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  1. 1. Dear students get fully solved assignments Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id : “ ” or Call us at : 08263069601 (Prefer mailing. Call in emergency ) These are just questions. To check our sample with answers (9-10 lines) check our later uploads in blog archive. SEM 2 BSCIT FALL 2013 BT0068, Computer Organization and Architecture 1 Convert the following binary numbers to octal: a. 101110 b. 111010 c. 110110 d. 101010 e. 110010 2 Explain all the arithmetic microoperations. 3 Explain CPU organization of 8085 microprocessor with diagram. 4 Explain the fundamental Computer Architectures. 5 Explain any five addressing modes with example. 6 Explain direct and associative mapping functions. BT0069, Discrete Mathematics 1 Let A ={ 1,2,3,4 }, B = { 3,4,5,6 } and C = { 1,4,7,8 } , verify that a) A ? B ? C = (A ? B) ? C
  2. 2. b) A ? B ? C = A ? (B ? C ) 2 If pth ,qth, rth terms of G.P are x, y, z respectively. Prove that x q-r. y r-p. z p-q = 1 3 How many different two digit positive integers can be formed from the digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. ((i) When repetition is not allowed (ii) When repetition is allowed. 4 Solve the recurrence an = -3an-1 + 10an-2, n ? 2, given a0 = 1, a1 = 4. Consider the lattice A = {0, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, 1} given below. 5 Check whether the following set of vectors is LD or LI (i) {(1, 0, 0), (2 , 0, 0), (0, 0, 1)}, (ii) {(1, 0, 1) , (1, 1, 0), (1, 1, -1)} 6 Prove the theorem. (i) Let (L, ?) be a lattice ordered set. Define x ? y = inf (x, y), and x ? y = sup (x, y). Then (L, ?, ?) is an algebraic lattice. (ii) Let (L, ?, ?) be an algebraic lattice. Define x ? y ? x ? y = x, The n(L, ?) is a lattice ordered set. BT0070, Operating Systems 1 What is operating System? Explain any two types of operating systems. 2 Explain Preemptive and Non-preemptive scheduling approaches. 3 Explain process state with diagram. 4 Explain the concept of paging with the help of an example. 5 Explain the methods of directory implementation. 6 Explain any two basic architectures for multiprocessor interconnections. BT0071, Technical Communication 1 Explain meaning of technical writers and also explain its role. 2 What is Audience Analysis? Explain its significance in Technical Communication.
  3. 3. 3 Explain any five things that are needed to be kept in mind before interview. BT0072, Computer Networks 1 What is OSI model? Explain all its layers with diagram. 2 Write a short note on ALOHA protocols. 3 What is the function of data link layer? Explain the services of the data link layer. 4 Explain sliding window protocol. 5 Discuss any two design issues of Session Layer. 6 What is firewall? Explain components of firewall system. SEM 5 BSCIT FALL 2013 BT0086, Mobile Computing 1 Write notes on FDMA and CDMA techniques. 2 Explain the three basic communication modes. 3 Differentiate circuit switching and packet switching techniques. 4 Explain any two table driven routing protocol. 5 Explain BCH, CCCH, DCCH control channels. 6 Write short notes on: a. wireless routing protocol b. global state routing BT0087, WML and WAP Programming 1 Write short note on WAP toolkit software. 2 What is WML input field? Explain WML password input field. 3 Explain Naming convention for WML Scripts and Characteristics of the functions in WML scripts.
