Making an Impact on Facebook: Buy Attention, or Earn It?


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  • When we run ads we see that the organic and viral components increase.
  • Maybe show a few screens of the results-- for example, the cost per lead under a dollar at one point.Let's show some counts for other B2B micro-targeting we're doing, search ads, etc....  We have multiple B2B examples to pull from-- clients or pending clients.
  • Making an Impact on Facebook: Buy Attention, or Earn It?

    1. 1. Brought to you byMaking an Impact on Facebook: Buy Attention, or Earn It?
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    3. 3. Join the Conversation…Panelists: @zachmangum @dennisyu @douglaskarr & @pauldunay
    4. 4. Our Speakers#smtliveDouglas Karr is the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, Chief Blogger/Founder of theMarketing TechnologyBlog, CEO of DK New Media and Public Speaker. DK New Media is an inbound marketing agency that works withorganizations who wish to leverage online strategies to build inbound marketing efforts using new mediastrategies, including search and social media. Douglas is a proud Navy Veteran, serving honorably in Desert Shieldand Desert Storm. His Agency is a certified Veteran-owned Small Business. @douglaskarrPaul Dunay is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demandand creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional servicesorganizations. Paul is the Global Vice President of Marketing for Maxymiser, a leader in web optimization andanalytics, and author of five “Dummies” books. Connect with Paul on his blog Marketing Darwinism or Twitterfeed @pauldunayZach Mangum cofounded GroSocial in 2010 and served as its CEO from inception up until the company wasacquired by Infusionsoft in 2012. Zach has provided social media marketing services, technology, and consulting tothousands of businesses worldwide with a particular emphasis and specialty in helping small businesses andstartups. Prior to his involvement with GroSocial Zach consulted startups and other small business owners as adirector at Lendio, a Utah-based startup that connects businesses with financing sources. @zachmagnumDennis Yu is CEO of BlitzMetrics. He has helped brands grow and measure their Facebook presence and isan internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook marketing, having been featured on National PublicRadio, TechCrunch, Fox News, AllFacebook, CBS Evening News, and KTLA-TV. Yu has also counseled theFederal Trade Commission on privacy issues for social networks. Dennis has held leadership positions atYahoo! and American Airlines. @dennisyu
    5. 5. FacebookThe Largest Marketplace in the WorldDouglas Karr @mktgtechbloghttp://www.marketingtechblog
    6. 6. Facebookis the#1 MobileApplication Karr @mktgtechbloghttp://www.marketingtechblog
    7. 7. OnAverage,we spend alot of timeonFacebook Karr @mktgtechbloghttp://www.marketingtechblog
    8. 8. Facebookaccountsfor almosthalf of allsocialactivity Karr @mktgtechbloghttp://www.marketingtechblog
    9. 9. 15% ofConsumersuseFacebook tofind LOCALbusinesses Karr @mktgtechbloghttp://www.marketingtechblog
    10. 10. What Motivates Facebook Users to “Like” Companies?• 40% - to receive discounts• 39% - to show support• 36% - to get a “freebie”• 34% - to stay informed• 33% - to get updates on future products• 30% - to get updates on upcoming sales• 29% - for fun and entertainment• 25% - to get access to exclusive content• 22% - someone recommended it to me• 21% - to learn more about the company• 13% - for education about company topics• 13% - to interact (share ideas, provide feedback)Source: ExactTarget/BalihooDouglas Karr @mktgtechbloghttp://www.marketingtechblog
    11. 11. 12Facebook is an addiction Photo byStewart Quealy@dennisyu
    12. 12. 13“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range ofthought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, becausethere will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever beneeded, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly definedand all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. … Every year fewerand fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.- George Orwell, 1984@dennisyu
    13. 13. 14What is the conversationaround your brand?Are you giving credit to social, display,and other demand generation channels?@dennisyu
    14. 14. 15Leverage the people who love youin the real world@dennisyu
    15. 15. 16Holly wood is as kin g:“Is Facebook worth it?”Read the LA Times article here.@dennisyu
    16. 16. 17We analyzed 9 billion page posts over a 60-dayperiod before and after the change.@dennisyu
    17. 17. 18@dennisyu72% of movies and network TV shows have experienceda drop in the number of people who see their posts.
    18. 18. 19@dennisyu23% of the biggest studio pages sawa reduction in “engaged” users.
    19. 19. 20@dennisyuThe largest pages lost 45% of their traffic,followed by 36% for medium sized pages.
    20. 20. 21Facebook Expert Dennis Yu on BreakingEdgerank & Creating Kick-A** AdsBreak Through EdgeRank Organically@dennisyu
    21. 21. 22EdgeRank suppresses 99.8% of wall postsEdgeRank filteredThe Wall Doesn’t Reach Fans@dennisyu
    22. 22. 23What we know for sure:Running ads gives an organic algorithmic boost…@dennisyu
    23. 23. 24By increasing the organic and viral components.@dennisyu
    24. 24. 25Marketing has fundamentally shifted@dennisyu
    25. 25. ROIAwareness: Amplifywhat actually workson social media toengage fans.Engagement: Once yourusers are engaged,collect emails to increaseconversions.Conversion:Increase social visitsto your website, toincrease sales.26Social media is at the top of the funnel. Align your messagingwith the levels of engagement along the way.@dennisyu
    26. 26. 273 Part Amplification Tied to Your Goals@dennisyu
    27. 27. 28The Viral Cycle@dennisyu
    28. 28. 29Ads, Apps, Analytics@dennisyu
    29. 29. 30Marketers have unprecedentedcapabilities in targeting & measurement@dennisyu
    30. 30. 318,340 people who live in the United States who live in Texas age 16 and older who are female who like #LeAnn Rimes@dennisyu12,679,180 people who live in the United States who live in Texas age 16 and older11,120 people who live in the United States who live in Texas age 16 and older who like #LeAnn Rimes720 people who live in the United States who live in Texas age 16 and older who are female who like #LeAnn Rimes who are in the category SmallBusiness OwnersPut your Facebook Sponsored Stories on Steroids
    31. 31. @dennisyu32Engage and convert your fans
    32. 32. 33@dennisyuOptimize ads to get the Cost Per Lead under a dollar
    33. 33. 34Page Posts Drive Conversions@dennisyu
    34. 34. 35B2B Marketing IsFacebooks Best Kept Secret@dennisyu
    35. 35. 36Target people by the companies they work forDental Equipment Manufacturer:Software Technology Start-Up@dennisyu
    36. 36. And by job title.37@dennisyu
    37. 37. 3870,300 people who live in the United States who live in Garland, TX age 18 and older40 people who live in the United States who live in Garland, TX age 18 and older who work at Raytheon@dennisyuWorkplace targeting is the most unparalleled featureFacebook marketers have at their fingertips.
    38. 38. 39Go search Facebook for“Results Oriented Web”.@dennisyu
    39. 39. 40Let the CAT out!@dennisyu
    40. 40. A special offer from GroSocialYou will get an email with more information about this offer shortly.In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact: support@grosocial.comGenerate meaningful engagement and leads through social media marketing.As a quick summary, the Social Media Kickstart package includes3 consulting sessions with one of our social media strategistswho will be covering the following topics with you:You’ll also get a custom designed Facebook Tabfor your business’s page.
    41. 41. Join us next week…#smtliveLinkedIn for the Small Business:A Pro Course on the Professionals Network