Poverty Powerpoint by Audrey, Lexi, Sophia and Wendy
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Poverty Powerpoint by Audrey, Lexi, Sophia and Wendy






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Poverty Powerpoint by Audrey, Lexi, Sophia and Wendy Poverty Powerpoint by Audrey, Lexi, Sophia and Wendy Presentation Transcript

  • The Eradication of Poverty By: Wendy Zhang, Audrey Goettl, Sophia Waller, and Lexie Krause Image from: http://nextgr8twriter.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/poverty.jpg
  • Why is Poverty a Global Issue?
    • Affects people all over the world
    • People are suffering from deadly epidemics
    • They are living in extreme conditions
    • Half of the world’s population don’t have basic living necessities
    • Most children living in poverty don’t have a proper education
  • Affects of Poverty
    • Diseases
    • Living in substandard housing
    • Not getting a proper education
    • Lack of basic needs
    • Conflicts
    • Unliterary
  • Image From: http://www.elca.org/hunger/resources/hungerdramas/graphics/image%203-children%20in%20poverty.jpg
  • Background
    • 30,000 children die a day due to poverty
    • Nearly 3 billion people, half the world’s population, live in extreme poverty
    • About 1 billion people went into the 21 st century without being able to read or write just their name
    • 6 million children under the age of five die a year due to poverty
  • What is being done?
    • Organizations, countries and programs are trying to help put an end to poverty
    • United Nations is focusing on putting an end to extreme poverty and hunger
    • Organizations are providing basic living supplies and giving an education to people
    • Oxfam International helps people start businesses
    • Giving micro-loans
  • Case Study
    • According to Peter Moszynski from High Wire Press, girls in Southern Sudan are more likely to die in childbirth than complete primary school
    • Providing at least a primary education for Southern Sudanese people
    • Sending money to organizations that provide basic living essentials
      • Health care, water, mosquito netting, food, clothing, shelter
  • Image from: http://www.genderandhealth.ca/en/modules/poverty/imageContent/JBUHX86N.jpg
  • We chose this topic because…
    • Very few people know about the situation in Southern Sudan
    • Southern Sudan is not as well known as Darfur; not a lot of media
    • Southern Sudan is facing the same amount of problems as places such as Darfur, but is not as well known
  • Links and YouTube Videos
    • You Tube Videos: -United Nations Development Goals http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v =vddX4n30sXY
        • -Make Poverty History
        • http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v =kWX0XwGxfFo
    • Links -CARE http:// www.care.org /
      • -ONE
        • http:// www.one.org/takeaction /
  • What organization is working on this issue and what are they doing?
    • Mercy Corps
    • Building homes and schools
    • Doing work at refugee camps
    • Provides health services, household supplies, food, water and other basic living necessities
  • What do we like about Mercy Corps?
    • Mercy Corps gives humanitarian aid and supplies rather than sending the money to the government
    • Works on a lot of problems
    • Has a variety of programs
  • DED
    • Organization that is working in Sudan
    • Have many projects
    • Created a vocational school in Khartoum for Southern Sudanese people
    • Have workshops, integration programs, provide medical service, promote peace
  • What do we like about DED?
    • They work with the people
    • Teaches them a lot of skills
    • Promotes important things, such as integration and peace
    • Their work is in a lot of different areas in Sudan
  • Interactive Activities!
  • Think…
    • How far do you have to go to get water?
    • What do you worry about on a daily basis?
    • How hard do you have to work in order to get a good meal?
    • What do you do when you are sick or get hurt?
    • What type of area do you live in?
    Activity 1:
    • What is your definition of poverty? Based on what you’ve seen and learned, has that definition changed?
    • Get into groups (we’ll assign them) and discuss these questions
    • Write down your definition of poverty on a sheet of construction paper
    • Share with the group
    Activity 2:
    • “ Poverty is the worst form of violence.”
    • – Mahatma Ghandi
    • Write a reflection on this quote.
    • Share and discuss with your groups.
    • Pick the best reflection per group
    • Discussion with entire group
    Activity 3:
  • Mercy Corps
    • How we want to model our action plan after the work Mercy Corps is doing:
    • Mercy Corps has had many successful projects
    • We plan to actually do something about the problem in Southern Sudan
    • Actually buy the supplies and help the people
    • Raise awareness about Mercy Corps
  • S.P.I.P Saving People In Poverty
    • Inform people in our community and at our school about poverty in Southern Sudan
    • Encourage others to support this organization and this cause
    • Start fundraisers
    • Send money to people in Sudan
  • Our Aim and Purpose
    • We are doing this because we want to influence people and help them to believe that they can make a difference in the world
  • Our Message
    • If everyone is informed about the magnitude of this issue, the more likely they will want to help stop poverty
  • Our Short Term Goals
    • Learn more about the issue
    • Raise awareness about this issue
    • Get in contact with people who are doing something to help
    • Raise money to send to organizations working with Southern Sudanese people
  • Long Term Goals
    • Continue to raise money and send it to organizations
    • Continue raising awareness
    • Continue our work throughout high school and college
  • Our Wiki
    • Link to our Wiki http://global-challenge.wikispaces.com/Categories+Hum1+Group1
    • Our Wiki contains information about this issue and what you can do to help
    • Has links to other organizations and petitions that you can sign
  • Organizations/Petitions
    • Oxfam International
    • World Bank
    • UNICEF
    • UNDP
    • Save the Children
    • ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History
  • Why is this issue important?
    • It takes away people’s chances for a better and more successful lifestyle
    • People are deprived of the education that they deserve
    • It affects the entire world, thus making it an important issue
  • Why should you do something?
    • It affects over half of the world’s population
    • You could help save the lives of millions of people of all ages
    • “ Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robison
    • Image from: http://www.ed.ac.uk/annualreview/0405/images/poverty.jpg
    Reach Out. Speak Out. Be Heard.