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Poverty Powerpoint by Vallnessa, Emily and Alicia
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Poverty Powerpoint by Vallnessa, Emily and Alicia


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  • Hi, our names are Vanessa, Alicia, and Emily, and our group is called “Leap over Poverty”. Our topic is child poverty in Shanghai.
  • Transcript

    • 1. LEAP OVER POVERTY Right here in Shanghai By: Vanessa Chun , Emily Yang , and Alicia Li
    • 2.
      • Background
    • 3. What is Poverty?
    • 4. Poverty is…
      • At, poverty is described as “a state of privation and lack of necessities. Poverty denotes serious lack of the means for proper existence.”
      • There are three kinds of poverty: relative, moderate , and extreme .
      • Relative poverty: needs to live, such as food, sanitation, and health care are met, but just barely.
      • Moderate poverty: live on 1 to 2 dollars per day
      • Extreme poverty: less than 1 dollar per day
      • 18 million people die every year because of extreme poverty and 30,000 children die every day.
    • 5. Why is this issue a global one?
      • Poverty should affect everyone, but the sad reality is…
      • it doesn’t .
      Of the total 6 billion people in the world 3 billion are living in poverty.
    • 6.
      • If this doesn’t affect you and me,
      • why should we care?
      • Imagine you yourself representing the half of the population living in poverty.
      • Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
      • If we do not stop poverty soon, the world will be a completely different place, and everyone must go through the change. To name a few, the world population will change, and malnutrition will spread throughout the world.
    • 7. What does a dollar mean to you?
      • You
      • A pen
      • A piece of candy
      • A small drink
      • A pack of gum
      • A pad of paper
      • Probably something you will use for a day, and throw away the next.
      • Poor
      • Another day to live
    • 8. Just So You Know…
      • People living in moderate and extreme poverty live on less than 2 dollars a day, while in America and Europe, they pay the same amount to support a cow.
    • 9. The Main Problem: People in poverty have children The parents don’t have money to provide a good life for their child The child also lives in poverty The children grow up and cannot support their families. The Poverty Cycle
    • 10. What is being done?
      • There are many organizations trying to help prevent and stop poverty. The URLs to these websites can be found on our Wiki
      • (
      • Globally
      • EndPovery2015: Millennium Campaign (UN)
      • MercyCorps
      • Kiva
      • Locally
      • The Charles Foundation
      • Home Sweet Home
    • 11.
      • Case Study
    • 12. Why did you choose this topic?
      • Our group chose this topic because we wanted to work locally in China, and we wanted to help kids who are less fortunate than us so they can have a chance at living their lives in a better way. We want to help this generation break out of poverty and push China further towards the goal of the eradication of poverty by 2015.
    • 13. YouTubes
      • World On Fire:
      • Other YouTubes:
    • 14.  
    • 15. What is your organization and what are they doing to stop your issue?
      • We decided to focus on an educational sponsorship program called AmCham Shanghai Sunrise , and it was started in China. It represents 1,500 companies and 3,500 individual members.
      • You can:
      • Sponsor a student
      • Volunteer your time
      • Sponsor a library
      • Participate in the Shanghai Sunrise University Scholarship Program
    • 16. What we like about it It’s unique Allows you to help in many different ways You can help out more than just one person We can help kids who live in our area
    • 17.
      • Interactive Activity
    • 18. “ Leap over Poverty” The Game
      • How to play:
      • The game begins with each player rolling the die. The person who rolls the highest number goes first.
      • According to the order of the rolls, everyone randomly chooses a mission.
      • The first person then picks up a question card and attempts to answer it. If it is answered incorrectly, the player stays in the same place. If it is answered correctly, the player rolls the die, and moves that many spaces forward.
      • The player reads the space and follows the directions (see Index).
      • Repeat steps 3-4 with all other players in order until game is finished.
      • Please read over fact sheet given.
    • 19.
      • Action Plan
    • 20. About Us
      • Our group is called Leap Over Poverty.
      • We plan to raise at least 6,000 RMB through various fundraisers such as:
      • Movie Nights
      • Talent Shows
      • Bake sales
      • Auctions
      • We are going to use this money to sponsor a library in Shanghai, through Shanghai Sunrise.
    • 21.
      • “ The poor are poor because the rich are rich. ”
      • ~Author Unknown
    • 22. Our Aim
      • We want to show people how poverty affects the people that we can’t see. Our purpose is to educate people about the importance of this vital issue.
    • 23. Our Message
      • “ Every child deserves a fair chance.”
      • ~Free the Children
      • No one should have to go through what these poor children are going through. We think that it is only fair to help stop the problem, and that everyone should help as well.
    • 24. Goals
      • Short-term
      • We are planning fundraisers to raise at least 6,000 RMB for our long-term goal.
      • Long-term
      • Using the money raised from the fundraisers, we will send the money to Shanghai Sunrise to sponsor a library.
    • 25.
      • “ Poverty is like being punished for a crime you didn’t commit.”
      • ~Eli Khamarov
    • 26. GET INVOLVED!!
      • Go to our Wiki, and there, you will find a list of websites pertaining to child poverty not just in Shanghai, but all around China. Get involved and be a part of changing the world!
    • 27.
      • Conclusion
    • 28. Something to Think About…
      • Every child deserves a chance in life, and by donating, you could be saving what would have been a wasted life.
      • Poverty is the root of all problems. By helping to eradicate poverty, it would be like killing one hundred birds with one stone.
    • 29. “ Society comprises two classes: those who have more food than appetite, and those who have more appetite than food. ” ~Sébastien-Roch Nicholas de Chamfort
    • 30. Remember…
      • … leaving someone in poverty with no food, education, or healthcare, is a violation of human rights just as much as TOTURE is.
    • 31. Last But Not Least…
      • The next time you have change in your pocket, think of the 3 billion people in the world that might need it more than you.
      • Remember: Every penny counts. 100 pennies add up to one dollar, and one dollar is another day to live.