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Sports powerpoint

  1. 1. Introduction  Premier co-ed sports camp in Maine where children ages 8-16 customize their own schedules during 2, 4, or 6 week sessions.  The average summer temperature is a delightful 78°.
  2. 2. Mission Statement  The mission of Camp All-Star is to develop athletic skills through individualized sports instruction, strengthen inner core values and principles, encourage abilities in leadership, fair play, team work, and provide a fun, rewarding, and memorable summer sports camp experience.
  3. 3. Facilities  $40 Million A+ Facility. Largest turf fields (200,000 square feet) at any camp or school in the northeast!
  4. 4. Facilities  One of the few camps in North America with their own NHL-size ice hockey rink on campus!  Camp All-Star is Home to the 50,000 sq. ft. Alfond Athletics Center and we are also proud of our new Performing Arts Center.
  5. 5. Accommodations  We utilize all the facilities at the distinguished Kents Hill School in Kents Hill, Maine.  Campers are grouped by age and live with a roommate on the dorm hall.  Each camper is assigned a personal counselor, who lives on his or her floor and is responsible for that child.
  6. 6. Meals  Delicious meals are served, cafeteria style, in the beautiful dining room.  Salad bar and deli bar are offered during lunch and dinner.  Individual dietary needs can easily be accommodated by our catering service.
  7. 7. Management  Craig Rosen, who has successfully coached many sports teams, is the founder and director of Camp All- Star.  The father of two sons and a former camper and counselor himself, Craig understands the importance of instilling values and building self-confidence early in life.
  8. 8. Camp Philosophy  Every camp activity has the potential to make a difference in the lives of our campers.  Sportsmanship is an integral part of competition.  Each person is unique and should be treated with respect and kindness.
  9. 9. Our Philosophy  Camp counselors serve as role models for campers.  Positive relationships between counselors and campers build confidence and self- esteem.  A number of our former campers become counselors at All-Star.  Camp should be fun! Playing is the work of children as they learn about the world and their place in it.
  10. 10. Our Goals  To build each camper’s self- confidence.  To promote regular physical activity, values, and sportsmanship.  To provide the campers with the life skills to become better leaders.  To create a stimulating athletic community whereby campers become better players in their particular sports, no matter the skill level.
  11. 11. Values  Honesty, Courage, Kindness, Dependability, Sportsmanship, and Unselfishness  Examples of this “valued” behavior are recognized during our nightly camp-wide wrap-up.  Everyone applauds the day’s achievements to the delight of that particular camper, whose name will likely appear in our camp online newspaper, The Daily Star.  We also provide online camper photos for our parents to view daily.
  12. 12. Programs Why A Sports Camp?  Playing sports reinforces fundamental values (fair play, team work, leadership).  Setting goals and overcoming athletic challenges builds self- esteem.  At the end of the session, the campers will feel more confident about themselves and their athletic abilities.
  13. 13. Daily Schedule  A day at Camp All-Star – Each day at camp is packed with supervised activities led by our incredible coaching staff.  With five periods per day, campers have ample opportunity to try new things while at camp.  Our structured sports program places an emphasis on high quality skill development.
  14. 14. Major Sports  Basketball Soccer Baseball Tennis Ice Hockey Lacrosse Flag Football You customize your own schedule!  Campers can participate in any Major Sport up to two times (3 hours) per day.  Campers can re-customize their schedules on the first Wednesday of each 2-week session.  Each activity will start with 30-40 minutes of instruction, followed by a challenging game against another team of similar ability.
  15. 15. All-Star Skills Sports and Activities  Campers select from: Waterskiing Swimming Kayaking Kneeboarding Wakeboarding Fishing Mountain Biking Field Hockey Golf Softball Volleyball Archery Climbing Wall Fitness Woodworking Arts & Crafts Figure Skating Dance Improv Ultimate Frisbee Horseback Riding
  16. 16. Fun Evening Programs  Every evening, campers participate in fun activities, such as skills night, inter- camp games, camper talent shows, All-Star Idol, and socials.  During inclement weather, we have plenty of indoor facilities available to continue our program inside.
  17. 17. Pro Sports Day  Pro Sports Day is a fun sports and spirit competition held during each 2 week session.  Campers are assigned to one of two camp-wide teams.  The campers cherish the bonding that is developed with other teammates, and everyone is always excited for the surprise announcement to start Pro Sports Day!
  18. 18. Trips out of Camp  One day each week, campers enjoy a supervised trip out of camp to such great Maine destinations as FunTown SplashTown USA, Aquaboggin, Popham Beach, bowling, movies, and other fun attractions.  On alternating Saturdays, campers who are staying for our 4 or 6 week sessions have the option of going white water rafting, deep sea fishing, whale watching, or on a similar adventure.
  19. 19. Camp All-Star Staff  The Director has hand-picked an all-star roster of coaches to offer superior athletic instruction.  Our camper-to-coach ratio is three-to-one, which provides more individual attention than you’ll find at other camps.  Our staff includes college and high school coaches who have been selected for experience working with children, coaching ability, enthusiasm, nurturing personality, and athletic specialty.
  20. 20. Communication  You can speak to your child via their cell phone from 9pm until lights out at night.  We encourage campers to call only once per week in order make their own decisions and to build their confidence, independence and self-esteem.
  21. 21. Medical  The health and safety of each of our campers is a top priority.  A registered nurse is on duty at the camp Health Center 24 hours a day, and our physician is on call at all times.  Any camper medications, prescription or over the counter, are kept in our Health Center and dispensed by our nurses.
  22. 22. Transportation  We provide optional van/bus transportation from Hartford, CT and Newton, MA.  A staff member will meet your child arriving at the Boston Logan Airport and the Portland Airport.  We will also provide return transportation to these locations.
  23. 23. What makes Camp All-Star unique?  Top-Notch College and High School Coaches  $40 Million A+ Facilities  Camper-to-Coach ratio is 3-to-1  Campers customize their own schedules from 30+ Sports  Flexible 2, 4, or 6-week sessions available  Accredited by the American Camp Association
  24. 24. Testimonials  “Camp All-Star has been a wonderful experience for our son. He learned to be independent and made wonderful friends. He wanted a more intensive sports camp, and the transition from a traditional camp to All-Star was an easy one! The camp is run beautifully, and our son said that Camp All-Star is his ‘home away from home’!” Family of Josh W., age 12, NJ
  25. 25.  “Emily’s first experience at sleep-away camp was wonderful. She loved Camp All-Star and can’t wait to return next summer. Great location! Great counselors! Emily even loved the food (unheard of at camps)! Your dedication and enthusiasm for Camp All-Star are appreciated by parents and campers alike!” Family of Emily P., age 13, NY Testimonials
  26. 26.  “Camp All-Star met all our expectations – great activities, instruction, campers, counselors, facilities, and friends. The rooms were clean and comfortable, and he even liked the food! Your camp was perfect…Lawrence had no complaints! The activities were organized and goal- oriented, and there was a good variety to choose from. We wish we had found you sooner!” Family of Lawrence C., age 15, CT Testimonials