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How Companies Engage in Social Media, Generate Content and Avoid Getting Kicked Out of Google …

How Companies Engage in Social Media, Generate Content and Avoid Getting Kicked Out of Google

Presented by John Cass, SNCR Founding Fellow
April 26, 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Content GardensHow Companies Engage in Social Media, GenerateContent and Avoid Getting Kicked Out of GooglePresented ByJohn Cass, Founding Fellow, SNCRHashtag for today’s webinar #sncr
    • 2. Bio• Marketing, digital marketing & social media.• 2000 - SEO• 2003 - Blog• Published a book on corporate blogging.• Past President of the Boston Chapter of the American Marketing Association.• Worked for, Forrester Research, Portent Interactive, IdeaLaunch.2
    • 3. Marketing At The CrossroadsMedia Fragmentation – 92% of Americans use multiple platforms to get news. (Pew)Higher Digital Consumption – More news online than newspapers, still trailing TV. (Pew)Social Media – 82% of US population are active in social media. 79% for 45-54. 70% for 55+. (Forrester)Smartphones, Tablets, eReaders – 31% today to 43% in 2015. eMarketer. 47% get news via mobile devices. (Pew, Knight)3
    • 4. How Should I Leap Into Content?People are in a quandary – How do you benefit from digital?Want ROI – But are nervous about content creation costs and how to optimize for all of the new marketing innovations.4
    • 5. Don’t Get A ToothacheKids in a candy store – Too many options, too many bright and shiny things.Return to basics – Start with marketing strategy, then select channels and develop creative.5
    • 6. Content MarketingContent marketing – Editorial content to solve customer issues through answers.Become a publisher – Have to understand how to publish on the web.Useful – Make content shareable. Search to determine what you need to beat.Infographic example Media relations & SEO strategy. Design infographic with SEO content. Embedded content. Reach out to social influencers. Capture leads and include calls to action on infographics home site.6
    • 7. Digital Strategy For The Eco-SystemSearch – People find information using search. 65.2% of buyers start with search, compared to 21.3% company websites. (Enquiro)Google – The algorithm influences web, content & engagement design.Shareable – Content has to be social, SEO ready. 60% of Facebook fans & 79% of Twitter Followers: More likely to recommend brands on becoming a fan. (Chadwick Martin Bailey, iModerate Research)Content – Panda (Farmer) update puts a premium on quality content and links. Helium,, and more.7
    • 8. Google’s Position “You can expect sites with shallow or poorly written content, content that’s copied from other websites, or information that people frankly don’t find that useful will be demoted as a result of our recent algorithm changes,” stated the rep. “On the other hand, high quality pages — pages with original content and information such as research, in depth reports or thoughtful analysis — will get a boost.” Google Blog8
    • 9. The Impact9
    • 10. Avoiding Content Farms Horse’s Mouth - Googles take on quality content. Manage the quality and length of your content. Poor off-site linking strategies can still hurt your ranking results. From where, and what. Request webmasters take down links when their sites have low-quality content. Avoiding news release content duplication. An ad-to-content ratio that favors ads. Identify your content as the original content.10
    • 11. Social Media Today11
    • 12. Content GardensDigital strategy – Develop content that will enable you to compete in search and/or social.Design – Tie design, content & social strategy to your goals.Ford – Has paid writers, community content (text, video, pictures) and a few bloggers.12
    • 13. Content Resource Sourcing  Paid content creation.  Columnists provide free content.  Community managers support the site.  Aggregated news content from the web.  Editors write roundups about aggregated content.  Syndication models.13
    • 14. The Need For Content Gardens Unique # of editors and Content Site visitors per authors updated % original content comm. Managers month* 90% original paid Staff Writers, 4.8M (US) 20 journalist. Mashable 9.6M (Global) + Columnists Aggregated 20-30 times/day 10% free contributed content content. free journalists- (moderated ALL repupublished 5 editors/community content, links blogs, save maybe 4 Social Media 240 K (US) managers and 63 back to their 5-12 times/day original posts per Today 500K (Global) featured bloggers webpages) and featured blogger per aggregated year… content up to 40 times/week day, 94% free contributed 7+ paid staff writers Zdnet 1.6M (US) Many columnists and bloggers plus research and content. 6% paid white pages and journalist. original downloads 1 full time + 2 top 40 blogs and 90% aggregated. 10% ? Less than 100K freelancers aggregated 50-60 times/week original (publishes free Columnists content assigned columns)14
    • 15. Content Creation Strategies Round-ups – Quick, easy to produce, give insights. Features – Jacob Nielsen’s research. Series – Turn individual posts into white papers, ebooks, and books. Infographics – Linking strategy, PR campaign. Content Optimization – Leverage content across channels. Picture from DigitalParadox
    • 16. Marketing Personas & Roles Forrester Research – 19 different roles. Pinched idea from IBM. What’s The ROI – Allows you to design tools (website) but also campaigns for your target audience. Future – Split out the roles as you build better definition of the personas.16
    • 17. Getting SEO Results By Source In-House/Paid content – Targeted articles. Columnists – More organic links, and excitement in social media. Community Management – SMO, SEO not just content but engagement. Aggregated News – Real time keywords. Syndication – Good idea, however, avoid duplication. Picture by
    • 18. Social Media StrategiesBuild A Community – Find your advocates, whatever technology you target.Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – Top 3. Editorial strategy for content and engagement.Identify Existing Advocates – Track social media information as well as sales.Identify New Advocates – Focus on a few communities.Engage Advocates – Share their content, ask them to participate. Ask for their advice, but pay them back.18
    • 19. Planning Your Garden Lead Gen – How many articles can you write, design, code, and distribute? What’s realistic? Leverage Content – Plan for an ebook, or infographics campaign. Content Garden – Decide how you will source your content; via social, or columnist or paid, or commission journalism. Social – Editorial calendar for content and engagement. Metrics – Compare engaged customers with other visitors for sales.19
    • 20. Questions? • @johncass • 339 368 1955 • http://pr.typepad.com20
    • 21. Content GardensContent Gardens Paid Journalist Columnists Round-Ups Content Farm VictimsSyndicated Contact John Cass: 339-368 1955
    • 22. Join the leading global network of thought leaders, scholars, business leaders, professional communicators,members of the media and technologists exploring the latest developments in new media and communications,and their effect on business, communications, culture and society. Visit today!Your participation and support is vital to our success. Gain access to up-to-the-minute research andexpertise on the evolving world of new media and communications. Join us to support the work of SNCR’s Fellows.