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Corporate power point

  1. 1. E-mail Call usat 844.404.BOOK (2665)E-mail Call usat 844.404.BOOK (2665)
  2. 2. Still haveaquestion? E-mail Call usat 844.404.BOOK (2665) What services does Booking Basecamp provide? Booking Basecamp isateam of marketing and booking expertsthat know all aspectsof vacation rental business. Our servicesarefor all vacation homeownerswho want to maketheir vacation rental moreprofitable, without alot of hassle. If you areafirst timevacation property owner, arental-by-owner or an owner no longer wishing property management relationships, then you arein theright place; wehaveyour best interest in mind. Wehaveextensiveexperienceof successfully renting properties for ownerswho want thepeaceof mind. Weoffer to property ownersthesimplest, most efficient way to makeincomefrom rentals, whileat thesametimeproviding vacationerswith themost enjoyablebooking experiencein theindustry. How does Booking Basecamp help us? • Our agentswill communicatewith guestson your behalf. Wewill makesurethat inquiriesabout your property get instantaneous replies24/7 viaemail or our toll freephone. Your guestsareguaranteed to get an enjoyablebooking experience. No moremissed bookingson nights& weekends! • Wewill filter potential vacationersaccording to your policies. • Our managerswill send out paperlesscontractsto vacationers. • Theteam will provideyour guestswith payment instructionsand processcredit card paymentsdirectly to your account viaour industry-leading payment partner. • Booking Basecamp will provideyour renterswith optional third party accidental rental damagecoverageup to $3000. • Wewill reach out guests14 daysprior to arrival with check-in instructions. • Booking agentswill contact all travelersto request areview. How do Icollect payment forbookings? All bookingswill beprocessed using acredit card, and paymentswill bemadedirectly to you. It issimple, fast and safefor you and your guests. When signing up with us, wewill apply on your behalf for amerchant account with our partners–VacationRentPayment or HolidayRentPayment theleading credit card processorsin thevacation rental industry. There areno start-up or monthly feesassociated with thisaccount. Yes, our memberscan usetheir own existing merchant accounts. Check out ourfrequently asked questions below
  3. 3. Still haveaquestion? E-mail Call usat 844.404.BOOK (2665) How does Booking Basecamp handle security ordamage deposits? Wecan ask your guestsfor adamagedeposit asusual. Alternatively, instead of adamagedeposit, wecan incorporateinto therental agreement amandatory $49 Accidental Rental DamageProtection by oneof our insuranceprovider. Thispolicy protectstheowner for up to $3,000 worth of any accidental damagethat may occur in your home. Thisapproach allowsusto provideownersmorecoveragethan atypical damagedeposit. Can Iadd my own terms into the rental agreement made with travelers? Yes. Onceyou join us, wewill register any termsor policiesyou prefer, and includethem in your rental agreement. Does yourteam ask forreviews from guests? Yes. Wefully understand theimportanceof reviewsasacrucial factor of alisting performance. When appropriate, wepersonally contact all guests viaemail or phoneafter their stay. What will my communication with Booking Basecamp be like? You will receivefull support from our Success-Driven management team. Our team isalwaysat your disposal either through thephoneor email. They arehereto help in every way possible— from answering your questions, to helping you decideon amarketing strategy. How and where will my vacation rentals be promoted? Wewill craft your property listingsand promotethem on themost visited sitesfor vacation rentals. Thesearejust someof our distribution part­ners: VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, CottagesinCanada,, HomeAway International Sitesin over 14 countries. Does Booking Basecamp handle on-the-ground property management? On-the-ground servicesincludeeverything from cleaning to maintenance. Wedo not providetheselocal property management services. Werecommend that our homeownersengagealocal firm that providesa-la-carteservicesfor maintenance, inspection, and house-keeping. Should you need help finding aserviceprovider, wearehappy to refer you to partnersin your area. Check out ourfrequently asked questions below
  4. 4. Still haveaquestion? E-mail Call usat 844.404.BOOK (2665) Are there restrictions on booking my property forpersonal use? No, If you decidethat you would like to visit your property, simply log into Homeaway system and createanew reservation <Blocked> for your stay. So weknow not to book travelersover thesamedates. Wewant you to get themost out of your vacation home. Can my property rates and details be edited if necessary? Yes. You can ask to makechangesto any information concerning your properties including rates. For ownersor managerswho arenot sureif their pricesarefit for the stateof themarket, wealso offer complimentary consultationson pricings. Finally, you will also beableto includeuniqueoffersand special discountswithin your pricings. Pleasenotethat Booking Basecamp offersvisitorsa<Best RateGuarantee>. This guaranteestatesthat thetraveler will not beableto find alower priceon your property anywhereelse. How does Booking Basecamp manage calendars and availability? Our team will takecareof all inquiries. Wekindly ask you to keep your calendars updated in HomeAway system to prevent double-bookings. Weallow travelersto book in real time, it isimportant for usto know if therearedatesduring which weshould not book your home. How much would it cost me to join Booking Basecamp? Joining usisfree. No commitmentsto acontract period and no cancellation fees. We pay for promotion of your property on popular web­siteslikeVRBO and HomeAway, etc. What you pay isarisk-freefeeof 10% for each paid booking weprovide. Check out ourfrequently asked questions below