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Fitzhugh Legacy 01

  1. 1. Hello, fellow Simmers! Welcome to the Prologue of my first Legacy attempt, the Fitzhugh Legacy. Excuse the quality ofthe pictures, it didnt occur to me to adjust the settings until my founder had graduated college, so theyre not that great.Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading this! Its been fun for me to put together.On with the story!
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a young, aspiring authoress, who, between projects, decided she wanted to try somethingcompletely different from what she normally wrote. One day, a friend directed her to the Legacy Challenge. Afterreading it over, she decided it would be worth a shot. Not only would she be able to write about her character, shewould be able to watch as he or she tackled lifes obstacles and interact with other people. The authoress immediatelyset to work creating her legacy founder.And that is how Zelda Fitzhugh, fresh from CAS, came to attend Sim State University.
  3. 3. Evening, Zelda."Hi. Um, youre that Supreme Authoress chick I talked to before I got here, right?"Thats right. You can call me Marina, though. Its easier to say and well be talking a lot."Right, so why am I in college? I thought you said you were going to help me get a good job and start a family."I am. You getting a degree will help. See, when you get to the lot, youre not going to have a lot of money, so going through college firstwill put you higher on the career track you choose and help you earn the money for a house faster."Sounds like a plan, then."Good. Zelda is a Pisces Knowledge Sim (5 Neat, 3 Outgoing, 7 Active, 3 Playful, and 7 Nice) with the Lifetime want to be a Mad Scientist.Shes very easy to please, too. Its nice to have someone I can get along with as my founder.
  4. 4. Zelda had to live in the dorm for a while until she got the funds for a Greek House, so she utilized the time to makefriends. What better way to bond than Smustling? Though youll notice theyre not at all in sync.
  5. 5. Smustling done, its time for a term paper. Whats the topic, Zel?"The Philosophy of Ancient Playwrights."Sounds interest- hold on a second, youre a drama major, arent you?"Yep. Which, you know, makes no sense considering my lifetime want."Call it being bored with the science major and planning ahead considering you have to reroll your Aspiration at junior year."I DO? *panics* But I like being a Knowledge Sim!"I know, I like you being a Knowledge Sim, too. But rules are rules. Dont worry, youll be just as happy with whatever you roll next."Id better be, or Im backing out of this."
  6. 6. "Um, excuse you, random ugly dude! You shouldnt go around poking other people, particularly ones you dont evenknow."I hate this guy. Zelda wandered out of her room to bond with her dormmates and get her social up, and the first thingthat happened was that he poked her. They havent even met. I smell a mean Sim.
  7. 7. When your social is low, the cafeteria worker is always there for a chat."Hes really nice, Marina. And he works all day cooking for us. I should talk to him more."You should try talking to the rest of your dorm more, too. Youre going to need the friends for when you graduate andget a job."No problem on my end! Except for that ugly mean dude."I sure dont blame you there.
  8. 8. This is what freshman year looked like:1) Skilling
  9. 9. 2) Fun building in preparation for more skilling
  10. 10. 3) Studying and term papers
  11. 11. 4) Much Smustling with the co-eds (theyre in sync this time!)
  12. 12. 5) More skill-building
  13. 13. And sophomore year...we get the Energizer! Hooray! Now she can skill and study fast and then do whatever she wantsfor the rest of the semester. Congratulations on that 4.0, by the way, Zelda."Thaaaaaaank yooooooooou....... *giggles insanely* Weeeeeeee!"*sweatdrops*
  14. 14. Zelda has been making friends outside the dorm, too. Here shes talking to the professor she wants to befriend."Aww, Im sorry things didnt work out with the llama, Professor Shaw. But there are lots of other people out there. Youll find the right onesoon. *sweatdrops* No, Im not available, I have a crush on someone else. Thanks for the offer, though, Im flattered. Really!"Drama professors. *shakes head* Hey, Zel, this crush is news to me, who is it? That interesting looking blonde guy who lives upstairs?"Nope, someone else."Hed better be cute. This is a Legacy, you know, and I dont want your children being born with fish lips or something like that."No fish lips, promise."All righty, carry on then.
