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Uncovering The Truth
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Uncovering The Truth



Published in Technology , Business
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  • Hey Jack, You are so far down the list...........just getting here.........I have been in agencies that have used this. I have mixed feelings with peer reviews, it was good to hear your take on it and the importance of stating the purpose upfront. Thanks for sharing-kim
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  • These are great tools.....they clearly measure how people perceive the actions and behaviors you portray. If you clearly understand what you are 'showing' you might change what you are doing!
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  • Great job Mike! We use this for upper management spots at my employer. Do you think peers will trash someone they see as a threat?
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  • 1. Jack R. Smith HRD 880 Research Concepts and Skills Professor Stephen Bronack, PH.D. Uncovering the Truth Using Practice and Research to Better Understand the Responses of the 360-Degree Feedback Evaluation
  • 2. Definition
    • Also known as multisource feedback, 360-degree feedback has been defined as “evaluations gathered about a target participant from two or more rating sources, including self, supervisor, peers, direct reports, internal customers, external customers, and vendors or suppliers”.
  • 3. Frequent Users
    • Power player fortune 1000 companies
    • Organizations targeting a special performance issue
    • Businesses looking to improve managerial performance
    • Company striving to standardize a feedback-rich environment
  • 4. Pros
    • Feedback comes from peers, not in traditional top-down format
    • 360-Degree can promote feedback within a team
    • Managers respect subordinate feedback
    • Evaluation occurs on regular schedule
    • Does not interfere with typical performance appraisal
    Reasons why the 360-degree evaluation works so well
  • 5. Cons
    • Managers compensating for underperforming employees
    • Senior management implemented due to latest management trend
    • Costly development and implementation process
    • Possible side effects of or reactions to given feedback
    • Employees show resistance & distrust
    Possible downside/pitfalls to the 360-degree feedback evaluation
  • 6. Possible sources of feedback
    • Self
    • Peers
    • Internal Customers
    • External Customers
    • Direct Reports
    • Supervisor
    • Suppliers or Venders
  • 7. Arguments
    • Have clear defined purpose
    • Ensure proper training
    • Use no substitutes
    • Include key stakeholders
    • Implement & repeat but don’t overlap
  • 8. Contact Info Jack R. Smith [email_address] [email_address]