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Labor Powerpoint by Liam, Theo and Tom
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Labor Powerpoint by Liam, Theo and Tom


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Published in: Career

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  • 1. migrant Workers at Shanghai American School, Pudong campus “ God sells us all things at the price of labor ” ~ Leonardo da Vinci by Liam Mcgrath tomas smolka theo yip IMT International Migration team
  • 2. Background
    • International labor and migration are important global issues because not only women and children are being exploited, but immigrant workers are also being abused.
    http:// content . clearchannel . com / Photos / kids ?N=D
  • 3. Background
    • The Asian and pacific regions harbor the largest number of child workers in the 5-24 age group, 127.3 million in total (19 percent of children work in the region)! s/hl/hl1198.html
  • 4. Background
    • Most importantly the young children get their dreams stolen, they don’t get a fulfilling youth, and they don’t get any education at all. About 218 million children in the age 5-17 take part in child labor, not including domestic labor.
  • 5.
    • Why is this issue a global one?
    • What is the main problem?
    • People around the world are being abused and manipulated
    • for money hungry businessmen
        • They didn’t receive a good education not allowing them to have a good job
    • Millions of immigrants in China are being mistreated
    • They have rights, and they aren’t being obeyed
  • 6. How is this issue affecting the world?
    • Immigrant families are forced to do menial jobs
    • Some families the children are even forced into labor
    • Families are starving
    • People can’t afford food and shelter
  • 7. Case Study
    • We chose to focus on the unfair treatment of
    • migrant workers at SAS Pudong.,9171,1576831,00.html
  • 8. Why We Chose This Topic
    • We chose this topic because the problem is happening around the world.
    • It happens in China so we can try to help them here
    • Not enough people are trying to help the cause
  • 9. Video links
    • http:// =VAKFR5uksgo
    • http:// =MK8Y2S5k0Is
  • 10. What is being done to stop, prevent or fix this issue?
    • Not enough people getting Involved
    • People don’t realize how drastic it is
    • Only a few groups are trying to fix this issue
    • blog .lib. umn . edu /mcdon469/ architecture /
  • 11. Homeless Migrant workers
  • 12.
  • 13. Links
  • 14. What are they doing?
    • To try and fix this issue they are sending in teams to different countries to interview, help work, helping get their rights, and get food for the people.
    • They are also raising awareness, which is good because not enough people are aware of how drastic international labor is.
  • 15. Things we like about their program
    • What I like most about their program is that its just such a big organization. They can send crews everywhere plus they have a lot of money that they give to charity.
    • Also I like how they directly try to help, not like some other NGO’s that just send money and are satisfied.
  • 16.
  • 17. Interactive Activity
    • In your global issues
    • groups, write the answers to the following questions.
  • 18. Interactive Activity
    • What percent of labor workers are women?
  • 19. Interactive Activity
    • How many children from the ages 4-17 work in the labor force?
  • 20. Interactive Activity
    • How many labor workers are there in China? memoir/Ambco/officer1.html
  • 21. I.M.T
    • Our name is IMT, International Migration Team. We want to fight against the bad treatment of immigrant workers in China. title=1242455955&channel=86259178
  • 22. Aim
    • Our group, I.M.T. (International Migration Team) is focused on the migrant workers in Shanghai
  • 23. Aim
    • Connect with some of the migrant workers here, or near the close by area
    • Make a you tube video because a lot of people go to you tube every day
    • Raise awareness of this issue, very little people know much about it
  • 24. Purpose and Message
    • Our group wants to tell people about our issue because of the unfair treatments and labor.
    • In Chinese factories people get abused and they get the worse working environments
  • 25. Purpose and Message
    • In these factories or construction sites people get an unsafe workplace and they don't get the basic protection equipments.
    • In their dorms over 15 men share a dormitory not bigger than a common bedroom. We hope to tell people our message by raising awareness and starting mini organizations in schools all around china.
  • 26. Short term goals
    • 1. Make a you tube 2.Learn about this issue ourselves and educate others 3. Get people to donate money by bake sales and other activities
  • 27. Long term goals
    • 1.Present our presentation at the GIN conference 2. Connect the NGO's with the migrant workers so they could get help if they need some 3. Keep on learning and educating ourselves and the others.
  • 28. Wiki Information
    • Our wiki has information about labor migration in China.
    • It has images that shows the severity of Improper treatment of immigrants in china.
    • Our wiki also shows statistics about how drastic the problem is here in China
  • 29. Organizations/Petitions
    • If you would like to join an organization against the bad treatment of migrant workers you may visit the Mercy Corps, UNESCO, or ILO websites.
  • 30. Why should you care??
    • People should really care about this because not only adult men are involved in International labor but also women and children are being treated wrong and getting hurt.
    http://sun3.lib. uci . edu / jariel /History40CSp04. htm
  • 31. “ I was the son of an immigrant. I experienced bigotry, intolerance, and prejudice, even as so many of you have. Instead of allowing these things to embitter me, I took them as spurs to make strenuous effort” ~ Andre Bernard Buruch slideshows/electronincs-dirty-secret?page=10