An enslaved people

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  • 1. An Enslaved People Chapter: 8 Grade: 6
  • 2. Vocabulary Words• Exodus- the biblical word describing the Israelites’ departure from slavery to freedom.• Passover- the event in which God passed over the whole of Egypt, taking the lives of every firstborn Egyptian and sparing the Israelites.
  • 3. Chapter Notes• Egypt became the new home of the Israelites.• God appeared to Moses in the burning bush.• God told Moses to go to Egypt and free the Israelites.• God told Moses when the Israelites ask who sent you say” I AM WHO AM”.
  • 4. Chapter Notes• The word Yahweh means “I AM”.• Canaan is known as the land flowing with Milk and Honey.• The word Adonai means “My Lord”.• Moses’ brother name is Aaron.
  • 5. Chapter Notes• A conflict began when Moses and Aaron went to the pharaoh to demand freedom for the Israelites. They showed a sign of God’s power to the pharaoh and he disregarded the sign. There was a struggle over the Israelites between Moses and the Pharaoh.
  • 6. The Ten Plagues• The River of Blood……... Exodus 7: 17• Frogs Exodus 7: 27-28• Gnats Exodus 8: 12• Flies Exodus 8: 16-17• Disease Exodus 9: 1-3• Boils Exodus -9: 8-9• Hail Exodus 9: 18-19• Locusts Exodus 10: 4-5• Darkness Exodus 10: 21• Death of the first born……………… Exodus 11: 4-5
  • 7. Chapter Notes• Unleavened bread is a symbol of the rush to escape from Egypt.• When the Israelites were ready to leave Moses told each family to kill a lamb and smear its blood on the doorway. This meant they were Israelites, not Egyptians.
  • 8. Chapter Notes• The Israelites were spared by God because they were his people.• Moses lead the Israelites toward the Red Sea.• The waters of the Red Sea symbolize the saving waters of our own Baptism.• The pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army after Moses and the Israelites.
  • 9. Chapter Notes• The turning point in God’s relationship with the Israelites is when God brought his people from Slavery to freedom.• The waters of the Red Sea symbolize the saving waters of our own Baptism.