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    Christinedepisan Christinedepisan Presentation Transcript

    • Christine De Pisan By VR, MS and SZ
    • Important Dates
      • Born: c. 1364 in Venice, Italy
      • Died: c. 1430 in Poissy, France
    • Places Where Christine Lived
      • • Venice, Italy
      • • Paris, France
      • • Poissy, France
    • Map of Venice, Italy
    • Map of Paris, France
    • Maps of Poissy, France
    • Basic writings
      • • She wrote poems and short narratives on chivalry and courtly love
      • •  In 1390 Christine worked on her first mature works Le Livre de La mutacion de fortune and Le Livre du chemin de long éstude.
      • • Through Christine’s writings she was able to impress influential figures.
      • • She became an important spokesperson for women and their rights.
    • What Do We Learn About The Lives of Medieval Women From Her?
      • • They didn’t have any rights.
      • • Few women got educated
      • • Men had all the rights, had the most power and “were better than women”.
      • • Men thought of women as devious, domineering, and demanding.
      • • Christine tried to change their view on women
    • How Did She Achieve What She Did? • After her husband and father died she turned to writing to support herself and her family. • She used patronage to earn money as well. ( patronage : dedicating a book to a wealthy personage and receiving a large sum of money in return)
    • What were some of the barriers she had to overcome?
      • • Her close ones (Her father and husband) died at young ages in a very short period of time
      • • Because of her much loved husband’s death, she had to provide for her children and herself – became a famous author
      • • She had to overcome the misogynists (men who hate women) that were angry at her success – she wrote more books in a women’s point of view
    • Interesting Facts
      Was very well educated • Married at the age of 15 • Was determined to make her own living after her husband died and she achieved this through writing • Was courageous and not afraid to speak her mind
    • Thank you!
      • Thank you for listening to our presentation! Any questions? :)
    • URLs
      • • http://www.zeitlerweb.com/img/1485women.jpg
      • • http://hlte.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/christinedepisan.jpg
      • • http://www.bookwormlibrary.us/hot/garbcloset/pisan02.jpg
      • • http://englishhistory.net/tudor/monarchs/eliz1-scrots.jpg
      • • http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/images/4600no324.001.jpg
      • • http://galenet.galegroup.com/servlet/History/hits?docNum=CD2105100411&tab=32&locID=new19334&origSearch=false&hdb=MW&t=RK&s=1&r=d&items=0&secondary=true&o=&sortOrder=RE&n=10&l=dB&sgPhrase=false&c=1&tabMap=55&bucket=bio&SU=Pisan