  4. 4. BT0088, Cryptography and Network Security 1 What is the need for security? Explain types of security attacks. 2 List substitution techniques. Explain Ceaser’s cipher. 3 Explain in brief types of encryption systems. 4 Explain authentication header with necessary diagrams. 5 Explain the processing of Encrypted E-Mail 6 Explain characteristics of good security policy. BT903, C# Programming 1 Explain Object Oriented Concepts. 2 Write are constructors? Explain overload and copy constructors. 3 Explain boxing and unboxing with examples. 4 What is exception? Explain exception handling mechanism in C#. 5 Explain console input and output with suitable examples. 6 List the methods to create the sample windows application on .NET using the Microsoft Visual Studio. Write steps to create form on .NET using the Microsoft Visual Studio. BT9001, Data Mining 1 Define data mining. Also explain how data mining works. 2 What is Business Intelligence? Explain the significance of BI in various fields. 3 What is OLAP? Give Comparison between OLAP and OLTP systems. 4 Explain web content mining and Web content mining problems. 5 What is the use of data mining in biomedical engineering? Explain. 6 Discuss the need of data mining in security systems.
  5. 5. SEM 6 BCA FALL 2013 BT0092, Software Project Management 1 Explain the four P’s for the effective software project management. 2 Explain any ten CASE tools. 3 List all the project management activities and explain any eight of it. 4 Differentiate between ISO 9001 & SEI-CMM. 5 Differentiate between black box and white box testing techniques. 6 Explain Business Process Reengineering. Computer Graphics, BT9301, 1 What is computer graphics? Explain representative uses of computer graphics. 2 Explain graphics workstation with diagram. 3 Explain the raster scan display system with diagram. 4 Explain boundary fill and flood fill algorithm. 5 Explain in brief Liang-Barsky Line Clipping Algorithm 6 What is shear? Explain X shear and Y shear. BT9402, Artificial Intelligence 1 Define AI. And explain the types of AI tasks. 2 List Advances in Artificial Intelligence in several areas and explain any two of them. 3 State water jug problem and explain it as a state space. 4 Explain in brief the two building parts of expert system. 5 Briefly describe the hardware required for robot. 6 What is purpose of backtracking? Why is it important in artificial intelligence? Dear students get fully solved assignments
  6. 6. Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id : “ ” or Call us at : 08263069601 (Prefer mailing. Call in emergency ) These are just questions. To check our sample with answers (9-10 lines) check our later uploads in blog archive. BSCIT SEM 1 SUMMER 2013 BT0062 – Fundamentals of IT – 4 Credits 1. Explain the Impact of Information Technology on governments and educational organizations 2. Explain application and system software. 3. Briefly explain real time and distributed operating system. 4. Perform the following arithmetic operations in binary: (i)11011 – 11110 (ii)1110 + 1100 (iii)1011 * 110 (iv)1111 / 111 (v) 10010 +1111 5. Explain different basic parts of Power Point Window 6. Write short notes on router and ISP. BT0063 – Mathematics for IT – 4 Credits 1. In a group of 50 people, 35 speak Hindi, 25 speak both English and Hindi and all the people speak at least one of the two languages. How many people speak only English and not Hindi ? How many people speak English? 2. Show that a) (p Ú q) Ú (~ p) is a tautology. b) (p Ù q) Ù (~ p) is a contradiction. 3. Prove that the intersection of two subgroups of a group is again a subgroup. 4. A circular wheel is rotating at the rate of 25 revolutions per minute. If the radius of the wheel is 50 cms, find the distance covered by a point on the rim in one second (Take p = 3.1416) 5. Find the Cube roots of the Complex f numbers i+1 and express it in the Argand diagram.
  7. 7. 6 Derive the necessary and sufficient condition for the differential equation Mdx + Ndy to be exact BT0064 – Logic Design – 4 Credits 1. Convert the following hexadecimal numbers to base 2. a) (D73)16 b) (A21)16 2. Convert the following binary numbers to base 16 : a. (11001011)2 b. (11100011)2 3. Explain ring counter with diagrams. 4. Simplify the following three-variable Boolean functions algebraically: a. f1 = Σ1, 2, 5, 6 b. f2 = Σ0, 1, 2, 3, 7 5. Minimize the following functions using Quine-McCluskey tabular method: a. f ( A, B, C, D) = å0,1,3,6,9,10,11,12,14,15 b. f ( A, B, C, D, E) = å0,1,5,8,11,12,14,16,20,21,25,27,28,30,31 (with don’t care terms 2,7,13,22,23) 6. Explain operation and application of digital to analog convertor. BT0065 – C Programming and Data Structures – 3 Credits 1. Define and explain flow chart with an example. 2. Write an algorithm to print all even numbers in descending order and draw the flowchart. 3. Explain while and do-while statement with an example. 4. Distinguish library functions and user defined functions. 5. Explain Breadth-first traversal of a tree also write algorithm for it. 6. Explain binary search and write algorithm for it.
