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  1. 1. meet Satoshi what is Data Management ?
  2. 2. <ul><li>A.K.A….. </li></ul>
  3. 3. mr. Network or mr. Server & Storage
  4. 4. NO ……….. He is just sales manager but who knows IT industries very well
  5. 5. Objective ……… A position of Marketing and Sales where my coordinating, people and Sales skills would be of value and experience of channel sales skills for SIer and Hi-touch skills for end customers. He make use of the know-how of the IP Networking and data management that he cultivated in IP Networking and data management industry and want to contribute as business compliance solution, or sales manager in charge of such as HW and management software. Satoshi Muromatsu
  6. 6. Satoshi worked at………..
  7. 7. Satoshi worked at………..
  8. 8. Satoshi worked at………..
  9. 9. Satoshi worked at………..
  10. 10. Satoshi was working 10 years at ……… American Company with rapid IT wave
  11. 11. Satoshi always find new business in different IT trend . Nobody knows in the past.
  12. 12. Why ?
  13. 13. Good lucks ……… but not only
  14. 14. 1997 ……… He trust success of Internet business
  15. 15. 1997 Satoshi joined AOL AOL was small telecommunication company and nobody knows AOL became giant. Acquire Netscape next year and 20M Subscribers in World wide. 1999/Mar-1999/Dec. Dupty Manager Marketing Division Report to Vice President Half year of varied experience in Direct Marketing Conductor Managed all promotions,P&L management, retention plan, business planning Managed 10 marketing stuffs as follows Direct mailing Credit Card Alliance PC Vendors Alliance Retail Alliance Magazine and Book Alliance Event Manager Designer
  16. 16. 1999 ……… He trust success of IP Network deployment of enterprise
  17. 17. his boss move to Cisco Systems as Sales Director Cisco wanted to hire Sales Manager 200 peoples not so big company in Japan 2001 Cisco stocks became world No1 market cap But Internet bubble was going to burst soon! Satoshi decided to move Cisco 1999 Dec.-2001/June Senior sales Manager, Partner Sales Division Report to Director One year half of Fujitsu OEM sales expertise Accomplishments Track record in achieving sales goal / 20M USD (Y to Y 200%) Achieved over 50M USD a year as personal goal.Closed several national projects collaborate with Fujitsu ■ Fukuoka Gigabit Highway ( over 10M USD) ■KDDI ( Over 4M USD )
  18. 18. 2001 ……… He trust burst of Internet bubble and find opportunity at data storage business
  19. 19. Satoshi move to…AVID TECHNOLOGY After leave Cisco,he asked himself what company & business becomes trend of next generation Data Management Avid was small company stock $$ was under 8$ But it becomes over $60 when satoshi leave Avid 2001/July-2005/March Sales Director Internet Solutions / Broadcast Solutions Report to President Experience in direct touch consulting sales for Broadcaster Accomplishments Successfully established big deals Large Broadcaster in Kansai Area ( Shared storage systems for hard news programs) Sold million class systems and achieved over 5M USD a year as hi-touch sales structure. This is Avid success story as follows:
  20. 20. 2005 ……… He trust data management business will become next trend .... Business compliance
  21. 21. Satoshi moved to NetApp 2005, his colleague joined NetApp and invited him to launch new business Small company, but dedicate storage solutions DR and Backup solutions Business compliance Archiving 2005-2007/12 Senior Manager, Channel Partner Sales Division Experience in direct touch consulting sales for Broadcasters In charge of “Senior Manager ” to take care major SI Partners Target revenue 20M USD , achieved 19M USD Last year Accomplishments Successfully established big deals Large mobile network Japan ( ORACLE DWH)Sold million class systems designed by NetApp Hi-touch to every senior class director, they agreed to adopt my proposal,
  22. 22. 2008 ……… He leave NetApp by his personal reason, but he still thinking about IT trend of next 10 years
  23. 23. What's that ?
  24. 24. Top secret for others exclude the company he choose…..
  25. 25. Strength of Satoshi ….. … .and he is Self-starter Excellent communication and Relationship-building skills Valuable contact in the enterprise market ( include SIer) 23year`s sales and marketing experience in the IT industry Direct touch and consulting sales skills Channel management sales skills Cutting Edge computer based management Skills Strategic Alliance building skills
  26. 26. Satoshi’s Education … he learned Football! B.A. in Economics, Chuo University 1982
  27. 27. Satoshi loves Sea and Sailing He used be top sailor of Japan Still now... Healthy and Strong! World Championships 2004 World Championships 2005 World Championships 2006 World Championships 2007 He tried to be candidate of Olympic Games at Beijing last December World Championships at BRAZIL 2005
  28. 28. Now he start to get new job . Using a Network to find opportunities .