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Complementary Therapies & Emotional Healing : Pathways Health Crisis Resource Center

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Tim Thorpe

  1. 1. Complementary Therapies & Emotional HealingPathways Health Crisis Resource Center University of Minnesota8th Annual Survivorship Conference Saturday, April 6th, 2013
  2. 2. Who is PathwaysA health crisis resource center, in Uptown:-Provide complementary therapies, servicesand resources to people in life-threatening orsevere chronic health crisis, and their familiesand caregivers.-Offer services for free.
  3. 3. Complementary healing practices are offered as adjuncts to standard medical treatmentsCreative Therapy Practices• Art, music, or danceBody-Based Practices• Massage, Reflexology, Therapeutic touchTransformation through Grief, Loss, or Change• Sandtray, Grief Support for CaregiversMind-Body-Spirit, Energy Healing Practices• Meditation, Yoga , Guided Imagery, Tai Chi, Reiki, Qi Gong
  4. 4. Who We Serve• Participants with: – Life Threatening Illness – Severe Chronic Illness or Pain• 7667 Pathways Participants in 2012: – 2387 Individual sessions – 5280 Participants in Group sessions – Plus workshops and special events
  5. 5. Who Provides Pathways Services?• Over 160 Volunteer Providers• Licensed, certified in respective fields• Provided at no cost• Service Above Self.
  6. 6. Emotional Enrichment & Healing• Reconnecting-Strengthening Relationships• Reflective Listening• Learning to Listen to Your Heart• Tools for Living Consciously with Dying
  7. 7. How CanComplementary Therapies Help Illnesses like….. (Lymphedema?) (A few examples..)
  8. 8. Yoga•Uses stretching, postures andbreathing to help balance the body,mind and spirit.•These exercises help promote ease ofmovement and lymphatic drainagefollowing breast cancer treatment
  9. 9. (Laughter) Yoga can:•Flush the lungs and fully oxygenates the blood and majororgans•Destroy cancer cells in the presence of extra oxygen.•Trigger the release of endorphins into the bloodstream,providing immediate pain relief.•Move lymph fluid around the body simply by the spasmsduring laughter- stress switches off the lymphatic system,laughter can switch it on.
  10. 10. Cranio-Sacral/Lymph Drainage•Light touch helps release physical tension, encourage psycho-emotionalbalance, relieve stress.•Helpful in addressing: impingement of cranial nerves,left-right imbalances, head injuries, feelings of compression or pressure,anxiety, depression, circulatory disorders•Craniosacral has no contraindications for those affected by primarybreast cancer.•Manual manipulation of the lymphatic ducts consists of gentle,rhythmic massaging of the skin to stimulate the flow of lymph and itsreturn to the blood circulation system. http://www.spineuniverse.com/treatments/craniosacral-therapy
  11. 11. One PerspectiveCurrent Medical Practice- Integrative Practice evolving to >>>>>Health is most often considered to be Health is seen as a vital state ofthe absence of disease >>>>> physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing, which enables a person to be engaged in lifeThe physician tends to act as the The physician acts as a partner in theauthority figure >>>>> patient’s careThe patient is encouraged to follow The empowered and informed patientthe physician’s directions >>>>> is an integral part of the decision- making processThe interventions are often directed Intervention designed to treat theonly towards the treatment of a illness as well as the whole person,specific disease or trauma >>>>> addressing physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors that influence health & disease.
  12. 12. Pause &Breathe
  13. 13. Evaluative ResearchMeasure ‘Before & After’ Shifts in Participant Health Outcomes
  14. 14. Pathways Participants Self Assessment: Shifting From Crisis to Well-being Within each set of indicators, participants showed significant shifts in improved well being and emotional health.Ritenbaugh et al, BMC Complement Altern Med. 2011 Dec 29;11:135. Thompson et al, BMC Complement Altern Med. 2011 Dec 29;11(1):136
  15. 15. Pathways: From Crisis to Well-being +146% 26 64 OVERWHELMED EMPOWERED +100% 33 66 ANXIOUS CALM +119% 26 57 EXHAUSTED ENERGIZED +77% 39 69 HOPELESS HOPEFULRitenbaugh et al, BMC Complement Altern Med. 2011 Dec 29;11:135.Thompson et al, BMC Complement Altern Med. 2011 Dec 29;11(1):136
  16. 16. Renewing Life Partnering with Mind/Body/Spirit Nourishing Relationships Restoring Spirit Expressing Feelings Making Meaning Creating Healing Spaces Loving Life Celebrating a Renewed Life
  17. 17. Opportunities for YouI. Renewing Life Program  8 weeks, 2 ½ hours/week  3 Day Weekend RetreatI. Become a Renewing Life Facilitator  Training program and co-facilitator field training
  18. 18. Pathways Renewing Life Program Outcomes
  19. 19. “I often compare getting a seriousdiagnosis to landing in a foreigncountry needing to learn thelanguage and learn it well becauseyour life may depend on it.Pathways is the map - thedictionary - the guidebook to thelanguage – whatever your newlanguage may be.It’s the place where you’reaccepted - comforted - touched -listened to. It is peaceful. It iscaring. It is hope.” Pathways Participant
  20. 20. Staff -Please enjoy this plant as anappreciation -a huge token ofthanks for all that I’veexperienced here. I found thename of the plant fitting:“Watch It Grow”.Thanks for helping putHumpty Dumpty backtogether again.Pathways Participant
  21. 21. Tim@pathwaysmpls.orgwww.pathwaysminneapolis.org