The Power of Cats


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The Power of Cats

  2. 2. It can only see about 36 meters away, but it peripheral vision is about 285 degrees. It grows 15 times faster than human babies during the first month of life. It nose contains 19 million smell-related nerve endings, while we have only 5 million. The ear can pivot 180 degrees and the heart beats twice as fast as ours at 110 to 140 beats per minute. SNH ©
  3. 3. Anyone can give a shot for what am I referring to? Who or what? Let me share with all of you. It name is Munsee. Other people might see it as a pet or just a cat, but I see Munsee as a companion. And if you may, I would love to refer Munsee as a ‘he’. He’s an adorable, active, intelligent and most unexpected, he’s a faithful cat. Believe me; this cat is not an ordinary cat. Hi, I’m Munsee! SNH ©
  4. 4.  Beloved friends, do you have a cat as a pet? Yes, no? Doesn’t matter what your answers are, cats are indeed adorable and good friends of the human. They are the best for us to speak, to complain about our daily lives, although they can't speak. I’m sure all of you have at least one good experience with cats. Kindly give a hand towards hungry helpless kitten or cats shows one of the divine virtues we should instill as human.  Being a good man is never easy; one of it is to have a noble heart, especially towards animal like Prophet Muhammad. SNH ©
  5. 5. Many among us still do not have the bigger picture in dealing with cat better. Hence, I would love to share with all of you about this adorable companion on cat behavior, cat reproduction and cat healthcare. SNH ©
  6. 6. Let’s begin with my first point,  Cat Behavior Meowing To Imitate a Baby Human Leaving Their Poop Uncovered As an Insult Rubbing Against You to Declare Ownership Imitating Snakes to Intimidate You (Mrrrroww) *This signals that your cat seek attention & loves you! SNH ©
  7. 7. Let’s us proceed to the second point,  Cat Reproduction A cat reaches reproductive maturity between 6 and 9 months of age.  Heat Patterns -A female cat mate by calling for male company with their special 'meow' which like the (highly vocal) howling sounds and rub themselves along the floor with tailed raised. -They started to walk like a queen when they are out. -The heat lasts between 7 to 21 days. -The breeding season in cats is practically year-round, running as early as February, and as late as December. SNH ©
  8. 8.  Reproduction Process - The male cat's penis has backward pointing spines which scratch the interior of its partner, and cause ovulation to occur. - The mother's eggs are fertilized in the oviduct and arrive in the uterus 4-5 days after mating. - Pregnancy lasts between 56 and 71 days, with the average pregnancy taking 68 days.  Birthing - A few days before she is due to give birth, the pregnant female will become restless and will look for the best nest. - This will normally be quiet, warm and in one of the darker parts of the house. This is where she will give birth. - The birthing process is called 'queening’. - The cervix begins to dilate (open). A clear, odourless discharge from the vagina is usually apparent. - At birth, the newborn kittens are blind, deaf and helpless. *Be sure to take really good care of them from young and not to touch newborn stray kittens because their mother will abandon them if you do! (unless you want to take care the whole family, go ahead =)) SNH ©
  9. 9. Now, let us move to my third point which is  Cat Healthcare  Vaccination  Cats Must Get Their Protein  Don't Forget the Teeth  Exercise  Thorough Check *Friendly reminder, do castrate your cat as early as your cat turn 6-7 months old to avoid sexual activities, diseases & weird behavior. SNH ©
  10. 10. I hope all of you have a better view on how to manage & love your cat better in future. Dear friends, if you want to know more about cats, I would love to recommend this book, ‘Essential Cat’ by Caroline Davis and don’t hesitate to consult me as your cats expert. SNH ©
  11. 11. Interesting Facts About Cats!!  A cat’s nose contains 19 millionsmell-relatednerve endings, while humanhave only 5 million.  Kittengrows 15 times fasterthanhuman babies during the first few months of life.  A cat’s ear can pivot 280 degrees, thanks tothe 30 muscles they have ineachone!  Kittenstart dreaming whenthey are just overaweek old.  Cats are one of the fewanimals whichwalk by moving its left feet, thanbothits right feet. This ensuresspeed agility and silence.  Cats spendaround 16 hours of each day sleeping.  The lengthof cat whiskers is the same as the maximum lengthof its body.  The domestic cat is the only cat species able toholdits tail vertically while walking.  Cat’s eyes come inthree shapes-rounds, slantedand almond.  Want todetermine your cat age? Connect with me! ;) Cats Expert:SofiaNaznim To know more about Munsee & Cats, follow me on Slideshare for more updates! SNH ©
  12. 12. THANKYOU & HAVE A GREAT DAY WITHYOUR CAT!! *All Munsee images are copyright reserved and other images credit to Google images SNH ©