demographics • A transformative development project • Overcoming apathy• Facilitators will provide details and report back
  35. 35. Wrap-up and Evaluate!
  36. 36. What do you call this?1. Milkshake2. Cabinet3. Frappe4. Batido
  37. 37. Did you learn something new?1. Yes, I learned a lot!2. I learned a couple new things.3. I only learned what different people called blended beverages.4. No, but I drew some great doodles on my handouts.
  38. 38. Will you use this information?1. Immediately!2. Eventually.3. Not likely.
  39. 39. Did you meet someone new who you will keep in touch with?1. Yes, I met more than 1 new person.2. Yes, I met 1 new person.3. No.
  40. 40. This event exceeded my1. expectations. Strongly Agree2. Agree3. Neutral4. Disagree5. Strongly Disagree
  41. 41. Thank you to all!… and now, one lucky winner willreceive a prize to help you tailor!