Thoughts of war


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Thoughts of war

  1. 1. THOUGHTS OF WARANZAC DAY25 April 2013“Lest We Forget”
  2. 2. If I was a soldier getting out of the boats and walking up theGallipoli Cove I would feel scared because I would be hearing all thegun shots and people screaming, crying for help and getting hurt. Iwould see people bleeding and it would be dark so know one wouldknow where the gun shots were coming from. People would dieinstantly. There would be tears in peoples eyes.The way we celebrate ANZAC Day is by having a minute silence at11:00 and we make ANZAC biscuits. It is also the day that weremember all the people who went to war.By Grace
  3. 3. THOUGHTS OF WARIf I was one of the soldiers I would be scaredfeeling like I did not want to go on the memorywould not help me go on but as long as it didnot get back home I would be fine. If one ofmy friends had died I would go and berry thembecause I would not want there sprit to haveto see any more of the war.By Jamii
  4. 4. If I was a soldier walking up ANZAC cove I would be veryvery scared I wouldn’t know who or what is around me. Iwould feel angry because the enemies would be killing orbadly injuring my friends. I would be aware because it wouldbe pitch black and I wouldn’t know what happening. I wouldfeel very worried and I would have thoughts racing throughmy mind like will I be injured will I be killed or will I ever seemy family again. I celebrate ANZAC day by making ANZACcookies.By Jasmine
  5. 5. If I was a soldier walking ontoGallipoli cove I would be so scared andfreaked out. If I herd the guns shootingand people dyeing I would feeluncomfortable and I would want to gohome because I would think I woulddie. Anzac day means to me that wethink about the soldiers that died.By Luke
  6. 6. If I was a soldier stepping on to Gallipoli I would of felt scared because I wouldnt of felt likegoing to war because I would have been to scared to go. I also wouldn’t want to go to becauseof getting shot and going up the hill. What Anzac day means to me is a time when I wouldstand for a moment of silence and go to the dawn service every Anzac day. If one of my matesgot shot I would be so angry that I would shoot them back. By Noah
  7. 7. ANZAC DayIf I were a solder coming of the boat onANZAC DAY I would of felt very stupidmore brave than anybody and very sadfor anybody that had died. ANZAC DAYmeans to me that it is a day toremember. My family celebrates it byhaving a moment of silence and wesometimes watch the dawn seversBy Renato
  8. 8. If I were a solider getting of a boat onto GallipoliCove, on Anzac day with all the guns firing, I would feelscared, nerves and very, very sick because there would bepeople crying, screaming and hiding. I would also feelfrightened because if one of my friends got shoot I wouldfeel very frightened and lonely.My family celebrates Anzac day by having a minute ofsilence at eleven oclock.By Sheridan
  9. 9. If I was in this picture I would be thinking what could go wrong likesomebody farts and makes a noise and the Turkish here it and startshooting, A light could flash or a tugboat could set a spark off and alarmthe Turkish. I would also be thinking if I could get injured or get shot anddie. I would also be thinking if we would win or loose. Could we be takenhostage and be used to win the war, could I be the only won to survive,Could all my friends be shot and possibly killed.By William
  10. 10. Will I be violently killed? Will Ibe painfully injured? Will I andthe rest of the ANZACS win thisbattle ? Will I kill someone? WillI see daylight ever again ? Whois screaming ? If I die how I will Idie ? I can see bullets hailing. Ican feel the anger and fear inthe air. By Thomas