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  • Slide: This selection represents a series of books that are more amusing than scary, but offer enough of a chill for children who are not quite ready for more mature horror stories. Since they have a mostly animal cast of characters, they will be appealing to the younger end of the tween spectrum, and the reading level is lower than some of the other titles on this list.
  • Prolific writer, quality writing, young audience
  • Slide: An excellently constructed story in its own right, this book is unique among horror books for this age group in that it portrays a modern Native American family, rather than the more typical white American or British protagonists.
  • Different types of monsters
  • Humor, reluctant readers
  • Teen issues, diverse settings
  • Series – popular author
  • Horror titles for_tweens

    1. 1. Horror Titles for Tweens<br />Sarah Butts<br />Kelly GregorHartlaub<br />LIBR 264<br />Genre Project<br />
    2. 2. Defining the genre…<br />
    3. 3. Bunnicula<br /> Chester, the family cat, being very well-read, finds something familiar and sinister in the way the family’s new bunny sleeps all day, and seems to have tiny fangs instead of typical bunny teeth. Harold the dog thinks he’s being ridiculous, until all of the vegetables in the house begin turning up white and dry, drained of all their juice.<br />Awards and accolades:<br />1981 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award <br />1982 Young Reader's Choice Award <br />1982 Land of Enchantment Book Award <br />More…<br />1979<br />By Deborah and James Howe<br />ISBN 0-689-30700-4<br />Ages 8-12<br />98 Pages<br />
    4. 4. The House with the Clock in its Walls<br /> Lewis’ Uncle Jonathan has been trying for years to find the source of the interminable ticking coming from the walls of his house. When Lewis releases the ghost of an evil witch from her tomb, the search becomes urgent. Lewis, Uncle Jonathan, and Mrs. Zimmerman (their neighbor and also a witch) must find the clock and destroy it as it ticks away the moments before doomsday.<br /> Awards: <br /><ul><li>American Library Association Children's Books of International Interest Award 1973
    5. 5. New York Times Outstanding Books of 1973 Award</li></ul>1973<br />By John Bellairs<br />ISBN 0-14-036336-X<br />Ages 8-12<br />179 pages<br />
    6. 6. Coraline<br />Coraline is a bored 12-year-old girl who longs<br />for parents who aren’t too busy with their<br />work to have time for her. But when Coraline<br />finds a secret passageway to an alternate<br />reality with alternate parents who lavish<br />attention on her, she rethinks what she wants.<br />Awards:<br />School Library Journals Best Books (2002)<br />Best Books for Young Adults (YALSA, 2003)<br />Children’s Choices (International Reading Assoc., 2003)<br />Great Middle School Reads (ALSC, 2004)<br />2002<br />By Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean<br />ISBN 9780380977789<br />Ages 9-12<br />162 pages<br />
    7. 7. The Seer of Shadows<br />A young photographer’s apprentice stumbles<br />upon what seems like a valuable opportunity,<br />but instead may be propelled into a home of<br />cruelty, abuse, and perhaps even ghosts.<br />Awards:<br />Cybil Award Finalist (2008)<br />Publishers Weekly Book Review Stars (2008)<br />School Library Journal Best Books (2008)<br />Best Children’s Books of the Year (Bank Street College of Education, 2009)<br />Choices (Cooperative Children’s Book Center, 2009)<br />2008<br />By Avi<br />ISBN 9780060000165 <br />Ages 8-12<br />
    8. 8. Skeleton Man<br /> A stranger takes Molly to live in his house after her parents disappear, claiming to be her uncle. But when it becomes clear that she is his prisoner, Molly must trust the ancestors she meets in dreams to help her escape from the ghoulish creature who reminds her eerily of a Mohawk folktale her parents told when she was younger…<br />Awards and Accolades<br />2001 School Library Journal Best Books of the Year <br />2002American Library Association Notable Books for Children<br />And many more …<br />2001<br />By Joseph Bruchac<br />ISBN: 0-06-029076-5<br />Ages 9-14<br />112 pages<br />
    9. 9. The Dead Boys<br />A giant sycamore tree, monstrous from many years of absorbing radiated water through the parched desert soil, seeks the life force of young boys to keep it alive and strong. Teddy and the boys whose lives the tree has drained must try to stop it.<br />2010<br />By Royce Buckingham<br />ISBN 978-0-399-25222-8<br />Ages 9-14<br />201 pages<br />
    10. 10. The Ribbajackand Other Curious Yarns<br />Brian Jacques, the acclaimed author of the<br />Redwall series, presents six chilling stories that are perfect for telling ‘round a campfire. Subjects range from monsters to the “dark arts” to haunted schools.<br />Awards:<br />Best Books, Middle and Junior H.S. Library Catalog (H. W. Wilson, 2006)<br />2005<br />By Brian Jaques<br />ISBN 9780399242205<br />Ages 9-14<br />167 pages<br />
    11. 11. In the Land of the Lawn Weeniesand Other Warped and Creepy Tales<br /> David Lubar writes these creepy and funny tales which are all tied together by a common thread – being a kid can be scary! Some stories feature child-monsters, and others feature the horrors children can inflict on themselves, but all of them are funny.<br />2003<br />By David Lubar<br />ISBN -13 978-0-7653-4570-7<br />Ages 9-14<br />240 pages<br />
    12. 12. Dracula<br />Illustrated and abbreviated retelling of the<br />classic story by Bram Stoker. This shortened versions makes some changes to the original, but the result is an appealing story for tweens.<br />2010<br />By Nicky Raven, illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert<br />ISBN 9780763647933<br />Ages 10 and up<br />96 pages<br />
    13. 13. Ghostopolis<br />Garth Hale is accidentally trapped in<br />Ghostopolis, a ghost world, where he tries-<br />with the aid of his grandfather’s ghost--to get back to the land of the living. TenNapel tells this tale in graphic novel form.<br />2010<br />By Doug TenNapel<br />ISBN 9780545210287<br />Ages 10 and up<br />288 pages<br />
    14. 14. Full Tilt<br />Blake follows his daredevil brother Quinn to an otherworldly carnival, where the attractions are tailored to exploit each rider’s darkest fears and insecurities. Blake must survive the deadly rides, all the while trying to convince his ambivalent brother to choose life over an eternity in the service of the carnival’s demonic proprietress, Cassandra.<br />Awards and Accolades:<br /><ul><li> ALA’s Popular Paperbacks, 2005
    15. 15. International Reading Association – Young Adult Choice, 2005
    16. 16. New York Public Library Best Books for Teenagers Award List. 2005</li></ul>2003<br />By Neal Shusterman<br />ISBN 0-689-80374-5<br />Ages 10 and up<br />199 pages<br />
    17. 17. Raven’s Gate<br />
    18. 18. Cirque du Freak<br />Awards:<br />Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (VOYA, 2000)<br />Children’s Book Sense 76 Picks (Books Sense 76, 2001)<br />Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media (2001)<br />Best Children’s Books of the Year (Bank Street College of Education, 2002)<br />2002<br />By Darren Shan<br />ISBN 9780316603409 <br />Ages 10-14<br />
    19. 19. What Happened to Cass McBride?<br />Cass McBride didn’t think twice about<br />rejecting David Kirby. Now she finds herself buried alive in retaliation. This title is suitable for older tweens, or those who are capable of more mature content.<br />Awards:<br />YALSA Best Books for Young Adults (ALA, 2007)<br />Young Adults’ Choices (International Reading Association, 2008)<br />2008<br />By Gail Giles<br />ISBN 9780316166386<br />Ages 12 and up<br />211 pages<br />