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B-to-B Social Media – Really!
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Presented by Paul Gillin …

Presented by Paul Gillin
Author, The New Influencers
Secrets of Social Media Marketing

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  • By committing to the program for one year, the Insiders agreed to: Participate in Intel-focused events throughout the year for education purposesProvide feedback on Intel’s social media activities so that Intel could develop best practicesIn return, the Insiders would receive special “inside” access to Intel embargoed news, executive dialogues, exclusive events and visibility on Intel social web properties. We continuously engaged them with the brand by publicly disclosing that we were seeding them the latest Intel-powered devices on the market, consulting them for advice and feedback prior to most major online community engagements, and integrating them into Intel campaigns.
  • The Gurus are the cornerstone of Clickable’s marketing strategy. Clickable charged the Gurus with patrolling online search-marketing communities like Google AdWords, WebMasterWorld, and Microsoft adCenter. In addition, the Gurus submitted a weekly cutting-edge lesson to the Official Clickable Blog, and answered customer questions in Clickable Forums. After a year of service and evangelism, the Gurus have made a measurable impact on Clickable’s bottom line: The program drove a 400% increase in new monthly ad spend on the Clickable Platform versus the previous year. This is significant because Clickable’s business model is to charge 5% of total spend managed. The company’s board of directors has committed to indefinite investment and continuation of the program.
  • UNLEASH 2009, the Mediasite User Conference: Energizing Users On-site and Online By Sonic FoundryA campaign to increase conference attendance in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, coupled with a proliferation of travel bans, budget constraints and an all-out assault on corporate meetings. Not to mention a flat marketing budget. Why care about conference attendance at a time like this? Because we're in an emerging market and our customers are clamoring to hear from each other (and us) to make them more efficient/productive/knowledgeable. This award submission outlines the campaign Sonic Foundry built based on a heavy rotation of online video, customer testimonials, webcasting and – for the first time – social media.The campaign resulted in a 15% increase in conference attendees, and virtual conference attendees, even though it was the first year we offered this option, made up 10% of overall attendance. Bringing these people together – physically and through online video, social media and webcasting – resulted in a more than 10-fold conference ROI in just 4 months, based solely on opportunities that were created and closed after the conference ended. As one attendee put it, “This is, by far, the most productive conference for connecting with other users and discovering new ways to take our Mediasite program to the next level. Reaching out to the web 2.0 community will foster even more fantastic dialogue because it will be open the conference to a wider audience. With the state of the economy, the virtual pass will allow our peers who can't be there in person stay on target with the new information being shared, and create an unparalleled networking opportunity."


