Belgian Artist Eleonore Bernair
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Belgian Artist Eleonore Bernair



Nice to have - Nice to see. Promote your dreams.

Nice to have - Nice to see. Promote your dreams.



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Belgian Artist Eleonore Bernair Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Eléonore Bernair Marine Paintings
  • 2. Eléonore Bernair Feeling reality It seems entirely natural to feel fascinated when looking at Eléonore Bernair's seascape paintings. In an instant, a kind of magnetic pull catapults the viewer deep into the mystery of the powers of nature and at the same time high into altitudes where one easily believes to hear the magic buzz of heaven. The elements of nature seem to be bursting of energy, yet there is a supernatural air around, as if not from this world. The song of the wind and the roll of the sea mix with the whisper of legends of the myths of creation, a sensation that appears to be deeply woven into every centimeter of the paintings. Someone who could not see Bernair's seas might be bewildered about such broad words and possibly suspect them to be from the late nineteenth century, but no, I am writing them right now and these paintings are modern. In fact, very modern. Well - timeless. And now, that you see them, I guess you agree that Eleonore Bernair´s proud statement of reality can cope with even the biggest stage: That´s what is. It´s all yours. Love it! Hyperrealism is the name of this genre of painting. Hyper, because of its intensity, realism, because it appreciates just what there is - a worship of the here and now.
  • 3. seascape 01-2008 120x140 light
  • 4. seascape 03-2009 120x140 light
  • 5. seascape 07-2009 120x160 light
  • 6. seascape 12-2009 140x160 light
  • 7. seascape eleo 15-2009 120x140 light
  • 8. seascape eleo 120X140 17-2009 light
  • 9. seascape eleo 14-2009 140x160 light
  • 10. If you wish to acquire a painting please contact me - +32 487 28 36 77