The Social Customer Engagement Index Results Analysis Webinar


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Results analysis webinar of The Social Customer Engagement Index 2012. Webinar replay available here: Whitepaper download available here:

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The Social Customer Engagement Index Results Analysis Webinar

  1. 1. The Social Customer Engagement Index 2012: Results Analysis WebinarBrought to you by &
  2. 2. How to Participate• Submit your questions in the GoToWebinar presentation window• Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #SMTlive• The webinar will be recorded and available for replay in a couple of days on Social Media Today. The slides will also be available for download.
  3. 3. About the PanelBrent Leary, @BrentLeary, is a CRM industry analyst, advisor,author, speaker and award winning blogger. He is co-founderand Partner of CRM Essentials LLC.Becky Carroll, @bcarroll7, is the Author of The Hidden Powerof Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your BusinessThrough Existing Customers (Wiley, 2011).
  4. 4. About the PanelLaurie Brooks, @LLBean_PR, is the Sr. Public Relations Representativefor L.L. Bean. Laurie spearheaded L.L.Bean into the social media spacein November 2008.Jason Duty, @JasonDatDell, is the Director Global Social OutreachServices (SOS), at Dell | Worldwide Consumer and Small & MediumBusiness Group.Laurie Meacham, @LaurieAMeacham, is the Manager CustomerCommitment at JetBlue Airways where she has oversight of the SocialMedia Support Team. In 2009 Laurie became one of the foundingcrewmembers of the airlines then fledgling social media team.
  5. 5. Key Results from the Survey• 30% of more experienced organizations spent >$100K on social media for customer service• 25.2% of smaller companies handle over 25% of customer service issues via social media• 41% of those with >1000 employees use online branded communities• Impact of social media on customer service is greater the longer companies use social media (65-70%)• 58% of companies using social media > 2 years are fully integrated with traditional customer service• 34-44% of companies plan to fully integrate social media into customer service in next 2 years
  6. 6. Very Satisfied/Very Positive• 2X as likely to have 2+ yrs experience• 2.7X more likely to handle 25%+ customer interactions• Almost 2X likely to have fully integrated processes• 2X more likely to use social profiles, KBs and other data sources to handle customer service inquiries
  7. 7. The Rise of Branded Communities
  8. 8. Key Results from the Survey• Conflict: – Over 71.2% use social for their customer interactions – 68.5% say social has positive or higher impact on addressing customer needs – However 77.6% budget less than $50k for social initiatives• Branded Communities: – Branded Communities come in 3rd for what channels companies use, but are considered the most effective channel for companies using social for 2 years or more• Multi-Channel Engagement: – 48.7% have no plans to invest in mobile solutions over the next 12 months – 44.8% of companies do not have mobile solutions to engage their customers• Teams or Culture: – 33.6% of companies have a dedicated social team for customer care – 31.4% say ‘management buy-in’ is the biggest obstacle for engaging customers on social platforms
  9. 9. Customer Service Social Media Team• Team Members = 12• Monthly Twitter and Facebook interactions: 5,800+• L.L.Bean customer service social media team created - October 2010• Social channels – Facebook , Twitter and Q & A• Most active social channel for customer service: Twitter• Measurement: # of “L.L.Bean” mentions vs. # of CS responses
  10. 10. Dell Social Media Customer Support 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20 11 20 12 100 Agents 14 Languages Supported 15k Direct Interactions per Month 1x1 Support 1xMany Community Outreach, Resolve Support Health Followers, Reach, Rate, Outcomes Unassisted, Peer- Answer Rates to-peer10 Confidential 10/31/2012
  11. 11. JetBlue Social Media• The Social Media Support Team consists of 23 Crewmembers• We see approximately 30,000 mentions each month and roughly 5,000 of those prompt some type interaction• We’ve been using social channels to speak to our customers for nearly four years, but the team was formalized in October 2010• We engage with customers on Twitter and Facebook• Over 90% of our interactions are on Twitter• We measure success through the quality of our responses and by ensuring that we’re providing 24/7support to listen, inform and engage
  12. 12. Thanks for Joining Us• This webinar will be available on-demand at Stop by to learn more and share your comments.• Connect with our panelists on Social Media Today using the search function: