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I tel mobile dialer
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I tel mobile dialer


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  • 1. iTelMobileDialer Express
    What is iTel Mobile Dialer Express
    • iTel Mobile Dialer is a soft phone or dialer to make VoIP call from the mobile phone.
    • 2. iTel Mobile Dialer offers both Voice and SMS over IP.
    • 3. Supports both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • iTelMobileDialer Express
    Backend Technology
    • Protocol: Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)
    • 4. Can run behind NAT
    • 5. Works on Private IP
    • 6. Performs at low Bandwidth and it’s
    • Bypass almost all firewall with
    combination of iTel Byte Saver
  • 7. iTelMobileDialer Express
    Bandwidth Requirement
    • Without Byte Saver: 25.6 kbps &
    • With Byte Saver: 13kbps & controllable
    List of Compatible Switches
    • Supports any standard SIP switch.
    • 8. iTelSwitchPlus, Asterisk, VoIP Switch,
    MERA SIPHIT, SVI, Nextone etc.
  • 9. iTelMobileDialer Express
    List of OS supported by iTel Mobile Dialer Express
    • Symbian 8 & 9 (S60 5th, 3rd & 2nd edition)
    • 10. Windows 5 and 6.
    List of Codec supports
    • Symbian: g729 and AMR-NB codec
    • 11. Windows: GSM, g729
  • iTelMobileDialer Express
    Different Parts of iTel Mobile Dialer Express
    1. Icon
    2. Header
    3. Head Line
    4. Footer
  • 12. iTelMobileDialer Express
     How can client register for demo dialer
    Registration link:
    • 13.
    Dialer download link
    • Demo :
    • 14. Gold :
  • iTelMobileDialer Express
    Packages of iTel Mobile Dialer
    • iTel Mobile Dialer Express‘Gold’
    - Mini Gold Express
    - Easy Gold Express
    - Gold Regular Express
    • iTel Mobile Dialer Express Platinum
  • iTelMobileDialer Express
    Other features of iTel Mobile Dialer Express
    • User friendly interface.
    • 15. It has very efficient implementation of Jitter Buffer and also uses ‘Silent suppression and Comfort Noise Generation Technology’ for better voice experience.
    • 16. Built in IVR functionality to hear the balance.
    • 17. It can also display the balance.
  • iTelMobileDialer Express
    Some other features of iTel Mobile Dialer
    • it supports GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth for internet connectivity.
    • 18. iTel Mobile Dialer is fully customizable.
    • 19. End users can make call or send SMS using the contact from Phonebook
    • 20. Show call log of last 20 successful calls.
    • 21. It supports STUN.
  • iTel Byte Saver
    • iTel Byte Saver comes with great features of dynamic protocol tunneling for iTel Mobile Dialer to overcome almost all firewall.
    • 22. iTel Byte Saver works transparently between iTel Mobile Dialer and operator's SoftSwitch.
  • iTel Byte Saver
    Important Features
    • Pass through almost any Firewall using dynamic protocol Tunneling.
    • 23. Saves around 50%+ bandwidth at the originating end
    • 24. Can detect hang call and prevent false billing
    • 25. Compatible to any standard SIP switch.
    • 26. Supports G729 codec.
  • iTel Byte Saver
    Important Features
    • Ability to handle 1000 calls per byte server
    • 27. Outstanding RTP jitter management.
    • 28. Very stable
    • 29. Compatible with any version of iTel Mobile Dialer and iTel Pin Protector
    • 30. Controllable RTP feature which can reduce the BW up to 9.15 kbps at originating side.
  • REVE Systems
    Making IP Telephony Simple