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Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
Lim sin ying (Myself)
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Lim sin ying (Myself)


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Published in: Education
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  • ilfitri
  • Transcript

    • 1. Lim Sin Ying
    • 2. About Me I am Lim Sin Ying. I am thirteen years old. I was born in Segamat, Johor, Malaysia on 22nd September 1997. My hobbies are reading and drawing. I spend my free time reading and drawing. I like reading storybooks, magazines and fictions. Besides that, I will put my heart and soul when I do drawing. So, I like my drawing . My favourite food is chocolate. I love eating chocolate because it is tasty and yummy .It can relax and calm our mind. My ambition is to be a doctor. I want to treat those who fall sick. This is all about me, can you tell me more about you?
    • 3. My Family
      • My family consists of three members - my
      • father, my mother and me. We live in Segamat which is a small
      • town. We live happily .
        • My father’s name is Lim Yew Kok. He is 45 years old.
        • My father is a determined and thoughtful person. He is
        • able to solve many problems and tries his best to achieve
        • success.
        • My mother’s name is Ng Poy Hwa. She is 43 years old.
        • My mother is a responsible person. She always advises me
        • to do good deeds.
        • Both my parents work as teacher . They also encourage
        • me to study hard to improve my knowledge.
    • 4. My Secondary School SMK Dato’ Bentara Dalam is my secondary school . It is a primier school. It takes in brilliant and smart students. SMK Dato’ Bentara Dalam is a big school. It is beautified with green plants and various types of flowers. There are 10 blocks of buildings. My school has some basic facilities such as library , science laboratory , air conditioned computer lab, canteen and a big field. My school has about 1200 students . 50 % of them is Malay students . There are 92 teachers in my school. The students study in a conducive environment . I love my school and feel very proud of it because of the excellent performance in curriculum as well as co-curricular activities.
    • 5. Malaysia
        • My country is Malaysia. It is situated at the equater. Malaysia is divided into Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia by the South China Sea. Malaysia has 13 states and 3 Federal Territory.
        • The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.
        • The Prime Minister of Malaysia is Dato’ Sri Najib Bin Razak. He possesses very good leadership qualities. He proposes ‘ 1 MALAYSIA ’ to unite the people.
        • The weather of Malaysia is very hot and the air is humid. That is why Malaysia is full of rain forests. In the forest, you would able to see the tall trees, fern, and of course flora and fauna. National park is one of the protected forests in Malaysia. The tourists can go jungle trekking, birdwatching and treasure hunts.
        • Our national day falls on 31 August. Every year it will be celebrated in a grand manner by every citizens in our country for achieving the independence from the British government. We can see our national flag everywhere and this shows our patriotic spirit towards the nation.
        • Hibiscus is our national flower. It has five red petals and one yellow stigma. It is also has different colours like yellow, pink, orange or white in colour.
        • Tiger was chosen as the animal to represent Malaysia. It symbolizes power and strength.
    • 6. Prime Minister Hibiscus
    • 7. Three Races In Malaysia
        • Malaysia consists of three races. They are Malays, Indians and Chinese.
        • Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. During the Chinese New Year eve, the whole family will gather to enjoy the delicious food and they will play with fireworks. During the Chinese New Year, the elders will give ‘angpao’ to the younger ones.
        • Malays celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri after fasting for a month. During Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Muslim will put on traditional costumes and perform their prayers in the mosque. The traditional food of Malay is ketupat, satay and rendang .
        • Indians celebrate Hari Deepavali and Thaipusam. During Deepavali, Indians will decorate their dining room with colourful rices (kolam) and light up the oil lamps. During Thaipusam Day, the devotees will be carrying the kavadi and walk patiently up 272 steps to the entrance of the temple at Batu Cave. The Indians love hot and spicy food .
    • 8. Malaysia Traditional Costumes
    • 9. Malaysia Traditional Food
    • 10. Interesting Places In Malaysia
        • The Petronas Twin Towers which is situated in Kuala lumpur is the highest and well-known building in Malaysia.It has 88 storey and it has attracted many foreign tourists.
        • Kuala Lumpur Tower is another landmark in Malaysia.You will be able to see the beautiful scenery of whole Kuala Lumpur.
        • Genting Highland and Cameron highland are popular too. The air of these two places are fresh and the weather is as cool as ice.
        • Many tourists also visit Malacca because of its historical buildings such as A’famosa which was built by Portugese in 1511 and is retained until today.
        • Pulau Langkawi is the most suitable place where you can spend a wonderful summer and to relax yourself. The scenery is very beautiful. The beach is clean and has white sand along the beach and the water is crystal-clear. We can play water sports like water skiing and diving. If you go for diving, you could see various types of marine lives such as colourful corals and different species of fish. It is amazing!
    • 11. Interesting Places In Malaysia
    • 12. Malaysia Local Fruits
        • The most popular local fruit is Durian - the king of fruits. Segamat Durian is well-known because it is more delicious. Durian is green in colour and has thorns around its body. The fresh is yellow in colour and its size is about a fist. The durian can be eaten directly and can be made into durian ice cream, durian cake, durian dodol and others.
        • Mangosteen – the queen of the fruits is another popular local fruit. It is purple in colour and its size is about a tennis ball. The flesh is as white as snow.
        • Both of the fruits are seasonal.
    • 13. Durian Mangosteen
    • 14. thank you