Using Social Media for Social Change: Health Justice CT Program Update

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Presented by: Heang Tan, …

Presented by: Heang Tan,
Health Justice CT
6th Annual SNCR Research Symposium
November 3-4, 2011
Harvard University’s Faculty Club

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  • 1. Health Justice CT Presented by: Heang Tan, Health Justice CT 6 th Annual SNCR Research Symposium November 3-4, Harvard University’s Faculty Club A social movement to achieve health justice for all PROJECT UPDATE:
  • 2. What We’re Talking About Today…
  • 3. What is health justice?
  • 4. Why this matters:
    • To achieve health justice, we must address the root causes of health disparities.
    • This requires everyone to be involved.
  • 5.  
  • 6. To achieve equality:
    • Need engagement of other committed partners
    • Need real buy-in of numerous stakeholders to influence collective action
    • Need awareness and engagement of larger community to ensure sustainability
  • 7. Our goal: To raise awareness online about racial and ethnic health disparities and ultimately encourage stakeholders to take action for health justice.
  • 8. Social Media Components:
    • Development of Advisory Board & Contributors Circle
    • Influencer Outreach / Partnership Development
    • Twitter, Facebook, You Tube
    • Micro site
    • Social media breakfast clubs
  • 9.
  • 10. Bench Mark Study:
    • Conducted by KD Paine (Spring 2011)
    • To determine the level of awareness on the issue and indentify which social media channels are effectively used by CT residents.
  • 11. Key Survey Findings:
    • Respondents internalized questions. Health is an individual issue rather than a public issue.
    • The term “health justice” has an overall positive tone, but many are not aware of the term.
    • Social media is not particularly trusted for health discussions
  • 12. What’s being measured:
    • Awareness of the HJCT initiative and racial and ethnic health disparities
    • Conversations around the issue of racial and ethnic health disparities
    • Traffic and participation on the microsite
    • Participation on all social media properties
  • 13. Key discussion themes:
    • Access and affordability
    • Socioeconomic factors (economic inequality)
    • Social determinants of health (where you live impacts your health)
    • Specific health issues impacting the Latino community and African Americans (diabetes, obesity, cancer)
  • 14. What’s next:
    • Health Justice Video Challenge
    • Monthly webinar trainings
    • Multi-sight town hall meeting
    • Social Media & Health ‘unconference’
    • Public forums
    • Facebook application development
  • 15. Thank you! For more information, contact me at [email_address] Visit