  15. 15. "So I think podiums are pretty much useless for public speaking. People are so much more effective when theyre nothiding behind something, because they have to be more animated then.""Thats a great point, Zelda! Do you mind if I use that in my next speech?""Not at all!"Zelda, isnt that the mean ugly guy you wouldnt go near earlier?"He hasnt tried to poke me in ages. We actually have a lot in common."Good to hear.
  16. 16. Yknow, Zelda, if you dont want to use a podium you could at least have an interesting topic. No one wants to listen toa speech about the negative effects of empty speech bubbles."I thought Id practice the fine art of B.S. Just in case I forget what Im saying in the middle of a speech."Oh, so THATS what that represents. I getcha. Carry on, then.
  17. 17. As a reward for getting through college thus far with a 4.0, I bought Zel a telescope so she can build her logic better.While I was watching her use it I realized that I couldnt see her individual fingers. So I adjusted the game graphics, andnow we can see them. Much better, I think.So, Zel, youve still got a day until your next final and your grade bar is full. Go have some fun-filled autonomy."Thanks, I think I will!"
  18. 18. "Ooh, an RPG video game. Score!"
  19. 19. "DIE EVIL DRAGON DIE!"*sweatdrops* Glad youre getting a kick out of it.
  20. 20. "*grumbles* Why am I the only person in the dorm who remembers to pay the bills? Honestly. Im not their mother."You have the most cash, though."Bah, I say. Everyone else should learn some responsibility."Amen, sister.As you can see, Zelda is doing her part to be a conscientious citizen. Shes very mature. The rest of the dorm walks allover her, too. Maybe I shouldnt have given her seven nice points.
  21. 21. Almost to junior year and the aspiration change. Ready, Zelda?"I stink from working out and I got a B+ last semester, so Im in a bad mood. I dont want to think about a new aspirationright now."Fair en- WHAT? You got a B+? How did THAT happen? Your grade bar was full and you got to your exam in plenty oftime!"Professor Shaw marked me late! Do you think shes mad at me because I turned her down for a date?"Gah, I dont know. Frammit. This ruins that Summa Cum Laude Degree.(Im actually inclined to think it was the dreaded final exam bug. She left as soon as the pop-up came, and her grade barwas full. *pokes the game*)
  22. 22. "*snore* Yayformeandmycoolness *snore*"
  23. 23. *blinks* Zelda, I sure hope thats not Professor Shaw propositioning you again."Hold on a second. *covers phone* What was that?"Who are you talking to?"That guy I like."Seems like a bit of a pervert to me."This conversation is purely scientific, Marina. Hes a Knowledge Sim, too, so we can talk to each other about anything. Its great.*uncovers phone* So yeah, I dont think those would work. Unless theyre made of a metal that doesnt rust, because otherwise itwould be disgusting."*sweatdrops again*
  24. 24. *trumpet fanfare* Congratulations, Zelda, youre in your junior year now! And thanks to that grant and the painting youve been doing, youllbe able to found a Greek House for your descendants soon."Itll be nice to have my own place. I have no privacy here."Youre not going to have any privacy ever, you know."I prefer to think of you as a nonentity when I need it. The thought of being followed with a camera and a notepad is sincerely creepy."You agreed. Oh, by the way, thank you for rolling Family. I was scared spitless that youd roll something annoying like Pleasure."No problem. I cant wait to graduate so I can get married and have lots and lots of babies!"Oh brother. Zeldas new LTW is to have a Golden Anniversary. Easy peasy. Shell stick with the drama major despite the creepy prof...itllget her more money than some of the other jobs and her LTW is no longer career-related.
