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  • Ukraine's population is gradually aging the main cause of the decline in population of Ukraine continues to be low birth rate.
  • For decades, women (53,87%) in Ukraine more than men (46.13%). This ratio for decades does not change significantly. The average life expectancy for men is - 62.5 years, women - 74.3 years (2007 - 2008). Despite the gradual increasing of birth rate population is gradually aging. Thus, according to the State Statistics Services of Ukraine's population of over 60 years with 18.66% in 1991, gradually increased to 20.91% in 2011, also increased the population aged 15-59 years, from 58.56% in 1991 to 63.80% in 2011, and the population in the age of 0-15 years has decreased from 22.78% in 1991 to 15.30% in 2011 The urban population in Ukraine grew from 67.4% in 2001 to 68.42% in 2011, the process of urbanization is still going on in the country. Today, more than two thirds of the population live in urban areas.
  • A significant part of the Ukrainian economy is in the shade. Indirectly, the real incomes of Ukrainians can be estimated by the dynamics of purchases of new cars, the dynamics of individual deposits in the banks and the number of travelers abroad.
  • -
  • - Forced to save on food - 11% - Enough money for food but for clothing and shoes to save money or lend - 27% The middle class is people who have money to buy food, clothing and small household appliances. Rich are people who can buy a car or apartment without borrowing money
  • - The richest regions in Ukraine continue to be Kiev, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk However, this gap in income such as Russia, between residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the rest of the country in Ukraine is not observed. Kiev rather first among equals.
  • The average Ukrainian spends up to 55% of their monthly income on food Another 20% of their monthly income to spend on clothes and essentials On entertainment and leisure account for only 10% of income
  • 1. Even if men's clothing is purchasing, orders are still made by woman. The initiator of purchase through catalogs basically a woman.
  • In the 1st quarter of 2012 the number of regular Internet users has reached 38% Internet audience continues to grow
  • Comparing rates of growth of Internet audience 2011/2008 pensioners, small and medium-sized cities are leading. Most people use the Internet at home - 79% in Q1 2012
  • In cities with a population of over 500 thousand - 46% of Internet users use the Internet to buy / sell
  • Women are 21% of customers, but every year the number of women is increasing by 1-2% The average buyer of internet shop is getting older The core of Internet users shifted to regional centers and cities with a population of less than 100 thousand people - this is due to the penetration of the Internet in the district centers http://ecommerce.upc.ua/uk/news.html - news from 14.06.2012 average order in May 2012 = € 30
  • - Most likely in the family is already children. Percentage of female shoppers already have children - up to 80%
  • Jaroslav Pelykh

    1. 1. Portrait of Ukrainian Consumer Prepared by Jaroslav Pelykh Trade Mission 2012 year www.nsbc.kiev.ua
    2. 2. Ukraine: population* *Source: State Statistics Services of Ukraine
    3. 3. Ukraine: population structure* More than 60 years Less than 15 years ru ru menwomen From 15 to 59 years rural population urban population *Source: State Statistics Services of Ukraine
    4. 4. The Ukrainians: GDP per capita per year *грн. *Source: State Statistics Services of Ukraine
    5. 5. Dynamics of new car purchases* Purchases of cars, thousand units *Source: Autoconsalting
    6. 6. Dynamics of individual deposits in banks * Individual deposits, billion UAN *Source: National Bank of Ukraine
    7. 7. Ukraine: social structure* High income rate Average income rateLess than average rate *Source: GfK Ukraine
    8. 8. The Ukrainians: population and income rate*% percentage of populationAverage wage in region thatis higher than average wagein Ukraine – 2722 UANAverage wage as of January 2012 *Source: State Statistics Services of Ukraine
    9. 9. The Ukrainians: consumer basket* year year year year year Non-consumer expenditure Services Nonfoods Foods *Source: GfK Ukraine *Источник: ГфК Юкрейн
    10. 10. Consumer segmentation Consumers of catalogue companies Consumers of e-commerce companies Consumers of TV shops
    11. 11. Consumers of catalogue companies  Woman, with a probability of 75-80%  Lives in the city with a population of less than 100 thousand people, town, village , with a probability of 50-55%  On average makes 2 purchases per year  Average bill per order is 45 euros (15 euros)
    12. 12. Consumers of catalogue companies The basic incentives of purchase  Inability to buy necessary and desired goods (poorly developed regional retail)  The desire to buy something original, something that nobody has
    13. 13. The number and structure of internet users in Ukraine* Regular internet users, % percentage of population older than 16 years Growth rate of internet audience as compared to previous year mln mln mln mln mln *Source: GfK Ukraine *Источник: ГфК Юкрейн
    14. 14. Growth rate of internet audience 2011/2008:pensioners, small and medium-sized cities are leading*16-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60 years village City up to City 51-100 City 101- City moreyears years years years years and more 50 th th 500 th than 500 th *Source: GfK Ukraine *Источник: ГфК Юкрейн
    15. 15. Purpose of Internet use in different types ofsettlements 1st quarter 2012 * Category more often than others (% of users of this service) Village 16% - Searching for study City up to 50 th 24% - Internet- telephony (Skype and others) City 51-100 th 7% - Searching for study City 101-500 th 32% Watching TV-programms, on-line video and radio City more than 500 th 45% buying/selling in internet *Source: GfK Ukraine *Источник: ГфК Юкрейн
    16. 16. Consumers of catalogue companies  This is a man at the age of 26-41 years old (with a probability of 55-60%)  Lives in Kiev or in the city with population over one million (with a probability of 55-60%)  Average bill per order - 30 euro
    17. 17. Consumers of catalogue companies The main incentives of purchase  To buy goods at a lower price  Buy a unique product that others do not have  Save time by visiting the traditional store and the delivery of goods from it  Detailed information about the product and its characteristics
    18. 18. Consumers of TV shops This is a woman aged 35-45 years (with a probability of 60-70%) Lives in Kiev or another city with population over one million (with a probability of 60-70%) Makes repeated purchase - 30% Average bill per order - 80-100 Euro
    19. 19. Consumers of TV shopsThe main incentives of purchaseImpulsive nature - buy here and now, to buy a very useful thing for the economyor health
    20. 20. Jaroslav Pelykh marke /044/ 501 37 63 /068/ 251 23 87 pelikh@nsbc.kiev.ua www.nsbc.kiev.ua While writing wereused research findings of UNICEF, GFK, Research & Branding Group, Gorshenin Institute, the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine, the StateStatistics Committee of Ukraine, the Fund "Democratic Initiative" namedIlka Kucheriva, Ukrainian Institute for Social Research named. A.Yaremenko.