How Do You Scale Personal Engagement? A Fresh Look at Marketing Automation


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  • Unfortunately, the world is getting noisier. We need to get better as marketers at protecting the one thing that is more valuable above all: Attention
  • Getting to: Garyvee/BarbieTechnology has changed the world foreverYour customers are going onlineTools and Tactics EXPLOSIONAs if running a business wasn’t already chaotic enough. Now I have to do all of the old stuff, AND figure out all of these new technologies, tactics and strategiesNew Tools, OLD THINKINGGaryvee: First Barbie Commercial
  • Anybody ever feel like this guy?Always looking for a silver bullet to make the pain go away?
  • Too many businesses are in survival modeThey know that they have holes in their bucketBut they have no time (Anybody heard of the 4-hour workweek? Anybody feel like they’re writing the Sequel: 100-hr workweek? What if we could just have a 40-hr workweek, or maybe a 30-hr workweek?The biggest problem is the effect on our customers
  • The worst part is that when we are chasing the train to use the latest and greatest tools and technologies, we forget about what our customers need(Default assumption: you’re out to get me)(Mom in a crowded room: SUSAN, was the only thing)
  • As it turns out, the right answer is NOT to chase the tools, techniques and tactics.
  • As it turns out, tools and tactics without strategy result in chaos
  • There are small businesses TODAY who are thriving because
  • You’ve heard of 10,000 Hours. Infusionsoft has helped over 10,000 small businesses to do what we’re doing today.
  • And we have iterated for 10 years to discover the patterns that work
  • An example of a MAP
  • In this example, we customize even further
  • How Do You Scale Personal Engagement? A Fresh Look at Marketing Automation

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    5. 5. About the PanelAdam Metz is the VP of Business Development at The Social Concept. Metz’s Social CustomerCommunity, at offers a no-cost 9-hour training course on socialcustomer relationship management. Metz has consulted with nearly 175 companies on how toacquire, manage, monetize and retain customers from the social web. His first book, There Is NoSecret Sauce, has sold or downloaded over 3000 copies, and is currently in its third printing.@theMetzScott Martineau is the Co-founder and Vice President of Demand Generation for Infusionsoft. Scott’smission is to solve the challenges small businesses face in marketing their products and services. Hisvision guides the customer experience for Infusionsoft users, leading our support, services and trainingteams in our goal to revolutionizing the way small businesses grow. His own entrepreneurialexperiences and his understanding of what small businesses need enable him to continually evolve oursoftware in innovative and successful ways. @scottmartineauFounder of Spotlight Leadership, Dr. Eyal Ronen is dedicating his professional life to increasingbusiness results and workplace happiness for organizations that are improving the world that welive in. Dr. Ronen has been deeply immersed in the world of business leadership for nearly twodecades and has helped numerous companies to consistently create and lead highly effective,driven, and happy work teams. @EyalSays
    6. 6. Personal Engagement• Serving the customer, one-to-one• Making the customer “know they matter”• Meeting the needs of multiple parts ofthe customers’s self• Physical (safety/satisfaction)• Cognitive (brains)• Emotional• Mental
    7. 7. “A whisper in a quiet room is all you need.” -Seth Godin
    8. 8. The New WorldFor SmallBusinesses(Survive!) 9
    9. 9. Like A Train You Can’t Catch.. 10
    10. 10. How The New Chaos Affects Us1. Mental Overwhelm2. Lost Opportunities3. No Time Lost Leads Lost Sales Lost Repeat Sales 11
    11. 11. How The Chaos Affects Our Customers1. More protective of their attention (Attention is NOT free)2. Increasingly skeptical3. They demand relevance 12
    12. 12. Like A Train You Can’t Catch.. (You Don’t Have To Catch The Train) 13
    13. 13. Tools + Tactics - Strategy =
    14. 14. Some Are Thriving. How?1. It’s Not Because They Are Working Harder2. They start with a Strategy before tools and tactics3. They maximize the amount of personal engagement that happens automatically 15
    15. 15. 10,000 Hrs In The Trenches 16
    16. 16. A 7-year Research Project 17
    17. 17. • Benefits: – A map of the “Perfect Experience” (calming) – Quickly see gaps and opportunities (prioritizing) – More granular measurement of success (metrics)
    18. 18. Inspired Spirit Example:
    19. 19. Personal Engagement Lingo You Gotta KnowBrand Advocates: Interaction Effects:Customers (or even What happens when anon-customers) prospective customerwho tell other sees you engage withpeople about your one of your customers, in real life or on-line.brand.
    20. 20. How Social Media Scales Personal EngagementPeople who like your brand (Brand Advocates) can be turned into Influencers
    21. 21. How Social Media Scales Personal EngagementPeople strongly identify with their peers(moms like me, twenty-somethings like me, CFOs like me)
    22. 22. How Social Media Scales Personal EngagementInteraction Effects Propagate Through Social Connections
    23. 23. Case Study #1: Spotlight LeadershipJune 2011: After May 2012:• 102 contacts Automation • Game changer:• Customers weren’t getting emails • 546 contacts• Many marketing • Email deliverability is great providers • One stop shop• Web visitors came and • Visitors grab my free gift went… • Revenue growth: 300%
    24. 24. Case Study #2: The Social Concept After May 2012: AutomationJune 2011: Text 7416 contacts2800 contacts Projected 2012 sales of $350k, 50 customers$0 sales, 0 Web traffic up 2.9xcustomers Every email sent to a customer or lead gets a personal response
    25. 25. How Not To Screw Up Personal Engagement1
    26. 26. How Not To Screw Up Personal Engagement2
    27. 27. How Not To Screw Up Personal Engagement3
    28. 28. Download A Course on Engaging The Social Customer LOADS
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