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The difference between the “new” and “old” customer centers on relationship control. As GetSatisfaction's Wendy Lea notes, the new customer engagement model is the “opposite of cold calling. Your customers decide if and when to communicate. Your job is simply to give them the tools that make the interaction and communication easy and natural.”

The transition to real-time service means being there when your customers decide to engage. This is much more than manning a Twitter account - it requires a psychological and strategic shift in how your corporation views customer engagement.

Join our panel to learn how to:

-Create new channels of communication between you and your customer.
-Develop a holistic view of your customer.
-Leverage analytics to track your customer service.
-Set best practices for your employees to respond in real-time to your customers.
-Utilize customer service to develop business leads.

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  • The way we go about our lead generation campaigns is we base them on a Unified strategy- we determine the goals of the client and these can be refined once we discuss a little more but then we also factor in the purpose of the potential leads who are seeking information. People are coming to Social Media Today to get information and make their business better. They are looking for a solution. Jive can be that solution
    We can guarantee the Social Media Today leads are better qualified because of the quality of the content, and the unique vision that understands what business you are in and what you are trying to achieve.
    We are not trying to simply deliver leads, we are trying to cultivate relationships and connect you to real customers.
  • http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2013/11340/digital-marketers-on-twitter-share-retweet?adref=nl080613
    Quote on lower person reading article.
    Social Media Today’s number’s are growing exponentially lately, which is great for Jive because as we develop new content we ccan
    WE are unique in our reach
  • We’d love to propose a content hub as a way to organize this lead generation campaign for Jive. The content hub can be specific to each of the verticals you are looking to focus on or can be more general to incorporate all three verticals and maybe more as the campaign grows. We envision leveraging existing Jive eBooks, whitepapers, and webinars to begin lead generation immediately (in the next few slides, I’ll show you how Oracle does this)
  • The talking points here are important.
    Community based engagement is very different from social marketing or social support because it is:
    Meaningful – makes a difference to the people engaged in the conversations (resolution, status, reputation) to build trust and loyalty
    Valuable – the content and knowledge created can be leveraged for self-serve support, gaining customer insight, acquiring new customers,
    Useful over time – the conversation becomes a part of your customer experience and will generate pageviews and attract new community members
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    1. 1. Customer Service for the New Customer: Transitioning to a Real-Time Service Model #SMTLive
    2. 2. Join the Conversation… long and Follow a thoughts 157,34 your share t Twitter a 5e on #SMTliv Subm quest it your ions i n the GotoW Prese ebinar ntatio windo n w #SMTLive
    3. 3. Thanks to Our Sponsor
    4. 4. Our Speakers Nathan Roth, leads Digital & Social at Koodo Mobile, Canada's fastest growing telecom, where he has created a number of award-winning campaigns and outstanding business results. Fueled by an insatiable appetite for marketing, human behavior and technology, Nathan has helped to define how brands can connect with consumers in the post-digital age. His ultimate goal is to build smarter and more social organizations by empowering open conversation and collaboration between employees and customers. @Koodo Wendy Lea, CEO, Get Satisfaction. Wendy founded The Chatham Group, where she currently serves as an angel investor, strategic advisor and board member for a long list of startup companies. She also serves on the board of Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2.org). Wendy has been recognized as a Top 100 Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley and a 2012 Watermark Woman Who Has Made Her Mark. @WendySLea  Frank Eliason Director of Global Social Media at Citi. Frank has been described as the “most famous customer service manager in the U.S., possibly the world.” By expanding the reach of customer service via social media, and taking the simple approach of asking "Can we help?” he repositioned the relationship between Comcast and its customers. At Citibank, Frank and his team are helping to change the way a global financial institution manages its relationships with a diverse community of consumer, small business and corporate customers—to serve and exceed their expectations and helping build a lifetime of trust between Citibank and its customers. @FrankEliason Robin Carey founded Social Media Today LLC, a media company which brings together many of the world’s best thinkers about business and policy topics, in 2007.  Prior to that, she ran her own media consulting company for 16 years, and worked with Time Inc, Newsweek, BusinessWeek and Ziff-Davis. She leads a team that curates web-based content about social media and other topics, speaks frequently about social media and business. @robincarey #SMTLive
    5. 5. Today’s Customer More empowered than ever with instant publishing on across large networks. 50%+ expect customer service via social media 60% use web self-service 67% prefer online channels to voice  9/10 expect a consistent experience across channels 9/10 would switch after a poor customer experience
    6. 6. Future of Support Trend 1: Channel preference is shifting Trend 2: Mobile Solutions are becoming expected Trend 3: Seamless transition between channels Trend 4: Proactive outbound communication  Trend 5: Voice Of The Customer programs   Trend 6: Customer service as a differentiator
    7. 7. Best Practices 1. Be helpful & knowledgeable 2. Be timely & responsive 3. Be honest & transparent 4. Be personable & human 5. See criticism as an opportunity
    8. 8. Customer Engagement is the New Bottom Line 84% believe customer engagement will overtake productivity as the primary driver of growth #SMTLive
    9. 9. Be in the conversation business … In today’s social world, customer engagement is not a campaign … it’s a series of conversations. Conversation builds trust and relationships #SMTLive
    10. 10. Pre-Social Media #SMTLive
    11. 11. Post-Social Media #SMTLive
    12. 12. Building the Right Strategy • Know Your Brand and Live It (Stop saying one thing but being something else) • Know Your Customer • Respect Your Customer • Social Media is a community, be a part of it, but stop trying to be the center of it! #SMTLive
    13. 13. #SMTLive
    14. 14. #SMTLive
    15. 15. #SMTLive
    16. 16. Upcoming Webinars 12/6 How To Boost Your Holiday Marketing on Facebook http://socialmediatoday.com/holiday-marketing-webinar 12/10 Leveraging Social Data for Customer Insights http://socialmediatoday.com/integrate-social-and-enterprise-data-webinar 12/12 Meet the Author - Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy http://socialmediatoday.com/age-of-context-webinar 12/17 Social Media Predictions for 2014: What Do You Need to Watch? http://socialmediatoday.com/social-media-predictions-2014