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Comprehensive publication and citation reports

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  1. 1. Provider 00115MCRICOS Provider 00115MInCites: Research Performance ProfilesComprehensive publication and citationreportsThomson Reuters
  2. 2. 2La Trobe UniversityInCites data source• Utilises data from the Web of Science 2000-• Indexes over 11,000 journals and conferences inscience, social science, arts and humanities• Journals selected on strict criteria, includingapplication of a peer review process• Evaluated by subject experts to ensure value to thefield and international diversity of authors and editors• Dataset updated every three months
  3. 3. 3La Trobe UniversityResearch Performance Profiles• Create individual Custom Reports and Overall DatasetReports as follows:• Overview and summary metrics• Productivity and researcher output• Collaboration and research networks• Specialisation and subject area strengths• Trends and time series analysis• Impact and citation reports
  4. 4. 4La Trobe UniversityCreate a Custom ReportLibrary home page > Databases > Incites > Research Performance Profiles1. Select a Report Type e.g. Source Articles Listing2. Scroll down and select author (note: La Trobe authors listed)3. Create Report4. Displays table with all publications listed including times citedand other metrics5. Click on the title to link to WoS live for most current cite count6. Option to Sort by – date, JIF, subject area and more ….
  5. 5. 5La Trobe UniversityCreate a Custom Report example:Report Type Summary Metrics, select author and Create Report:
  6. 6. 6La Trobe UniversityOverall Dataset ReportsOverview and Summary Metrics• Provides La Trobe’s institutional publication profile• Author profile dataset• Publication activity by year• Documents by department• Executive summary• Citation frequency distribution• Source articles listing• Funding agencies listing
  7. 7. 7La Trobe UniversityProductivity and Researcher Output• Author listing• Source articles listing• Rankings:• Article type• Author• Author ranking with self citation analysis• Journal – very useful for journal evaluation• All reports have sorting options
  8. 8. 8La Trobe UniversityCollaboration and Research Networks• Collaborating Institutions• Various metrics for La Trobe and collaborating institutions• Collaborating countries• Collaborating countries ranked by number of total citationsSpecialisation and Field Strengths• Subject area ranking• Metrics for all fields, ranked by number of total citations• Keyword ranking• Ranking of the topics in a dataset based on keywords
  9. 9. 9La Trobe UniversityTrends and Time Series Analysis• One year citing all prior years cumulative• One year cited by all subsequent yearsImpact and Citation Rankings• Citing articles per year• Metrics and bibliographic data for the articles in thisdataset that have cited one or more source articles• Rankings by author, institution, country, citations per year,subject areas, journal and article type
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