Digital signage content principles for marketers


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Digital signage content principles for marketers

  1. 1. Digital Signage Content: Principles for Marketers Sandra Riano 416-606-9040 January 2012
  2. 2. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 A lot is changing in digital signing   The current industry is in its infancy with most retailers having launched their program in the past five years   New technology is emerging as tools to entertain customers while communicating a key product or sales message   The new technologies provide the ability to:   Target the message to the age, gender or ethnicity of the customer   Provide personal messaging and brochures to their Smart Phone   Allow for a high degree of interactivity with the content P A G E 2
  3. 3. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Message Length and Frequency   Length of the spots are typically 5 to 10 seconds for high traffic areas (window displays, entrance signs, etc.)   For areas where the customer is browsing, the length can vary pending the type of shopping or the message content from 10 to 30 seconds.   For areas where customers will be browsing more -- lounge areas, libraries, etc --, the length can extend to anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds since customers are stationary. P A G E 3
  4. 4. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Content Effectiveness   A good content strategy provides high ROI. Some of the rules for content effectiveness are:   Make it about them: If promotional messaging, make it about what s in it for them, i.e., Getting more bang for your buck , Putting your interests first .   Tell them what to do: Give viewers information that allows them to know what to do. For example, use call to actions such as Ask one of our representatives . Also, if you have in-store promotions, tell them where to get them, i.e., at our checkout counter .   Entertain them: Promotional messaging needs to be supported by entertainment and information that is on the customer’s terms such as program broadcasting, news, weather, or the Q-Matic messaging, etc. P A G E 4
  5. 5. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Content Effectiveness   Make it emotional: Messages such as social causes and other emotive corporate or humanitarian messages have high appeal and tend to be watched often.   Humanize thee: Staff and manager s photo with a welcome message tend to rank high on being noticed and liked.   Know who they are: Whenever possible, content should be structured around day parts and demographics, for example the messaging during rush hours will differ in a retail mall and a bank due to their own inherent hourly demographics.   Keep it Simple: One focused message per spot works best. Use single, spotlight words as attention-getters.   Repeat, Repeat: Repeat the key messaging at the beginning and end of your spot to ensure retention. P A G E 5
  6. 6. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Content Effectiveness   Make it Flow: Content flowing across multiple screens catches the viewers eye and focuses their attention. However, use this treatment judiciously and make sure it’s relevant to the message.   Be careful with visual effects: Keep motion and visual effects focused to emphasize the messaging. Be aware of gimmicks.   Less is more: Strive for little clutter and use sans-serif fonts for easy, at- a-glance reading.   Easy does it: Ensure a smooth transition between spots to avoid shocking the viewer. P A G E 6
  7. 7. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Playlist Optimization   The optimum playlist should rotate the message three times within the duration of the customer’s stay.   The awareness and retention varies pending the content. Typically, certain spots create a stronger engagement, such as emotive or community message or a strong offer. Retention of spots that precede a high retention message tend to maintain some of the same visibility, although the message is not as engaging.   Playlist needs to be supported by at least one high impact message to remain engaging.   Opportunity to add a personal message within the playlist has a higher chance of engaging the customer for subsequent messages. P A G E 7