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  • 1. Interpretive Sign Lisa Smith CSE615
  • 2.  Goals: To provide tools and resources to individuals who are designing a website. Audience: Individuals who are overwhelmed with their website project. Message: There are resources that can help you design your websitePlanning
  • 3.  This week I reworked my message to include what I wanted my audience to “know”, “feel”, and “do”. I changed my block text to reflect this new message. I changed the subtitle to reflect this message. I also changed the image to reflect what my target audience is feeling.Week 4
  • 4.  This week I looked at proximity and alignment. I widened my image to create separation between the Title and the subtitle for proximity. I used a center alignment on both the heading, subheading, and remaining text. I changed the background color and included shading to give the design depth and balance.Week 5
  • 5.  This week I looked at Repetition and Contrast. I enlarged the first letter of the title and the subtitle for repetition. I pulled color from the image into the background to bring contrast. I right aligned the text against the shapes in the background.Week 6
  • 6.  This week I looked at Color and Style. The next slide represents the changes I made using color. I experimented with a secondary triad with the colors yellow-orange, aqua, and violet. I left aligned the title, subtitle, and remaining text.Week 7
  • 7.  This week I looked at typography. I changed the title and subtitle to the modern typeface of Bodoni MT Poster Compressed. I changed the remaining text body to the slab serif typeface of Century Schoolbook. These typefaces contrast by size and weight moving toward a modern style.Week 8
  • 8.  For my final design I continued with the Complementary colors. I chose a deeper shade of the blue and changed the variation of the orange to a orange-yellow. I flipped the blue background to the top. I used a sans serif typeface for the Title and subtitle and used a slab serif for the remaining text. I contrasted by weight, size, and variation in the typeface. I used right alignment and the elements are in proximity by body of text and balanced by white space around the image.Final Design