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Optional workshop on social networking tools given during Tuanz 2007 educational workshops in New Zealand

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  • Cool Tools for Teaching

    1. 2. “ Children are native to cyberspace, and we, as adults, are immigrants.” - Douglas Rushkoff
    2. 3. <ul><li>Cool Tools--- This will be a lightning fast introduction to a selection of powerful online tools that teachers and students can use in and out of the classroom. </li></ul>
    3. 4. Goal: to overwhelm you a bit!
    4. 5. Tapped In
    5. 6. What is a Blog? Will Richardson’s video A blog (or weblog ) is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed with the newest at the top. Like other media , blogs often focus on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news. A typical blog combines text, images , and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. Source:
    6. 7. Blogging Begins with Reading Technorati Google blog search Blogdigger
    7. 8. RSS – Making it Simple! There are many introductions to RSS available on the Internet. Blog Lines What does it look like? Add me:
    8. 9. Where Can You Blog? Personal Blogging Websites Free Sites: Blogger Edublogs Non-free Sites: TypePad Sheryl’s Blog Teacher or Community Sites Allow a teacher or parent to set up a number of individual blogs under a single website. A little more difficult to set up, but one of the advantages of these community sites is that there are often controls or restrictions for the administrator: Free Sites: Classblogmeister created by David Warlick Gaggle free email and blog hosting / - lots of social networking tools Secure Social Networking and Blogging More How to:
    9. 10. Examples of Blogs? Elementary Blogs Blooming Bloggers PPT Anne Davis’ WebQuest Zach’s Podcast on blogging Kathy Cassidy- First Grade Allanah King- Nelson
    10. 11. Examples of Blogs? Secondary Blogs Erik Myers Darren Kuropatwa Bud Hunt ABPC 21 st Century Fellows
    11. 12. How Can I Find Out More? Support (High school teacher) Vicki Davis writes some helps for beginning bloggers: 10 Habits of  bloggers  that win How and why beginners ( newbies ) should  blog . How to add tags to your  blog . Setting Up a blog (Other Teachers) Teachers Teaching Teachers Teaching With Blogs Learn About Blogging in Education ABPC WIKI Policies
    12. 13. What ideas do you have so far for ways you could use blogs? Either to further your own professional development and personal learning or with students?
    13. 14. Vlog A vlog is a weblog which uses video as its primary presentation format. Andy Vidblogger directory Alan Marco Torres
    14. 15. Look at What We Can Build When We Work Together! The term wiki is a shortened form of wiki wiki which is from the native language of Hawaii where it is commonly used as an adjective to denote something &quot;quick&quot; or &quot;fast&quot;! Let’s create one
    15. 16. Podcasting Do I need to have an iPod? Content to go The three steps... 1 - record 2 - edit(?) 3 - publish Podomatic (site) Example: Jane How to- From a Ala. Teacher
    16. 17. Flickr Mappr Flickr Tools Example
    17. 18. Social Bookmarking   Technorati
    18. 19. What concerns, questions, reactions do you have so far about using these emerging technologies in your classroom? Reflect