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Networked Nonprofit Webinar - Part 1

Networked Nonprofit Webinar - Part 1



Measuring The Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World

Measuring The Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World
January 4, 2013
Beth Kanter and Katie Paine
Part 1



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    Networked Nonprofit Webinar - Part 1 Networked Nonprofit Webinar - Part 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Becoming A Data Informed Nonprofit The 7 Basic Steps of Measurement Beth Kanter and KD Paine, Co‐Authors Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Society of New Communications Research Webinar January, 2013
    • Agenda Data‐ Informed7 Steps Questions
    • Beth Kanter:  Master Trainer, Blogger, Author, ChangeMaker
    • The Single Most Important Lesson About Networks and Measurement
    • Meet Keo SavonI’m donating my author royalties to the Sharing Foundation’s Education Program to send her to college! 
    • Katie Delahaye Paine Chairman & Founder KDPaine & Partners  Chief Marketing Officer News Group International kdpaine@kdpaine.com www.kdpaine.com http:/kdpaine.blogs.comFellow and Board Member: Society for New Communications Research IPR Measurement Commission 
    • About Us- It’s Complicated Katie Paine is Chief Marketing Officer of News Group, a global monitoring, measurement & social media company Her company, KDPaine & Partners is part of Salience Insight, News Group’s measurement practice We provide customized research to help you define and measure your success. 7
    • Social Media Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam2009
    • http://bit.ly/13ItD
    • The Return by Danielle Brigida, NWFOnce upon a non‐profit theory, measurement was weak and weary,Over many a quaint and curious meetings with little to account for,While I nodded, nearly napping, an idea for a strategy came a tapping,What if measurement could include social interactions and what they stand for?I shall investigate ‐ I muttered ‐ to know what ROI could account forInstantly I knew, this was something I must explore
    • Used Design‐Thinking To Develop Book Packard Foundation – OE Program
    • A Network Mindset: A Leadership Style• Openness, transparency, decentralized  decision‐making, and collective action. • Listening and cultivating organizational and  professional networks to achieve impact • Leadership through active participation. • Sharing control of decision‐making• Blending networking with strategy for results• Data‐Informed culture 
    • If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have  to keep moving forward.”
    • Maturity of Practice:  Crawl‐Walk‐Run‐Fly CRAWL ‐1 WALK‐2 RUN‐3 FLY‐4Categories PracticesCULTURE Networked Mindset Institutional SupportCAPACITY Staffing Communications StrategyMEASUREMENT Analysis Tools AdjustmentLISTENING Brand Monitoring Influencer ResearchCONTENT Integration and OptimizationENGAGEMENT Ladder of EngagementNETWORK Champions/Aligned Partners Relationship Mapping
    • The Five Stages of MeasurementAcceptance in the Nonprofit Sector Data Delight Informed Confusion Fear Denial
    • Denial I don’t have the time  to measure.   
    • Fear What if my strategy  or program doesn’t  show success?   
    • Confusion I know I should  measure our social  media and network,  but not sure what or  how? 
    • Hey  check out Delight these cool charts  and graphics!
    • Data Informed Successful networks and  social media start with  measurement
    • Data-Informed Culture: It starts from the top! Do Something.org
    • Tear down those silos and walls around data …
    • More time think about that the data, then collect it
    • Video
    • Why did it fail?What did we learn?What insights can use next time around?DoSomething.Org’s Fail Fest
    • Becoming A Networked Nonprofit:  Maturity of  Practice Model – Data Informed  Crawl Walk Run FlyLacks consistent data  Data collection  Data from multiple  Org Wide KPIs  collection consistent but not  sources shared No reporting or  Data not linked to  System and structure for  Organizational  synthesis results, could be wrong  data collection Dashboard with  data different views, sharingDecisions based on gut Rarely makes decisions Discussed at staff  Data visualization,  to improve meetings, decisions  reporting, formal  made using it reflection process
    • Advice for Nonprofits:  Becoming Data‐Informed:    Change Is Easier With Baby Steps • Begin at the end – discuss and identify results • Curator of metrics • Use experiments to help evolve • Get started with a small data collection project that is high priority in your organization • Make time to learn from results
    • Results Value  MetricIncrease donations More efficient fund raising  % reduction in cost per dollar raisedIncrease donor base More revenue from a more diverse  % increase in new donors baseIncrease number of volunteers More gets done, % increase in volunteers Less burden on existing volunteers or  staffIncrease awareness Increase donors/volunteers % increase in awareness, Change in behavior % increase in visibility/prominence, Positive correlation between  increase in donors vs. visibilityImprove relationships with existing  Better management, more stable  % improvement in relationship donors/volunteers finances  scores, % increase in donation from existing  donors Improve engagement with  Better feedback and ideas for  % increase in engagement stakeholders innovation (comments on YouTube, shares on  Better understanding of attitudes  Facebook, comments on blog, etc. and perceptions of stakeholdersChange in behavior Achieve the mission % decrease in bad behavior,  % increase in good behavior Change in attitude about your  % likely to volunteer or donate  % increase in trust score or organization  increases relationship scoreIncrease in skills and knowledge of  Improved results from intangible to  Increase in revenue per employee,staff Learning tangible % employees understanding their  Using best practices, saving time roles and organizational mission 
    • If you want to change the world:  Be Networked, Use Measurement, and Make Sense of Your Data! 
    • Thank you!www.bethkanter.orgwww.facebook.com/beth.kanter.blog@kanter on Twitterwww.measurenetworkednonprofit.org