  8. 8. BT0066 – Database Management Systems – 3 Credits 1. What are relationships? Explain the relationship types. 2. Explain Second Normal and Third Normal Form 3. Explain query engine and storage manager in MySQL architecture. 4. Explain any five Relational database components. 5. What are the benefits of making the system catalogs relations? 6. Explain any five Alternative Objective Oriented Database Strategies. Dear students get fully solved assignments Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id : “ ” or Call us at : 08263069601 (Prefer mailing. Call in emergency ) These are just questions. To check our sample with answers (9-10 lines) check our later uploads in blog archive. BSCIT- SEM 4 SUMMER 2013 BT0080 – Fundamentals of Algorithms – 4 Credits 1. Write the different characteristics of an algorithm. 2. Explain in brief the asymptotic notations. 3. Write an algorithm of insertion sort and explain with an example. 4. Write short notes on (i) Path matrix (ii) Circuit Matrix. 5. Explain Greedy method strategy and also write algorithm for it. 6. Find the in-degree and out-degree of the following digraph: BT0081 – Software Engineering – 4 Credits
  9. 9. 1. Give the two roles of the software process. 2. Explain software maintenance and it types. 3. Explain RAD model and its phases. 4. Explain spiral model and its phases. 5. Explain inheritance with an example. 6. Explain top down and bottom up integration testing BT0082 – Visual Basic – 4 Credits 1. The components of the .NET Framework also give a diagram for this. 2. Explain Code Editor Window and Solution Explorer. 3. Write a VB program to sort and display an array of integers in ascending and descending order using the array concept in VB. Net. 4. Explain arithmetic and relational operators in 5. Explain If…Then… Else statement in with an example. 6. Describe the following methods of the Object class in VB.Net: a. Equals and ReferenceEquals b. MemberWiseClone BT0083 – Server Side Programming - Theory – 4 Credits 1. What is HTTP? How does it work? 2. What are the various methods of HttpServletResponse interface? 3. What is Web server? What are the various Web servers? 4. What are attributes? Explain tags with attributes. 5. What are the ways of handling exception? Explain any two in detail. 6. Explain the need for Model View Controller (MVC).
  10. 10. BSCIT- SEM 6 SUMMER 2013 BT0092 – Software Project Management – 4 Credits 1. Explain black box and white box testing techniques. 2. Explain different roles of the software development? 3. List out different project development stages in detail? 4. Explain any ten CASE tools. 5. What is CMM? Explain its various levels? 6. Explain software reengineering and technical problems of reengineering. BT9301 – Computer Graphics – 4 Credits 1. Explain boundary fill and flood fill polygon filling algorithm. 2. Draw and explain the block diagram of typical workstation. 3. Explain the raster scan display system. 4. With the help of a block diagram explain the display system with only frame buffer. 5. Explain the steps in DDA line drawing algorithm. 6. Write a short note on orthographic projection and oblique projection. BT9402 – Artificial Intelligence – 4 Credits 1. What do you mean by semantic networks? Explain inheritance in semantic networks. 2. Explain Partitioned semantic networks with an example. 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of CD? 4. Define expert system and explain applications and architectural principals of expert system. 5. What do you mean by the term “Robotics”? Explain. 6. Explain general learning model with necessary diagrams. Dear students get fully solved assignments Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :
  11. 11. “ ” or Call us at : 08263069601 (Prefer mailing. Call in emergency ) These are just questions. To check our sample with answers (9-10 lines) check our later uploads in blog archive.