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  • We continued posting through out the day more facts, graphs charts and other tidbits that boosted our original statements.
  • The best the Register could do…”The public’s apathy toward the wee governments that do its business is “a recipe for disaster,”Story died quicklyIt took the Register 24 hours to blog it – our response had already been out for 18 hours Conversely, it took the cities several days to respond and they continue to dribble in prolonging the story.
  • When the young girl from Fountain Valley was in a car accident near our construction site … it was important again. Because of my online relationship with them they reached out to me again. This could have easily turned into a situation where we could have found a media van camped out in front of our construction site…asking why we were putting young lives at risk with our construction.
  • When we later changed how work was proceeding, I was able to work with Daisy to get the message out via Facebook.It was also published on Fountain Valley Living website and in the “our towns” section of the register by Chris Seeden – Lynn’s husband who still does some local work for the register.
  • Number 1 rated morning show in Los AngelesSegments airing live from 5:45 to 8 am and a playback full story during 1 o’clock news.


  • 1. Social Media Examples
  • 2. Example 1Grand Jury posts report on “Special DistrictCompensation.”Within 1 hour we had a response andmessage points on Twitter, Facebook,Posterous, and MyOCSD
  • 3. Example 2 Publication of Ddaze Phuong’s photo in Fountain Valley Living
  • 4. Example 3 Successful Community Relations
  • 5. Example 4A new way to pitch stories!
  • 6. Allie’s coming! July 11th!
  • 7. Example 5Getting ahead of the story
  • 8. Example 6Getting out the truth
  • 9. Example 7Preaching the good news!