Boys like that


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Boys like that

  1. 1. Boys Like That By Sophie ProopsCharlie Lahyani c/o hampstead fine arts
  2. 2. INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. NIGHTWe see a girl typing on a chat room going by the name ofbubblegum_girl. She’s speaking to someone using the namefootball_boy. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL You sound too good to be true :). FOOTBALL_BOY :) I wana meet uINT. ADEN’S ROOM. NIGHTWe see a boy typing on a chat room going by the name offootball_boy. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Well why don’t we? xWe see his reaction. He leans forward and begins to type.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. NIGHT FOOTBALL_BOY I’ll meet u at the park off (road) 2moro at 5? BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Can’t wait :DEXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAYWe see Maddie walking through the school gates holding herbooks. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) Come to think of it, I could wait a bit longer. Everyone thinks I’m weird because i dress funny and my best friend’s my dog.She looks at her phone and we see her background is her dog. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) But atleast I’m not a stuck up bitch.Turns, looks and awkwardly smiles at one of the "popular"girls. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) But that’s why I love meeting people online, no one judges what I look like. As Madonna would say: you know we’re living in a material world.Aden walks straight into her and she drops all her books. ADEN Loser.She picks up her books. MADDIE Charming. MADDIE (VOIVEOVER) Arsehole.She carries on walking and goes inside.INT. CLASSROOM. DAYShe sits down and we zoom in on a clock which thenfastforwards to 4.30. We hear a bell sound. MADDIE Here goes.EXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAYShe gets up and leaves we follow her out the gate. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) I just hope he’s not a murderer.EXT. OUTSIDE MEETING POINT. DAYShe looks at road sign, looks at her phone background. MADDIE Wish me luck.
  4. 4. 3.EXT. MEETING POINT. DAYAden sitting on bench waiting.EXT. OUTSIDE MEETING POINT. DAYMaddie takes a breath and walks around the corner to seeAden sitting there. She whips back around the corner andslams herself onto the wall. She breathes and walks past. MADDIE: Oh my god oh my god my god.As she walks past we see Adens anticipation because hethinks it’s going to be the girl from his chatroom.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. NIGHTMaddie storms into her room. MADDIE You wont believe what just happened ruby! You know I went to meet him and turned out it was that idiot Aden from school.We hear a pop up on her computer. FOOTBALL_BOY Wer wer u 2day? MADDIE What should I do!? FOOTBALL_BOY U sed that ud meet me..Ruby sits on her runs and sits on Maddies magazine on a makeover section. Maddie looks and smiles cunningly. MADDIE Ruby your a genius.She leans over and kisses her. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Sorry I got held up, same time same place tomorrow.She looks at herself in the mirror. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) I know what I have to do, I’m gonna make myself look so good that he can’t resist me.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. DAY.Alarm clock goes off Maddie smacks it off. Make oversequence.EXT. MEETING POINT. DAYWe see Aden sitting there waiting again, Maddie’s body comesinto frame. Aden stands up and they start walking towardseach other. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) Oh my ADEN (VOICEOVER) God MADDIE (VOICEOVER) I can’t believeThey get close and stop infront of each other. ADEN It’s you.We see her beautiful new self. She looks at him andawkwardly smiles. MADDIE Surprise. ADEN Maddie, you look so wow.. your hair’s so wow.. and your clothes are so wow. MADDIE Lets go for a walk and you can find some more adjectives.They walk off.
  6. 6. 5.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM NIGHTMaddie runs into her rooms really happily. She lies down onher bed and takes a huge breath with a massive grin on herface. We hear her get a text message. She looks at herphone. ADEN (TEXT MESSAGE) Hey I had a really great day today lets hang out again soon.MONTAGE SEQUENCE.We see there relationship grow by dating in differentplaces.EXT. PARK. DAY.We see them lying in the grass holding hands. MADDIE Your so different to how I always thought you were.Aden looks at her and smiles and gives her a kiss. He’slying on his side and we see his friends in the distance,they see him but don’t see Maddie. FRIEND 1 (shouts) Oi Aden you wana come play football?Aden sits up quickly. ADEN Shit hide. MADDIE What? ADEN Hide! MADDIE Why, are you embarrased of me? ADEN No it’s just that.. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. MADDIE You know what I take that back you haven’t changed at all.She gets up and leaves. FRIEND 2 Who was that?Aden sighs and walks off in other direction. Friends lookconfused.EXT. STREET. DAY.Maddie’s running home looking really upset. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) What was I thinking, I always knew he was an arsehole. Boys like that never go for girls like me.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. DAY.Jumps onto her bed crying, goes to her mirror and takesmakeup off.EXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAY2 weeks later. We see Maddie walking through the schoolgates holding her books (exactly like the beginning). Peopleare staring at her. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) Back to square one. Everyone still stares at me but not because I’m the weird girl who’s best friends with her dog, but because I broke the heart of the most popular boy in school.She walks past his friends, they stare at each other butdon’t trip her up. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) At least one things changed.
  8. 8. 7.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. NIGHT.She’s on her computer. Her mum comes in. MUM A boy came by and dropped this off for you Maddie.She hands her a packet of bubblegum. Her computer goes offand she logs on. FOOTBALL_BOY Still remember ur favourite flavour :)She reads it and doesn’t reply. FOOTBALL_BOY I rly miss u Maddie. I’m an idiot any boy wud b lucky 2 have u :(She takes a deep breath, looks at ruby who encourages her,looks back at the computer. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Same time same place.EXT. MEETING POINT. DAY.Aden’s sitting there quietly, looks sad. We see Maddie comeand sit next to him, he turns smiles and they hug. They sitin the sunset as the camera zooms out and fades to black.