Chapter 1.Grade 5
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Chapter 1.Grade 5






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Chapter 1.Grade 5 Chapter 1.Grade 5 Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter 1
    Grade: 5
  • Key Vocabulary Words
    Jesus’ Mission- to share the life of God with all people and to save them from sin.
    Apostles-men chosen by Jesus to share in his mission in a special way.
    Kingdom of God- the power of God’s love active in our lives and in the world.
    Church-all those who believe in Jesus Christ, have been baptized in him, and follow his teaching.
  • Important Facts
    John the Baptist prepared the people for Jesus. He was Jesus’ cousin. He baptized people in the Jordan river.
    Messiah is another word for Christ which means the anointed one.
    Jesus lived in town of Nazareth in Galilee. He lived with Mary and Joseph.
  • Important Facts
    At Jesus’ baptism, this was the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.
    Blessed Trinity- the three persons in one God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus’ acts of mercy show us that God is merciful, just and fair.
  • Important Facts
    In his ministry Jesus brought people closer to God his Father. Jesus:
    Taught about the love of God his father and encouraged all people to have faith.
    Accepted all people and welcomed them into his life.
    Fed the hungry and shared meals with people whom others ignored.
    Forgave the sins of those who are truly sorry.
    Healed those who were sick.
  • Important Facts
    Jesus called the disciples to follow him and obey God’s commandments.
    Jesus’ mission was to bring the good news of the Kingdom of God and to show that God’s love is present and active in people’s lives.
    Jesus used parables to explain the Kingdom of God and how it will continue to grow until he comes in glory at the end of time.
  • Important Facts
    The apostles were twelve men chosen by Jesus to share in and to continue his mission in a special way.
    The holy spirit came at Pentecost to strengthen the apostles and enable them to teach and baptize all who believed and followed Jesus’ teaching.
    The Kingdom of God grows when we have faith in Jesus, live as Jesus did and seek to build a more peaceful and just world.
  • Important Facts
    The kingdom of God grows when we:
    Have faith in Jesus Christ and share our belief.
    Live as Jesus did and follow God’s will for us.
    Seek to build a better community, a more just nation, and a peaceful world.