Iron Man 3When producing a film the producers will think a lot about their target audience as a films targetaudience affec...
Marketing is very important when bringing a film out to make sure everyone knows it is comingout. Iron Man 3 had a huge ma...
special effects they like if any. All this is done so that they can find out what they like to make surethat they provide ...
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Iron man 3


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Iron man 3

  1. 1. Iron Man 3When producing a film the producers will think a lot about their target audience as a films targetaudience affects the films popularity and success. This is why different audiences are targeteddepending on the film it is for. Then when they have chosen the type of audience they are going totarget they will bare them in mind when making all the other decisions involved such as releasedates and who will star in the film this helps because for example if the target audience are youngteenagers then statistics show that for this audience films are more popular and successful whenthey come out during school holidays as that is when they have more time ad go to the cinemamore. So if that was the target audience it would be a good decision if the producer was to have thefilm distributed during the school holidays and choose actors that are a similar age to them so thatthey can relate more to them and stars increase the popularity of a film.The 2013 film Iron Man 3 starring Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow directed by Shane Black,produced by Kevin Fiege and distributedby Walt Disney and Motion Pictures,doesn’t really target a specific audience asit has a very large audience range, as it issuitable for both genders and for any agerange as their fans start from a young ageto an old age. The reason it doesn’t reallyneed to target a particular audience is dueit covering a lot of genres, there areelements from most genres in this filmhowever I would say that the main onesare action and fantasy.Marvels “Iron Man 3” shows Tony Stark - Iron man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds.When Stark finds his personal life has been destroyed at his enemy’s hands he begins a quest to findall those responsible. This journey tests him every step of the wayStark is left to survive by his owndevices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his wayback, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man makethe suit or does the suit make the man?
  2. 2. Marketing is very important when bringing a film out to make sure everyone knows it is comingout. Iron Man 3 had a huge marketing campaign. There’s the trailer for the film that has beenadvertised quite a lot on television. The trailer is also shown at the cinema before films start, toshow what will be coming out soon. It has also been done through the web such as on file sharingand social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as film advertisements will come upat the side of the page. Another way this is done is by merchandise, Iron man have a lot of this, theone I have seen the most of are the iron man t-shirts and jumpers. I have also seen lots of iron manposters on sides of busses and phone boxes and billboards.As iron man targets a wide audience range of men and women, old and young. The producershave to make sure that they have things that at points will appeal to each of them. Like the posterfor example as it targets quite a young audience as well as an olderone, the producers of Iron Man need to ensure that there youngaudience will see the poster and will straight away know what itmeans.I think that this poster definitely does that as it is very simple butpowerful. It has a picture of Iron Man so that it will instantly attractthere audience even the young ones so that they will know what it’sfor and that the film is coming out soon. So this poster uses anchoragein the way I uses a large image of just Iron Man alone to portray andrepresent what is being advertised as we can tell what this postermeans without even having to read the text because they have usedpowerful imagery of somebody iconic to ensure he will be recognisedby everyone.It is very crucial that research is carried out before a film goes intoproduction there are five types of production that they carry out, Primary Research, SecondaryResearch, Quantative research, Qualitative research and Post-production research. Primary andSecondary research are all part of the pre-production research. Primary research is new research;this is when the producers carry out the research themselves to get the answers to specificquestions. Usually this will be done through questionnaires, surveys or interviews with smallindividual groups. Secondary research makes use of information that is already there, this includespublished research such as books, reports and information available on the internet.A time secondary research is used is for Location. For example if a film is being made in a foreigncountry, it is important that they find out about their culture and beliefs to avoid any problems suchas, if they go to a country that have to pray at certain times of the day then they will have to leave sothey will have to look into this to make sure they don’t lose out on any money if they have to go inthe middle of shooting. They should also look at weather reports depending on what they wantwhen they are filming and they will have to do it on days where the weather is the same so that thefilm doesn’t have any continuity errors. They should also take the time to find out about their targetaudience, usually this is done through questionnaires and surveys as these are seen as very goodprimary research techniques. They will ask about stars due to star theory because if they pick a starthat is popular with his target audience then it will make the film they are making more popularoverall. Other things they will want to find out about is what genres they prefer, the story and what
  3. 3. special effects they like if any. All this is done so that they can find out what they like to make surethat they provide that for them. Most surveys they do, they will ask a question then provide a coupleof answers then the person completing the survey will circle the answer best suitable to them sofrom this we will get our results as statistics, ratios, etc. and this is called quantative research. Thensometimes with the questionnaires, questions are asked then spaces are left for the people to writedown their answers themselves this is called qualitative research as it gives the public the chance tolet the producers know their opinions and exactly what it is they want.Then there is post production reseach, which is done after the film. When the first edit of the filmhas been done a test screening will take place this is so the producers can find out what theaudience think of the film. They get people from the country the production company are from so ifit is a UK production company they will get members of the uk to be in their audience. They will get100 people for the post production test screening, also known as an intimate screening, after thisthey will be given a questionnaire where they will rate the film and give their opinions on what wasgood, what was bad and how they think it could be made better. The target audience’s opinions arevery important as the are the people who will make the film a success so they will take the resultsfrom the questionnaires and if they have to make improvements and change things they will re-editand re-shoot, even though this will cost them more money at the time, by making a better film theywill earn more money in the end. After all this has been done they will do a full scale postproduction screening then they will be given a survey so they can get the audiences statisics. In thissurvey they will ask questions mainly based around the marketting of the film like who was yourfavourite star in the film? Etc. If hey liked the soundtrack the atrist will release a cd to promote thefilm and most likely go in the charts. If their was a particular line in the film that stands out and waspopular amongst the audience then that will be printed on t-shirts and be put on sale alongst withcharacters from the film that the audience responded well to, this will also be done on posters,pictures, advertisements, etc.