  • 1. B-to-B Social Media – Really!
    Paul Gillin (@pgillin)
    Author, The New Influencers
    Secrets of Social Media Marketing
  • 2. Results
    Create awareness for new mainframe value proposition
    Increase mainframe awareness with college students
    >250,000 views of first episode
    Blog traffic increased 25x
    Analyst, Press, Blogger coverage
    Screened at Chief Sales Officer summit, Price Waterhouse sales trainingand other venues
  • 3. The New Media Landscape
    Marathon schedule http://bit.ly/waCMc
    I can't find my good black pants.
    Shared bread pudding w/ @skydiver at Mother's. My life is now complete.
    I'm at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI, West Palm Beach). http://4sq.com/4GeLz0
    Best press photos of 2009 http://om.ly/fNhW
    How to Write a 1 Minute Video Marketing Script http://ow.ly/17xJE
    Comparing Top Chef Masters Restaurants #topchef http://is.gd/8q4hN
    How To Get Well Prepared For The Website Creation. http://bit.ly/aTitVC
  • 4. Influence
  • 5. How Is B2B Different?
    Focus on Value
    Group Decisions
    Longer Buying Cycles
    Many Moving Parts
    Relationships are Key
    Service & Support Matter
    Channel Complexity
  • 6. Experience Shapes Perception
    IBM Market Research, 2008
  • 7. Assessing Influence
    voip, telecom, telephony, AndyAbramson, WiFi, FMC, Fixed Mobile, Convergence, CallVantage, Vonage, Skype, GizmoProject, SightSpeed, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Mobivox, Truphone
  • 8. Assessing Influence
  • 9. Influencer Relations
    In B2C market, influencer relations successes include:
    “Since 2002, this annual event has evolved into the cornerstone of SAP's influencer programs, now serving as a key event to validate SAP's transformational market strategy.”
  • 14. You Are The Media
  • 15.
  • 16. IT Pros Are Interactive
    Source: Forrester Research
  • 17. Match Tools to Buying Stage
    Source: TechTarget
  • 18. So Now the Fun Begins
  • 19.
  • 20. Open Up
    "Your goal should be to have as many people as possible be public voices of the company. Scary? If you answered yes, you don't have the right people."
    Brian Kalma
    Director of User Experience, Zappos
    “It is the responsibility of corporate communications to support each employee’s capability and desire to be an honest, knowledgeable ambassador to customers, friends, shareowners and public officials.”
    --From The Authentic Enterprise: Relationships,
    Values And The Evolution Of Corporate Communications
    Arthur W. Page Society, Dec., 2007
  • 21. Case Study: Clickable Gurus
  • 22. Blogging for Business
    Create Thought Leadership
  • 23. Blogging for Business
    Showcase Talent
  • 24. Educate
  • 25. Advocate
  • 26. Have Some Fun!
    OK Labs uses "social objects," or distinct icons, to create a memorable association. “It’s been a way for people to feel that they know the company before doing business with the company,” says Marti Konstant, VP of marketing
  • 27. Communities: 360° of Value
    Needs Definition
    Peer Support
    Product lifecycle
    Viral Marketing
    Product Architecture
    Iterative Development
    Field Testing
  • 28. LinkedIn for Business
    Active Groups…
    …and a Distinctive Approach to Company Profiles
  • 29. The New Face of Media
    Spiceworks Community
    800,000 registered users
    National user conference; multiple regional conferences
    Points system rewards participation without payments
    “What’s always amazed me is how much people are willing to give back.”
    Tabrez Syed, Director of Products, Spiceworks
  • 30. Element14
    Document and information exchange for electronics engineers
    Anyone can become a designated “expert” by delivering value
    More than 10,000 documents contributed and indexed in first six months
  • 31. Many Uses for Twitter
  • 32. Publish Everywhere
    44 million members
    32 million members
    300 million members
    1 billion daily views
    1 million daily visitors
    6 million daily visitors
    1.5 million daily visitors
    10 million members
    50 million members
  • 33. Typical Multi-Platform Scenario
    Corporate website
    Feed Aggregator
    Partner website
    Email Newsletter
  • 34. Reuse and Extend
    Begins as a tweet
    Becomes a blog entry
    Feeds a podcast
    Stokes a white paper
    That gets tweeted!
  • 35. Sodexo Recruiters
    • Most of the company‘s 60 recruiters user Twitter and other social media to meet hiring demand.
    • 36. Focus is on building relationships and enthusiasm among prospective employees
    • 37. Traffic to careers site up 182% in last two years, job applications up 25%. Recruitment ad costs down $300K
    Principal Value
    “The human touch is essential. People know there’s somebody behind the message and the photo.”
    -Kerry Noone, Manager, Marketing Communications
    • Improved applicant quality
    • 38. Image of Sodexo as progressive young company
    • 39. Recruitment costs substantially reduced
  • AskPatty’s Syndication Wizardry
    • Syndication partners include TwitterMoms, BlogHer, Parenthood.com, SheKnows
    • 40. Articles automatically posted to bookmarking sites, multiple Facebook fan pages
    • 41. Spokesperson for Rain-X Division of Shell Oil, Mobil1 division of Exxon/Mobil
    • 42. Hired for 12-part video series on AutoNet TV
    Principal Value
    “My inbox is overflowing every day with people who want speakers, partnerships, training and certifications.”
    -Jody DeVere, CEO
    • 10M quarterly impressions
    • 43. 100-fold amplification of blog/Web content
    • 44. CEO developing side business as automotive social media consultant
  • Thank you!
    Paul Gillin
    Twitter: pgillin
    Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter at gillin.com
    Available on Amazon or at NewInfluencers.com
    Available on Amazon or at SSMMbook.com
    Coming late 2010: Social Marketing to the Business Customer
    By Paul Gillin & Eric Schwartzman