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Digital has changed the way we work forever. Smart phones and email have replaced pagers and fax machines. While we may use email and meetings to communicate and collaborate today, this too will change. Business competition and the pressure to constantly innovate and adapt to changing conditions means every second counts. Efficiency is a necessity. How can we watch, examine, and act on all the information coming at us every day in business?

Leading-edge companies are adopting enterprise social collaboration. Mckinsey cites 75 percent of enterprise-level organizations would adopt a social collaboration platform in 2013. This means the IT department shares with the marketing team data from a customer. Marketing shares findings on Twitter with the sales group. Customers suggest changes to the product development department and so on. All of this information is held systematically in one place, organized in files titled appropriately. No more email threads and lost details. Social organization allows for one common space for people to share ideas, tasks, files, calendars, and collaborate with everyone through project completion.

If you join us on this webinar, the panel will discuss how to:

-Introduce the benefits of social business collaboration to your company.
-Transform your company into a social organization.
-Turn informal collaboration into disciplined strategy to reach business goals.
-Choose the right social platform to motivate participation from employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and stakeholders.

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  • http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2013/11340/digital-marketers-on-twitter-share-retweet?adref=nl080613
    Quote on lower person reading article.
    Social Media Today’s number’s are growing exponentially lately, which is great for Jive because as we develop new content we ccan
    WE are unique in our reach
  • Executive leadership is critical
    Small but highly leveraged functional team
    Defines goals, key performance models
    Active and ongoing participation from business leaders with clear check points and success measure
    COE objectives commonly spring forth from the LOB leaders but are harnessed and prioritized by the COE in light of the mission and vision
    COE is in service of business but serves to orchestrate and facilitate consistency and scale through repeatable processes
    Takes on role of organizational change agent
    Crawl, walk, run philosophy: pilot programs are paramount
    Big vision coupled with mini-milestones enable COEs to reach final, strategic destination
    Transparency is a key success factor
  • 2.25.14

    1. 1. Social Organization: How Centers of Excellence, Collaborative Management and Seamless Enterprise Structures are Working #SMTLive
    2. 2. Join the Conversation… long and Follow a thoughts ur share yo tter at on Twi ve #SMTli Subm quest it your ions i n the GotoW Prese ebinar ntatio windo n w #SMTLive
    3. 3. Our Speakers #SMTLive
    4. 4. L E A D E R NETWORKS The evolution of social business In the beginning there were just social media tools On-line Community Wiki RSS These tools caught on like wildfire, and started LOB campfires Blog Pintrest LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Marketing Business YouTube IT Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC Proprietary & Confidential 4
    5. 5. L E A D E R NETWORKS The evolved organization realized that there must be a better approach. The result was CHAOS • • • • • Different metrics Competing budgets Duplicated initiatives Resource wars for talent Multiple accounts And, ultimately no business strategy And consequently, no leveraged best practices Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC The Social Business Center of Excellence was born and collaboration fueled the fire. Proprietary & Confidential 5
    6. 6. L E A D E R NETWORKS The Value of A Center of Excellence (COE) • Enables a multifaceted organization to develop a vision & mission for a strategic initiative that spans across multiple lines of business; • Ensures that that shared goals and objectives align with the organizational strategy as well as with the business needs; • Creates frameworks, tools and standards that can be leveraged across a unifying vision and mission, yet customized to specific lines of business; • Leads the implementation of pilot projects to enable organizational learning and the codification of best practices; • Establishes shared measures of success / KPIs so best-of-breed models can be utilized across the organization for competitive advantage. Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC Proprietary & Confidential 6
    7. 7. L E A D E R NETWORKS More than 50% of organizations report that they currently are or will be a socially enabled enterprise within the next year If your company wanted to be a socially enabled enterprise, how long would it take to achieve that goal? 34% 31% 24% 9% Already Are < 12 months 1 to 2 years 3 to 5 years 2% 1% > 5 years Never n=835 Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC Proprietary & Confidential Source: The Socially Enabled Enterprise: A 2013 Research study
    8. 8. L E A D E R NETWORKS When IT and Marketing do collaborate they are more effective How, if at all, has this change in collaboration impacted your effectiveness as a professional? IT N=96 Marketing N = 257 Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC Proprietary & Confidential Source: The Socially Enabled Enterprise: 8 A 2013 Research study
    9. 9. L E A D E R NETWORKS Key success factors for social business COEs • Executive leadership is critical • COE objectives driven from the LOB leaders but are harnessed and prioritized by the COE in light of the mission and vision • COE empowered to be the organizational change agent • Cross department collaboration is enabled, supported and rewarded Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC Proprietary & Confidential 9
    10. 10. L E A D E R NETWORKS Copyright © 2013 Leader Networks, LLC Proprietary & Confidential 10
    11. 11. Responsibilities of Intel’s SM COE • • • • • • • • • • Policy setting Global social communities strategy Stakeholder enablement and education Global scaling (strategies, tools, insights) Global integration of social business practices across key stakeholders (groups, countries, HR, PR, legal, etc.) Market and industry insights Global integrated measurement system Global crisis management Cutting-edge pilots Executive visibility @Ekaterina
    12. 12. One Goal For Social Media COE to do its job right means working itself out of the job. @Ekaterina
    13. 13. Upcoming Webinars 2/27 The Social Employees: Transform Your Employees Into Brand Advocates #SMTLive
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