  25. 25. Zelda moved George McCarthy in as the placeholder in the dorm so we wouldnt lose the pictures, and here we are atthe new Greek House, Pi Kappa Gamma. Its named after my mothers old sorority, as I was feeling uncreative. This isall that $5500 could build, but Zelda still has three semesters left as of this picture, and shell be able to furnish it up a bitmore before she graduates. For now, Id say shes doing well, except for the fact that one of the annoying cheerleadersis studying using her computer chair so she cant write her term paper.
  26. 26. Oh. Lordy.Zelda leaves for two seconds to go to class and the llama and the cow (Daryl and Ronan, respectively...WHY, Maxis,are the names so weird in this game?) start going at it. In her living room. Thats rude, you two.*crashsmashshatterpunchkickyelpignore**shakes head* Mascots.
  27. 27. And the llama won. Cant say Im surprised. Now get out, both of you."Whens the chick coming home? Shes hot."Daryl, you are not hooking up with my Legacy founder. Shes already got a potential spouse lined up and doesnt evenhave any chemistry with you. I suggest you take that mask off if you want to get with any of her children."But the mask is cool! It lends an air of mystery. Girls love that."I was actually thinking it lends an air of hilarity, but whatever works for you.
  28. 28. "Marina, Im bored. I want to invite someone over."Go right ahead. How about that guy you like? I still want to meet him before you take the relationship any farther."Hmm, okay. I havent seen him in ages anyway."
  29. 29. And so he comes over. Recognize him? Thats Robi Charvat, everyones favorite exterminator. Zeldas dorm had roachproblems, and she constantly had a fear of them and was always trying to go outside to stomp them. Finally, I asked herto quit being ridiculous and call an exterminator to get rid of them. And we got Robi!"Didnt I tell you? And thats not even the best part...I have two lightning bolts for him!"Works for both of us, then. The heirs and heiresses in this family are only going to be allowed to marry NPCs, so we canget the bonuses, and Robi coming on the scene was dumb luck. I realize he has been married into a lot of legacies, andthat his name is weird, but Zelda really likes him. Plus, now that shes a Family Sim, we dont have Knowledge in thefamily anymore. Hes full of benefits, so he will be the first generation spouse.
  30. 30. "Ive heard you paint a lot of masterpieces, Zelda.""At least ten, by now. Its the best way for me to earn money.""College students must have it hard. It is an excellent learning experience, though.""Yeah, but Id rather get married and have a big family. I love kids. Do you like kids?""Children are fascinating. Im sure parenting is an interesting experiment, too. So yes, I suppose I like them.""Aww, I knew you were perfect! Want to go on a date with me?""Zelda, Im honored. I would love to have my first date with you. I hypothesize that it would be a success."And so they had a date. It was a dream date. Theyre engaged now. Yes, I forgot to take pictures. So sue me.
  31. 31. *dies laughing* Zelda! You have ten creativity points and you paint masterpieces all the time, so WHY are you painting this?"I like it. Its easy."Too easy. It looks like you threw blobs of paint all over the canvas. Thats cute for beginners, honey, but youre a professional."Im blowing off steam. This is my last painting before I graduate. I dont want to concentrate on detail because Im nervous about my lastfinal."Oh, dont be. SimCollege is a walk in the park and youd have a 4.0 if it hadnt been for that ONE exam."I still say Professor Shaw holds a grudge. Marking me late is just below the belt."It was a glitch, Zel, never mind it. Anyway, youll be fine."I hope so."
  32. 32. And she did it! Zelda has graduated with her Drama degree and a 3.9 GPA *grumbles* Now time to get her to Authorland, get hermarried to Robi, and get going on their family.*POOF**cracks up* Zelda, I dont believe you. That ugly blue tank and Sandy Brutys flame pants? That has got to be the ugliest outfit Iveever seen."I like it!"I think youre crazy."I dont care. Can I go have babies now?"Sure thing. Ill see you back in Authorland.
  33. 33. Thank you for reading! The next chapter (which will hopefully be written better than this one) will be up soon, as Ivealready played through the first generation and the heir is in his senior year of college. Until then, happy Simming.