10 commandnets of back pain (11)


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How to manage your back pain. 10 things you can do to relieve your back pain. Knowledge is power. Find out more about your back pain.

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  • Very good information. Implementing these commandments into your life will help fix more than your back! Thanks for sharing.
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10 commandnets of back pain (11)

  1. 1. 10 Back Pain Commandments Get Rid of Your Back PainPhoto by Lparis22
  2. 2. Commandment 11. Drink Plenty of WaterOne of the most basic yet common causes of pain isdehydration.Not having enough fluid in the body to keep the body cool,the blood moving, the muscles supple, the tendons relaxedand the discs well hydrated causes pain.Not only must you drink plentyof water, but you must alsoavoid coffee, tea and soda asthese all cause you to sweat,urinate... to dehydrate. Photo by Roger McLassus
  3. 3. Commandment 22. Sit Up StraightOne of the worst things you can do for your back is to sitdown.The "C"-shaped posture most peopleslump into puts serious stress on thespine.Medical consensus is bad posture willcause you pain... sooner or later. Photo by Skoivuma
  4. 4. Commandment 33. Reduce InflammationInflammation is a response from your immune system inaction against an irritant.The swelling is your bodys way of running to the problemwith fresh blood, antibodies and vital cells in order to beginhealing and repairing the damage.The problem is, after around age 25, our production ofhealing enzymes drops off so there is nothing to tell thebody to stop the inflammation.
  5. 5. Commandment 44. Change Your DietThe amount of inflammation in your body varies and isdependent on your activity level, the amount of sleep youget, the degree of stress in your life, and especially thefoods you eat.What you have to realize is that these factors build up overtime.There are foods that help reduce inflammation and foodsthat make it worse. You need to know which are which, ifyou want to be pain free.
  6. 6. Anti-Inflammatory FoodsAnti-inflammatory foods Inflammatory foodsAlaskan Salmon (wild) Sugar, from any sourceFresh whole fruits, vegetables Processed foodsBright multi-colored vegetables French FriesGreen tea Fast FoodsWater White breadOlive oil PastaLean poultry Ice CreamNuts, legumes and seeds Cheddar CheesesDark green leafy vegetables Snack FoodsOld fashioned oatmeal Oils such as vegetable andSpices, especially Turmeric cornand Ginger Soda, caffeine and alcohol
  7. 7. Commandment 55. Dont Wear Heel LiftsLeg-length discrepancies are often caused by how we holdourselves, how we stand.In general, habits, patterns, posture and positioning —things we do all day long — control the way our pelvis isconditioned.Wearing heel lifts only masks the real problem.
  8. 8. Commandment 66. Release the MindIf you have tried many treatments but are still in painconsider...Tension Myositis Syndrome - a mild oxygen deprivationthat causes pain in the affected muscle.The Sedona Method - a series of questions that lead yourawareness to what you are feeling in the moment andgently guide you into the experience of letting go.Emotional Freedom Technique - is it disturbances in yourenergy field that are actually causing the negativeemotions, which then cause your ill-health symptoms.
  9. 9. Commandment 77. Exercise ProperlyYou need to develop a balanced and stable body. But alsounderstand that the very cardio exercises could be makingyour condition worse.Training the wrong muscle groups couldmake your pain much worse by developingor perpetuating muscle imbalances.Abnormal curvature of the spine is theroot of all back pain – whether it’sanything from a pulled back muscle orherniated disc. Photo by Shustov
  10. 10. Commandment 88. Your Condition May Not Be So ImportantOnce given a diagnosis do not feel like you need to cureyour condition to be pain free.Studies have proved that you can have a diagnosis and nothave pain.But you should be finding out whatcaused the pain to begin with. Photo by J Heuser
  11. 11. Commandment 99. Get a Good Nights SleepSleep helps your body heal. Its really the only time yourmuscles can completely rest and recover.Among other things, human growth hormone andmelatonin, both of which play a big role in tissue recoveryand immunity, are produced during sleep.So if youre not getting good sleep—whether its due topain, anxiety, fear or whatever—youre not giving yourmuscles, especially your back muscles, time to rejuvenatethemselves for the next days activities. Photo by Exolune
  12. 12. Commandment 1010. Knowledge is PowerNever stop educating yourself about how to achieveoptimal health and pain free living.There are so many diagnoses out there and even moretreatments available to try.The best way to put an end to your pain and suffering is byeducating yourself about the whole gambit of back pain. Find out more about how to deal with your back pain by clicking this link http://www. susanmathias.net/backpain